This DofE AAN Managers toolkit has been designed to help AAN Managers in their role. It outlines key information to enable your organisation to give the best experience to participants, and to make the most of your AAN licence. 

AANs play a key part in enabling young people to achieve their DofE Award by providing an opportunity for them to fulfil a section; it is important that, as a licensed provider, AANs maintain the highest possible standard of DofE delivery, upholding our ethos and programme requirements. 

This toolkit should be used alongside The Handbook for DofE Leaders (8th edition), which contains all the information about DofE programmes, timescales and general guidance.  

DofE overview

For an overview of DofE programme please visit here.

The DofE Overview leaflet can be downloaded here.

DofE programme

Volunteering section

Volunteering is simple: it’s about choosing to give time to help people, the community or society, the environment or animals. Volunteering must not be done for a business but can be undertaken for a charity or not-for-profit organisation.? 

Physical section

Participants need to choose an activity that requires a sustained level of energy and physical activity for their Physical section; this means any sport, dance or other fitness activity. 

Skills section

For the skills section, participants need to choose an activity that will allow them to prove they have broadened their understanding and increased their expertise in a chosen skill. 

Expedition section

There are a variety of ways to fulfil the Expedition section, but in all participants will need to plan, train for, and complete an unaccompanied, self-reliant expedition with an agreed aim. Participants must complete the correct training for the level, mode of travel, and environment 

At Silver and Gold level at least one UK based practice expedition must be completed. All levels will undertake a qualifying expedition and a final presentation to complete the section. 

The 20 conditions of the Expedition section.

Residential section

The Residential section is only required for Gold level. Participants need to undertake a shared activity or specific course with people they don’t know, in a residential setting away from home and in an unfamiliar environment. Evenings are often as much a part of the experience as daytime activities. 

Click here for further information about the requirements for each section

Role of an AAN and AAN Manager

Role of the AAN 

AANs are organisations, both commercial and charitable, whose opportunities have been approved by the DofE as meeting our sectional conditions and can count towards the achievement of a DofE Award. AANs are usually able to provide a section in its entirety, including training, supervision, assessment and reports on eDofE. 

The AAN licence is a quality standard on an organisation’s activity, meeting the programme and sectional requirements of the DofE. Please note an AAN licence does not guarantee the suitability of an AAN in terms of health and safety or financial stability. Licensed Organisations (e.g. schools, youth groups), participants, and parents / guardians working with AANs and their Affiliated Delivery Centres are responsible for checking the suitability of the AANs programme in terms of participants welfare.  

Role of the AAN Manager 

This person will be the DofE contact within an AAN. They may be the owner/ director or they may be a nominated member of staff, responsible for all DofE programme delivery within their organisation. They will have completed the appropriate training and will be the first point of contact at the AAN for DofE Head Office. 

Role of an AAN Coordinator 

This person will be a named individual in the Affiliated Delivery Centre responsible for coordinating DofE activity within that centre. They will be the main contact for within that centre for the AAN Manager and DofE. 

AAN delivery

AANs and their Affiliated Delivery Centres are expected to deliver their licensed programmes in line with DofE programme requirements. Ensuring high quality delivery of impactful and relevant activities, that are accessible by all young people. 

AANs should seek approval from the DofE for each new programme to be delivered to DofE participants. The DofE programme may be changes from time to time, AANs should stay up to date with this information.  

See below for some key information to support you when delivering activities and with the management of your AAN licence: 

Assessor Reports 

For assessor report guidance please see the links below: 


Incident Reporting 

The DofE has an excellent safety record and positive public perception that it strives to uphold. However, with the large number of people involved, there will inevitably be occasional incidents or crises. It is essential that the correct procedures are followed on these occasions to safeguard the interests of the young people involved, the AAN and the Charity. As an AAN you have committed to notify the Charity immediately in the event of any serious incident or accident that leads to or could have led to injury of a participant or staff. 

Further information about the reporting process can be found here.

AAN relicensing

An AAN licence will be up for renewal at the end of the licence term; please keep a note of your licence term dates, which is reflected on the covering sheet on your AAN licence. 

A member of the team will endeavour to contact you prior to your licence expiry date to discuss the relicensing process with you. Please note – you are ultimately responsible for ensuring your AAN licence is renewed on time.  

As part of the relicensing process we will ask for: 

 – A copy of your most recent accounts (in order to complete a due diligence check)
 – Information regarding changes to contact information 

Should you wish to terminate your licence early, we require no less that 90 days written notice, please refer to clause 11 of your licence.  

Communications and Marketing

There are various DofE communications and marketing opportunities available to AANs. We have outlined these below. We suggest that these opportunities are used to supplement your own marketing materials. 



As an AAN you and your Affiliated Delivery Centres are free to use the dedicated AAN logo. Please note the following guidelines: 

 – The logo must be used as it is and the colours may not be changed or inverted.
 – The AAN logo goes in your header or footer of marketing materials as a kite mark would. You may also use the logo within a document or on your website.
If you would like to put the normal DofE logo or cipher onto your own merchandise, such as clothing, please contact [email protected] for approval. 

