Our celebrity supporters

We are proud of our many high-profile, celebrity supporters and thank them for their ongoing support, attending our events, presenting our Awards and helping to raise our profile. Hear what some of them have to say!

Katherine Jenkins
Opera star
Silver Award holder

“It teaches you a lot about yourself and what you can achieve if you put your mind to it. I support the DofE because I am so grateful to have had the opportunity myself, and I hope other people have the chance too.”

Ben Fogle
TV presenter and adventurer
Silver Award holder

“Employers and universities recognise the value of having people who have a life away from their job – this is where the DofE steps in. It builds confidence, self-esteem and teaches new skills – it’s a great way to collect extra experience to give you the edge!”

Sian Williams
BBC journalist

“Both my sons are doing their DofE and I know what a difference it’s made to them personally and to the community they live in. The DofE helps create confident, compassionate young people, who care about their environment and the people within it. I wish I’d done it!”

Brian Blessed
Actor, adventurer and author

“The benefits the DofE has brought to the nation are enormous. Young people need to be inspired and be able to fulfil their dreams. The DofE allows young people from every background to succeed – it’s getting rid of barriers. As someone from a disadvantaged background, I can relate to this.”

Scott Mills
Radio 1 DJ

“The DofE gives all young people that take part a great head start in life. The skills they learn can help them get on in life and they get to put something back into their local communities.”

Dame Kelly Holmes
Double Olympic Champion
Silver Award holder

“I really enjoyed taking part in The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award while I was at school. It provided an opportunity to challenge myself, learn new things and do good work in the community. It is something that I still talk about with my school friends to this day.”

Charley Boorman
Adventurer and TV presenter

“I think the skills learnt are a great building block for later life. The young people that get involved gain a great sense of achievement from completing the different sections and the Awards are a bonus on any CV, as well as being great fun to take part in!”

Ben Shepherd
TV presenter

“The DofE offers a unique way of building up the qualities any young person will need to cope with the challenges that life will throw at them, the ability to turn negatives into positives and introduces them to experiences that can alter their life forever.”

Matt Johnson
TV presenter

“Presenting Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards is always a hugely rewarding experience for me. To be surrounded by such promising young people, full of character and self pride is always a very inspiring occasion.Combined with the stunning historical scenery of St James’ Palace, and the beaming pride of the participants parents and guardians, it’s an organisation that I’ll happily help, for many years to come”

Chris Hollins
Journalist and television presenter

“It’s great to congratulate young people from across the UK from different backgrounds who went out and made a difference not only to their lives but also to others in their communities. Many people say they will go out and do something different or worthwhile, but these young people actually did it and they should be congratulated. I feel very proud to be part of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.”

Greg James
Radio 1 DJ

“I think the DofE is a fantastic programme amd a great foundation for young people. They learn team building, communication and life skills. All these soft skills look great on their CV and they can build on them and use them at uni or in the world of work.”

Louise Minchin
BBC journalist and presenter

“To complete a DofE programme is a huge achievement, particularly at Gold. It proves you are up to a serious challenge, determined and dedicated. I read so many negative press stories about young people that it is inspiring to support a programme which is so positive.”

Edwina Currie
Former MP, novelist and broadcaster
Bronze Award holder

“I’ve always been impressed with the DofE. It sets young people challenges, and that helps expand their horizons, encourages them to think for themselves, adds to their self-esteem and turns them into worthy citizens. They all seem to enjoy it too!”

Antony Costa
Singer, songwriter and actor

“The DofE is an amazing programme, the young people doing their DofE are a true inspiration to me – and it just goes to show what can be accomplished.”

Jim Rosenthal
TV presenter
Gold Award holder

“I am proud to say that I received my Gold Award from HRH The Duke of Edinburgh himself in Buckingham Palace. It was quite some time ago but the memories are still strong – I remember every single step of a hair-raising expedition in the Cairngorms! There is something in the DofE for everyone.”

Liz McClarnon
Pop singer, dancer and presenter

“The DofE sets young people up for life! I truly believe it helps with responsibility.”Alongside Edwina Currie and Anthony Costa, Liz took part in the DofE challenge on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway – completing a Bronze-style expedition.

Ken Hames
Adventurer and presenter
Ken leads teams of people with disabilities on groundbreaking expeditions

“The DofE gives young people a unique experience and importantly a vision of exciting possibilities to come. It provides a shared experience while testing character and commitment. It is something I believe every young person in the UK should do.”

Tim Campbell
Winner of The Apprentice and entrepreneur
Silver Award holder

“The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a fantastic opportunity for young people to showcase their skills and talents before entering the world of work. After achieving my own Awards I really felt like I could make a difference – I was so proud.”

Jake Meyer

“The DofE is a fantastic opportunity for young people to focus on building a new skill set and range of experiences. It encourages them to grow, prosper and achieve things they never thought possible. The fantastic variety and range of opportunities available means it is truly open to all.”

Bill Turnbull
BBC journalist and co-anchor of BBC Breakfast

“The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award has a great reputation and by achieving a Gold Award it marks them out as being particularly committed individuals. They have not only learnt skills that will benefit themselves but they have contributed to their wider communities.”

Nick Gillingham MBE
Former Olympic Swimming Champion

“I believe the DofE ethos allows young people to develop as people, in that it helps them discover their talents and congratulates their strengths, as well as developing personal areas of need.”

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