Annual Review 2016-2017

“This has been some year! It has been the most successful year in our 60 year history. Sixty years of experience that has enabled our great Charity not only to plan and achieve an incredible year of Diamond Anniversary celebrations and fundraising, but also to continue rolling out our growth plans and engage more young people than ever before. I record these impressive achievements with huge delight.”
The Lord Kirkham CVO, Chair of Trustees, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Welcome to our review of activities for the 12 months to June 2017.  It’s been an amazing year of growth and we hope you will enjoy reading about what’s been going on with the DofE in the UK, helping young people develop their skills for work and life.

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You can download our full Annual Report and Accounts here.


Chairman's Report

“It is extremely pleasing to report record numbers of young people setting out on their DofE Award programme with 271,439 Awards started in the year, an increase of 7% over last year. This is particularly satisfying as the number of young people from a background that puts them at a disadvantage, by being at risk or marginalised in our society, has increased by 19% to a total of 49,453.”
The Lord Kirkham CVO, Chair of Trustees, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Read the Chairman's Report
Thank you to our Licensed Organisations

Thank you to our Licensed Organisations

It has been yet another year of amazing growth at our Charity.

In 2016/17 over 271,000 young people started their DofE – up 7% on 2015/16. Awards achieved also increased with over 133,000 securing a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award, up 11% from the previous year.  However the biggest increase by far was in the number of young people from a disadvantaged background starting their DofE. This figure rose a staggering 19% from 15/16 to almost 50,000.

We closed the year with 2,601 Licensed Organisations (LOs) – up from 1,822 at the end of last year.  These Licensed Organisations range from a single school through to local authorities and national youth organisations such as the Scouts, Guides, ATC and many more.  See the breakdown of participation by centre type here. Within these LOs, there are 10,800 DofE centres and within each of the centres there will be several groups undertaking their DofE at different levels.  This requires support from around 40,000 volunteer and professional Leaders right across the UK.

"I want to thank everyone that volunteers to work with The Duke of Edinburgh's Award. It's quite an extraordinary thing that people across the United Kingdom give up their time, their energy and their expertise to help young people develop themselves through the Award."
Peter Westgarth, CEO, The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Our strategic objectives

Our strategic objectives

In 2011/12 we set ourselves challenging targets to be achieved by 2016/17.

At that time, we could not have foreseen the dramatic impact of cuts in Local Authority budgets and the resulting closure of youth work activities across the country.

DofE stories
Thank you

Thank you

“We had a fantastic Diamond Anniversary year, thanks to our many supporters. We really couldn’t do what we do without your enthusiastic help.  We need to raise more funds and we need to continue to spread the word and help more young people from all backgrounds experience the DofE, and it is you that are helping us to do this.  Watch this video to discover how one of our supporters, St. James’s Place Wealth Management, values our work – and thank you!”
Jenni Anderson
, Fundraising Director, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Download the list of our benefactors
Delivering quality DofE programmes

Delivering quality DofE programmes

As ever, a great deal of our time and resources over the last year have been spent in supporting the delivery of DofE programmes.

This year, we have continued to develop eDofE, added to our excellent portfolio of training modules, introduced DofE Direct to reach older participants who do not have a local group… and so much more.

Read more about these initiatives
Fuelling growth

Fuelling growth

The pace of growth in the number of Licensed Organisations that make up our network shows no sign of slowing, increasing this year to 2,601: an increase of 43% year on year, following an increase of 42% in the previous year and 41% in the year before that.

This is a key factor in our growth, as each Licensed Organisation demonstrates a commitment to ensuring their young people benefit from the DofE experience.

Read more about our growth…

Incentivising achievement

Incentivising achievement

Research from YouGov tells us that 78% of participants undertake a DofE programme to enhance their CV/job applications.  Employability benefits are therefore a big incentive for participants to see their programmes through to the end.  Throughout 2016/17 we raised awareness of the skills and attributes a young person gains through their DofE and how these translate to the workplace.

By seeding employability messaging and stories across our network and social channels through inspiring case studies, the creation and promotion of new content on the LifeZone and leveraging external hooks such as summer exam results, our regular survey of Bronze, Silver and Gold achievers revealed a 6% increase in the awareness of their improved employability.

In addition, we grew our employability evidence base with over 100 UK employers endorsing the DofE as a great way for young people to gain the skills they want in their business.

View the endorsements here
Extending our reach

Extending our reach

We’ve continued to extend our reach, working towards our strategic objectives of getting more participants to start and complete their DofE Award programmes and reaching more young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Read more about how we increased our reach, especially with disadvantaged young people, last year…

See our list of Licensed Organisations and centres
Funding the DofE

Funding the DofE

Some funding comes from licence fees paid by those who offer the DofE. The pace of change for our Charity shows in the growth in the number of Licensed Organisations (LOs) that make up our network.

Other funding comes from donations and, of course, payments from young people for their DofE Participation Places.

See our full financial report here.

Read more about our funding sources

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