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On this page you'll find lots of useful resources for you to download free of charge.  Printed leaflets, posters, The Handbook for DofE Leaders and other resources are available at a nominal cost from our trading arm, ASL. Please visit www.DofEshop.org  for more details about these products.
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Fundraising ideas


Expedition downloads

eDofE downloads


Welcome Pack downloads

If you need replacement Assessor Guidance Cards or Assessor's Report Cards for the Welcome Packs issued from late 2013, please contact your DofE Regional/Country Office as these are restricted items. 

If you need a large print version of the Welcome Pack, again, please contact your DofE Regional/Country Office.

Download a simple guide to adding Assessor Reports online here. 

Activity Log: These handy Activity Logs can be printed out to help participants keep a track of the activities they do each week for their DofE programme:

Need a larger-print version of the above?

Download copies of the information booklets for parents, contained in participants' Welcome Packs here: (added August 2014)

Achievement Pack resources

Programme support resources

Leader's Programme Checklist


DofE Promotional movies

DofE promotional posters

(A4, from DofE magazine. Others are available from www.DofEshop.org)

Promotional flyers and leaflets

These are all available from www.DofEshop.org - personalised versions can be obtained through the DofE Brand Centre:


'Thank you' cards

An A5 doubled-sided card to thank your supporters.

Programme planners

Download some handy personal programme planners for each section (PDFs, which can be typed on and printed or just printed to write on):

Download the Programme Ideas lists of activities in each section:
Programme files: The DofE took the decision to remove the detailed ideas for each activity as they were somewhat dated and, in a few cases, contained information that was not current. Information on programme ideas can be found on the DofE website, in The Handbook for DofE Leaders and of course in the Programmes Pack. Participants should work with their Leader and Assessor to agree goals that are relevant to their own situation.

Activity ideas lists

Session planners


Volunteering AAPs

Download a great guide to our AAPs which offer volunteering opportunities.



Miscellaneous resources

Gold Award notification forms

You can download the Gold notification forms here:

Other useful items for Gold Award holders

Certificate templates

PDFs with exact positioning of name and date field for you to type in and print onto certificates obtained from www.DofEshop.org  (Obviously, it appears on your screen as a blank sheet, until you click in the area where the name/date go and type the details in.  Be sure to have your pdf printing settings set to A4 with no 'shrink to fit' overrides.)

Blank certificates are available from www.DofEshop.org - available for purchase/view by DofE Managers only) Here.


Secure Estate Toolkit

DofE Terminology and roles

Other miscellaneous resources




Items for National Operating Authorities

Downloading files

Some documents on this site are offered as PDFs, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel files. To view this information you may need some additional software for you computer that you can download (i.e. copy to your computer) for free on the Internet.
  • For PDF files you will need Acrobat Reader supplied by Adobe. Download Acrobat Reader
  • For Microsoft Word will need Word Viewer supplied by Microsoft. Download Word Viewer
  • For Microsoft Excel you will need Excel Viewer supplied by Microsoft. Download Excel Viewer
  • You may need to unzip some files.  If your computer can't do this automatically, you can find free unzipping software on the internet, such as here and here (install all software at your own risk - we provide these links for info only)