Meet the Challengers

10 mile run
I will try to attempt to run 10 miles to raise money for charity to transform lives
To further my physical and mental health
Be my life people have always tried helping me to be the best I can be. The noun 16 I feel it's my time to give back and in doing so I will be strengthening my mental and physical state. My challenge is to help people achieve their personal goals through exercise and give them a better future improving their physical health and mental health. Over the next month I will work with friends and even random people to help them give theirselves a better future.
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The Great Return
We will be going on an expedition from Thornton in Bradford, where we did our first ever DofE practise expedition to Ilkley, which is where we did our last DofE qualifying expedition.
My Challenge
Taking on a DofE Challenge and helping more young people transform their lives through the DofE.
Walk 1000km
I will ask all those groups who I help voluntarily on expeditions. I will not charge expenses but in return I ask for a donation In return I will walk 1000km in 2019
Changing young lives
I'm going to be raising money for young people to do DofE because they can learn new skills from it. When I did my bronze DofE I learnt so much which can help in my future and also help me in my silver.
2019 World Record Attempt – Longest 11-a-side football match
I will be attempting to complete the "2019 World Record Attempt – Longest 11-a-side football match" for Kicking Off Against Cancer. I'm doing this as a unique way to challenge myself. never before have i done anything like this and i will be raising a minimum of £200 for the charity itself. For further information please follow this link :
operation skydive.
I have never tried to raise money before. I predict that it will be a challenging thing to do however i want to test myself and am determined to do complete this challenge.
Fight til the end
We are walking over the course of 3 days from fort william to inverness, in a group of 6. We have planned various stops and camp spots for us to stay at.