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The DofE Charity has had another excellent year. Despite the current economic climate in the UK, the DofE’s popularity is going from strength to strength with more DofE centres and more young people starting and achieving DofE Awards

The DofE develops young people for life and work. Employers and universities alike rate those young people who achieve a DofE Award as exemplary employees, students and UK citizens. These are just some of the factors that make the DofE an on-going success story.

Key headline stats for 2013-2014:

  • More starters: Record numbers of young people started their DofE last year. 240,796 young people started a DofE programme in the year 2013-14, an increase of 10% on the previous year! Currently over 300,000 young people are doing their DofE each year.
  • More achievers: Record numbers of young people are achieving their DofE Award! 108,288 achieved a DofE Award in the past year. This is an increase in completions of 9% on the previous year.
  • More centres: We are expanding our reach and supporting young people in more places. There are now 12,735 DofE centres! A year on year increase of 8.5%.

Centres range from youth clubs and schools to voluntary organisation meeting places, businesses and Young Offenders Institutions.  Every DofE centre is authorised by a DofE Licensed Organisation which can be local authorities, schools, voluntary organisations etc.

Current statistics (12 months to 1 April 2014)


300,000 approx.
New starters

240,796 (up 10%)
Bronze = 159,835
Silver = 51,660
Gold = 29,301

Awards achieved 108,288 (up 9%)
          Bronze      73,186
          Silver      25,199
          Gold      9,903
DofE centres 12,735
Leaders/volunteers Around 50,000

Awards achieved since 1956 (in the UK)

2,352,416 (over 5.1 million started)







Current number of participants globally 850,000
Number of countries and territories running DofE programmes over 140
Participants since 1956 globally   Over 8 million
Current number of volunteers globally over 190,000