You can download the logo here: 

DofE AAN Logo

DofE AAN Logo – Welsh

If you require an AAN logo in a different format, please get in touch. 

Further information regarding appropriate use of the AAN logo can be found in our Brand Guidelines. 

Brand guidelines 

We aim to make our brand attractive to young people through the use of modern imagery and the full use of our sectional colours. AANs should reflect our approach in the way they describe and position the DofE in their local market. 

These summary guidelines are designed to help everyone involved with the DofE build a distinctive brand. One that focuses on how we inspire, guide and support young people. One that is confident, honest, inclusive and motivating. The document below is just a summary – for more detailed information, please refer to the full Brand Guidelines.

Download our brand guidelines summary for AANs.

Find an Approved Activity Provider  

All AANs are listed on our Find an Approved Activity Provider search function, which is automatically populated from our online system. Listings include the name of the organisation, link to your website, registered address and DofE section you are licensed to offer.

Changes to this are limited, however if you wish to look into altering the information shown, please contact [email protected] 

Opportunities for DofE Participants  

You and your Affiliated Delivery Centres can upload your activities to the Opportunity Finder, where participants can then search to find opportunities suitable for them.

This?tool receives exceptionally high traffic each month,?so it?is?worth ensuring you make the most of the space available to you as an AAN.? 

Click here for instructions on how to upload activities to the Opportunity Finder.

Advertising opportunities for AANs 

Whether your marketing goal is brand awareness, sales generation, customer acquisition or partner association, DofE campaigns can be tailored to your requirements.  

From multi-brand campaigns to one off activities to an annual plan, you decide the combination of DofE options, schedule and creative (subject to DofE brand and content guidelines) and our team will use their knowledge and skills to produce the optimum results for your budget. 

Once agreed, all campaigns include the following services: 

 – Management and delivery of campaigns and projects
 – Content editing and approval
 – Reporting – response rates, code usage, sales
 – Artwork services available at a charge 

To discuss your advertising requirements or to chat through an idea please contact [email protected] or call 01753 727449.

AAN training courses

We require that AAN Managers attend the ½ day AAN Managers course and ½ day Introduction to DofE course. If you are a new AAN this will be within 6 months of being licensed. If you are a new AAN Manager (for instance, if there has been a changeover of staff), we also ask that these courses are completed by the new manager. 

As well as the training courses outlined below, the team hosts regular AAN and AAP drop-in sessions, which are aimed at knowledge sharing across the network, as well as providing any relevant updates from DofE.? 

All courses are currently run online. 

AAN specific courses; 

– ½ day NAP Manager courses
– Drop in sessions

For further information on our upcoming courses please visit here.

DofE Modular Training Framework Courses; 

– Introduction to the DofE (Part A only)

 For further information on these upcoming courses please visit here.

Note: please complete the necessary e-learning before the date of the course.

eDofE for AANs

eDofE is an online system that helps young people manage their DofE programme and enables Leaders to monitor their progress. Licensed Organisations use eDofE to administer and monitor participants through all stages of their programme. Accompanying the system is a Welcome Pack for participants, which contains a Keeping Track booklet (or Assessor Cards) for participants to record their progress offline if required, and then photograph/scan and upload to eDofE. 

Through your eDofE account, you will be able to: 

 – View your AAN licence details
 – Create staff accounts and assign tasks / contact points? 

You can read how-to guides in the?eDofE help centre.?

Additional responsibilities

All AANs are permitted a level of autonomy in how they manage bookings and services offered to DofE participants. As such, it is asked that providers ensure they are aware of and operating in line with all relevant legislation and guidance, that may cover their specific operations (Ref clause 3.1.1 AAN License T’s & C’s). 

One area we would like to highlight is the?Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018. Under the legislation, any trader* organising, selling or facilitating activities which include two or more of the below elements should comply with the regulations terms (subject to further exemptions): 

– Transport
– Accommodation
– Vehicle rental
– Any other service not intrinsically part of a travel service 

As such, it is entirely possible that some providers’ operations will be governed by these regulations. The DofE therefore strongly encourages that all providers check their activities against the criteria outlined in the regulation, seeking professional guidance on the regulations and its implications where appropriate. At this time, The DofE and its representatives are unable to act in this manner. 

If it is found that the regulations outlined above are not applicable to your particular business operations, the Charity would still highly recommend that deposit protection systems are looked into and employed where possible. 

* trader means any person who is acting, including through any other person acting in their name or on their behalf, for purposes relating to their trade, business, craft or profession in relation to contracts covered by these Regulations, whether acting in the capacity of organiser, retailer, trader facilitating a linked travel arrangement or as a travel service provider. ref:? 

DofE Contact Details

The Operations team should be your first point of contact if you have any questions arising from 

reading this pack and if you have any comments relating to it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

[email protected]  

01753 727400 

Opportunity Finder

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