Interactive Kit List

The DofE Interactive Kit List has been created to enable participants to create and personalise their expedition kit list on their mobile, tablet, laptop or PC.

The aim is to create a tool that can be used throughout participants’ expedition planning so they can note what they want to bring, what they need to borrow and buy, right up to listing what they have packed.

The interactive kit list is optimised for use on mobile – the device of choice for most teenagers!

The kit list also features:

  • Information and links to DofE Recommended Kit products from our partners
  • A function where they can print and email their list to their parents, friends or DofE Leader
  • A digital DofE Card – access on a mobile so they will always have their 15% discount card available

As part of the development the DofE Interactive kit list was tested by some participants and Leaders. Their comments included ‘simple layout and easy to use’ and the participants ‘felt more organised’ once they had completed their kit list.

DofE Interactive Kit List

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