Choosing activities and starting your DofE

Once you’ve found your nearest DofE centre and enroled, you can start planning your programme. Choose from a range of volunteering, physical, skills and expedition activities that will set you up for life.

Perhaps you want to help out at a local youth club or improve your swimming? Learn how to bake or go hiking? Work out what excites you and makes a difference to you and the people around you.

For each Section of your programme, you need to take part in your chosen activity for a set period of time (this is different for Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards).

It’s up to you what you do for each one, so you can choose something that you’re really into or keen to have a go at. It’s all about setting yourself a challenge and feeling great when you achieve it.

Programme Planners are available in eDofE (in the Resource Zone) for you to print out.  They’ll help you work out what you want to do, how and where you can do it and set your goals. Decide who will be your section Assessors and agree your programme and aims with them. Once you are happy, set your timescales and complete the programme aims and goals in eDofE.

Your Leader must approve that your choices are in the right section and that you’ve set yourself enough of a challenge. Your Leader will check that your Assessor is suitable for your chosen activity.  Give your Assessor one of the Assessor Guidance Notes cards in the Welcome Pack when you start each activity.

Download the Programme Ideas lists of activities in each section:


Find your local DofE centre here

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