Blog 29.06.2019

11 fun expedition aims

Stuck for what to have as your expedition aim? Looking to do something that’s fun to help motivate you and your team to get to the next check point? Or maybe you want to do something that’s a little bit different to what other teams are doing? To give you some inspiration, we’ve pulled together our top 11 fun aims that participants have used in the past to ensure your expedition is an experience you’ll never forget.

– Decorate a white t-shirt, using inspiration from the scenery that you see along your route.

– Create a series of communication signals to use within your team.

– Do a fun team game or challenge each day to promote team building.

– Make a video diary of your team’s experiences, from camping and cooking to reaching your destination.

– Set a group challenge to speed walk every day for a certain time period and keep each other going.

– Use your funniest expedition moments to create a play and perform it if you are doing a presentation.

– Write a short ghost story or mystery tale based loosely on your expedition.

– Create a team song or chant to motivate each other and use it if you are doing a presentation.

– As a team, create an expedition music playlist that represents your experiences.

– Create a series of games that you can play during your expedition.

– Take a photo of your group at each check point to create into a collage to show if you are doing a presentation.

You must plan your expedition aim as a team in advance. So, make sure it’s achievable by all and approved by your DofE Leader. For more tips and ideas on planning your expedition, visit our Expedition section page.

Not sure what to expect while you’re on your expedition? To give you a flavour of what you’ll be doing, check out these clips from past participants experiencing their outdoor adventures.

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