DofE stories

A challenge for all

Moon Hall College in Surrey has been delivering DofE programmes since November 2011 to its students. Moon Hall specialises in helping dyslexic children, and their mission is to give young people the best of both worlds.

For Moon Hall the impact and the benefits of taking part in the DofE are very clear. The students’ personal development and the skills that they learn benefit many. With some of the students diagnosed with developmental dyslexia, activities such as map reading can be incredibly challenging, whilst others struggle to express their thoughts and processes on paper and many of the students lack self-belief.

Moon Hall College encourages other schools to get involved with running the DofE. DofE Leader and head of Mathematics, Ilse Roets says, “It is vital to have the support of the headteacher, your colleagues and the parents of the participants. Seeing students who don’t always enjoy the classroom environment come out of their shell and develop work-ready skills that they will be able to take with them through life is what motivates us to continue running the DofE.”

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