Challenge ideas

Here are some ideas to get you started if you want to set your own personal challenge.

Or check out the organised events you could take part in around the UK – from 5k runs to marathons.

Fundraising and Coronavirus

All people involved in fundraising for the DofE Challenge should follow the current government guidance, as well as NHS advice on how to protect yourself and others and when to seek medical help. We ask that, as a fundraiser for the DofE, you do not plan any fundraising activities that contradicts any official government guidance and response to tackling Covid-19.


Push your body to the limits
Why not take on a physical event this summer? Whether you’re a complete beginner or you want to push yourself to the next level, there are lots of options. From walks to kayaking, swims to bike rides, team sports to solo missions, set your challenge, get moving and raise funds for our charity.


New or improved
Is there a skill you always wished you could do - or do better? It might be singing or baking, knitting or gardening. Maybe you excelled at something when you were younger and have been meaning to try again but not quite managed. Let the DofE Challenge be the motivation you need to achieve your goals.


Get your heart racing
If you’re up for something more exhilarating, why not try something more extreme? A skydive if you're afraid of heights, an overseas trek in the most basic conditions, a tough mudder even if you hate dirt – how far will you go to challenge yourself?

Meet the Challengers

Meet some of the DofE Challengers, achieving their personal goals while raising funds for the DofE.


To mark turning 40, Sam is training for his first Olympic distance triathlon, which he knows 'will require a significant amount of training and commitment'.


Junk food ban
Ranouk gave up sweets, chocolate and other high-in-sugar foods, for a month.

Sarah and Simon

Walk 1,000 miles
Sarah and Simon are challenging themselves to walk 1,000 miles in a year.

Welsh team

A group of thrill seekers in Wales are taking on a team skydiving challenge.


Boat building
John built a traditional Greenland skin-on frame kayak and used it for a 4-day sea expedition.

RSM team

A team from RSM travelled by foot, bike and boat from Hampton Court Palace to Buckingham Palace via Kensington Palace - a challenging 12-mile route through London.