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Personal development

Since achieving her Bronze and Gold DofE Awards, Tanglwst has experienced first-hand the benefits of having a DofE Award on your CV. She believes that her DofE programmes have helped her personal development as well as her professional development.

Tanglwst explained, “I am currently doing a degree in Fashion, and to date, I’ve worked for two big outdoor retailers. In my job interviews, they asked about my experience of doing the DofE and what challenges I had to overcome. I was also asked what I thought teamwork was and where I thought my role was in a team. I was able to relate my DofE experience to these questions, giving me a strong basis for my answers. In addition to this, the wealth of knowledge I had gained through the Expedition section about the equipment helped me stand out from other applicants.”

Speaking about her overall DofE experience, Tanglwst concluded: “Completing my DofE has taught me that achieving goals requires hard work and dedication, and even if you’re struggling, you should never just give up. The challenges and pain you face along the way are only temporary, the success and achievement lasts a lifetime! My DofE programmes have helped mould the person that I am today. I can’t even imagine what I’d be doing today had I not taken part; I wouldn’t have the friendships I’ve made, I wouldn’t have had so much success in employment and I most definitely wouldn’t be as confident as I am today. I believe that the people who have completed their DofE truly understand just how important it is as everybody gets a different outcome from it. Personally, I think it’s a catalyst for building self-confidence, which is crucial for the youth of today.”


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