Meet the Challengers

My DofE Challenge
Taking on a DofE Challenge and helping more young people transform their lives through the DofE.
I’m doing my bronze d of e with my school, I heard about about through scouts and was interested but decided to do it with my friends through school
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The Bucket List
I have achieved my Bronze Award. I’m currently doing my silver award because the Duke Of Edinburgh Award has made me feel a part of something amazing and I’ve met a concept I want to commit to. So, I figured what better thing to do to show my love for Duke of Edinburgh than to raise money for it. Inshallah I will start by raising £65 for eDofE but sometime in the future raise £100s for charities for the needy in times of war and violence For every £5 I’ll complete a new task What I’ll be doing: Of course I can’t just ask for the money, there needs to be some motivation behind it! I’ve had a bucket list since I was 15 and I haven't really committed to it much - ticking things off here and there....but with this I am commuting myself to finishing more than half if not all of the tasks on my bucket list found below: If you have any realistic suggestions of things I could achieve in the two months then I am most likely down to do them Throw a bottle with a message inside into the ocean and see where it goes Go Go-Kart Racing Swing from a rope into a lake Drink Coffee Read the Quran three times Complete an obstacle course Plant a tree Go paint-balling Start a camp fire Name a star Write a thank you letter to a company I love Jump into a pool fully clothed Drink from a coconut DISCLAIMER: To keep it realistic, I have taken some things out i.e climb Mount Everest, visit Grand Canyon, take family to Mecca and so on and so forth because those things cannot be done right now but they will be ticked off in the future inshallah. Wish me luck Thanks for reading and thanks for your donation. -Saman Salih-
Army cadets
I am hardworking and would really like to test my patience focus and grit so ill be taking part in this to see how far i can push.
As I’m not confident in water I’m wanting to improve my overall swimming skills and diving
Cycle 300
I didnt get my DOEW while at school since then ive become a artist dancer and now a cyclist and hope more young people take cycling as there DOE
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Brake the mold
I'm not just a housewife, I'm not just a mum, life stops only when you allow it...... so dont carry on push yourself and do it for a reason that's why I'm doing this for the good of myself and this charity.
20k challenge
For the last 5 years Ive helped motivate and support numerous Apprentices here at DFS to achieve their Gold award , during this time I have seen each and everyone of them grow a tremendous amount ,they become self sufficient , independent , young adults that have built amazing friendships for life within their DofE group. The Challenge for me is a way of creating funds for youngsters whom otherwise would`nt get the opportunity to participate in something that takes them out of their comfort zone giving them life changing experiences . I will be walking 20k in the peak district to express to future Apprentices that boundaries can be broken no matter what hurdles are placed in front of you.
I am In air cadets