Meet the Challengers

Tandam Skydive
I am going to do a Tandam skydive , and I am going to do it for charity.
My challenge
I am 16 and I have autism I have been with scouts since I was a beaver I enjoy going to Scouts and I always like to challenge myself with everything that they throw at me I enjoy going on all the camps staying overnight and all the badges that I've achieved for my dv4 my I'm looking to do some sort of beach cleaning all river cleaning for my volunteering at the moment I'm helping the Scout Group do boat maintenance which will involve preparing the boats for the next season I'll be working alongside the leaders and some others from my group I enjoy this because I do some maintenance work with my school for my for my physical part I have been doing park runs I have been running for some time now and I've been getting better x the park run is about 5 k 3 miles which is a nice steady pace for me and a nice distance. my skills will be gardening as I enjoy gardening and I am doing horticulture at school. I'm really hoping with these four elements that I will challenge myself and be able to go on to do silver and eventually gold award.
Dambuster Triathlon - Olympic Distance
I turn 40 this year an wanted to mark this with a physical challenge. My Wife has committed to running the London Marathon and not one to be out done felt I needed to join her with my own challenge. I have always been fit an active and have played rugby most of my life but when I retired from playing properly a couple of years ago I turned to sprint triathlons as a way of keeping fit and the weight off. This year I have signed up for my first Olympic distance triathlon in Rutland. This will be the furthest I have ever Swam, Bike and run and I have to put all three together to complete this challenge. This will required a significant amount of training and commitment but one that I know I can achieve.
Give up all junk and processed food
One of the the many fearsome problems that a child can face is obesity. This is a very severe issue and can lead to further diseases such diabetes. Therefore,I will be giving up all unhealthy food for a month. This includes: junk food, chocolate, candy or any food that contains excessive and high levels of sugar. On top of this, I will be physically active for most days and create a healthier diet. Hopefully, I will be able to raise awareness for this and benefit and influence young children. This will be an exciting and fun experience that I am looking forward to. In order to complete this challenge I will regularly run and exercise aswell as eat healthy foods. These shall be my targets over the month for me . Also in the local community I can be sponsored and raise money for this act.
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I’m going to go skydiving to hopefully complete one of my goals in life that I’ve been too scared to do!
My DofE Challenge
Taking on a DofE Challenge and helping more young people transform their lives through the DofE.
My DofE Challenge
I am starting my Bronze Award and hope to move onto the Silver Award very soon I have joined a debating club and am becoming better at debating I have become a young leader in Beavers with 1st Newbury Scout Group and am working the young leader training programme and am hoping to achieve my Young Leader Belt soon I have also started the Ten Tors training for an 35mile event in May 2019 I am also hoping to complete my expedition training and do my expedition this year
My DofE Challenge
Taking on a DofE Challenge and helping more young people transform their lives through the DofE.
My DofE Challenge
The main part of my challenge is to achieve my travelling abroad licence with Girlguiding so that I can take members on international adventures but to make it more fun... Inspired by a friend who was set 60 challenges for her 60th birthday I am going to compete 60 challenges in the run up to, and during, a fairy tales scary tales themed adventure around eastern Europe. My team are creating a story as they travel about a flock of flamingos as they try to track down the stolen crown jewels. I am going to get people to set me diamond themed challenges for me to attempt to complete.