DofE stories

Louise Moore

Louise Moore is the proud achiever of the ‘full set’ of Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards; Bronze, Silver and Gold. Having been encouraged to sign up to her programmes after hearing her school’s DofE Co-ordinator give an assembly, Louise saw her DofE as a chance to try something new; “The expeditions were the biggest appeal to me; I was both excited and nervous and I thought I would learn a lot from the experience. I was very quiet and shy before starting my programme so taking myself out of my comfort zone just by signing up for DofE was a huge step for me.”

Louise added; “My DofE has instilled a new-found confidence in me. I love meeting new people, taking on challenges and pushing my boundaries, which is something I avoided before. I have the attitude now that I can do almost anything if I put my mind to it.”

For Louise’s Gold Volunteering section, she took up sports leadership which she found was a real learning curve, as she explained; “My experience was eye opening! I never realised the skills that are needed to be successful in coaching. Seeing the young people improving and making their own achievements was very rewarding.”

Now in training to become a DofE Leader herself, Louise commented; “I can think of no greater honour, having achieved my Gold, than to support others through their DofE. You learn so many things from your volunteering and it makes you want to help others in any way you can because you can see first-hand how, what you consider to be, a simple act can be a massive help to someone who needs it. Doing volunteer work is very humbling and it can really change a person’s outlook on life.”

She concluded; “I’ve had amazing Leaders throughout my Bronze, Silver and Gold, and they have been a great source of inspiration to me; a good Leader can make or break a DofE experience, and I want to be able to make the programme for others as memorable as mine was by providing support and guidance for young people.”

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