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Early Learning and Baby Weighing in Ghana – Gold Residential with Pod Volunteer

Join Pod Volunteer to create fun and education activities with the children in the local nursery as well supporting vital baby-weighing sessions in rural Ghana

How can I help?
You will help the teacher with the day to day running of the kindergarten and class 1, helping equip the children with the skills that they will require when they start school. You will also act as a positive role model for the children and the interaction with volunteers naturally improves the children’s English and their confidence. You should come prepared with ideas for activities suitable for children of different ages – think of your old favourite playground games, nursery rhymes, stories and arts & crafts sessions!

You may also help with community baby weighing. This normally takes place 3 times a month and can take between 3-5 hours. You will travel with the community nurse to local villages to hold drop-in clinics for mothers with children who are under 5 years old. The drop-in baby weighing clinic monitors the children’s weight and provides them with free vaccinations.

When can I join?
Fortnightly Saturdays throughout the year for placements of 2-12 weeks

Where will I be living?
Volunteers live in clean, simple bunk-bed dormitories with shared bathrooms. The project is based in a friendly village in the heart of rural, tropical Africa, 2.5 hours’ drive from the capital city Accra. The village is home to 400 members of the community, most of whom are subsistence farmers. It is a very welcoming community and they love having volunteers helping in the village.

In their free time, volunteers can explore more of vibrant and friendly Ghana. Whether that’s Shai Hills nature reserve, historical Cape Coast and Elmina Castle or the tropical Volta Region – there is plenty to see!

Placement fee
Volunteer placements start from £895 for 2 weeks. This includes your airport pick up in Accra and transfer to the project, accommodation, all main meals, induction and training and local language lessons + planning your trip support from the Pod team.

To learn more about the Early Learning project and the next steps on how to apply you can visit our website: https://www.podvolunteer.org/projects/child-care-ghana

Pod Volunteer has a range of opportunities from 1 – 12 weeks at animal, conservation, child care support, education and teaching, building and community volunteering projects in Africa, Asia, Central and South America. You can see the full range projects that are available for your Gold Residential Award here.

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Course fee:
Volunteer placements start from £895 for 2 weeks.