Advice and tips for DofE participants and Award holders

If you are applying to Balfour Beatty for one of our new entrant roles such as an apprenticeship or graduate scheme, then you should definitely mention any Duke of Edinburgh ‘s Award that you have achieved, at any level.

We respect and encourage the DofE, which is why we offer tour own young employees within the business the opportunity to do their DofE.

  • Tell us what benefits you have gained from your DofE and what skills you have developed. You should mention this and highlight it on your CV or application form, and in your interview.
  • Your CV or application should also contain information on any part-time or full-time jobs, sports and any other hobbies/interests. We want you to tell us how any experiences or skills you already have could make you a good candidate for the job.
  • It goes without saying (but we will) that at an interview you should dress to impress, be keen and polite, and make you sure have researched the job role, career prospects and our company.

If you do apply to us (and we hope you will) then it is likely that as well as completing an application form or CV and attending an interview you will have to complete some aptitude tests and attend an assessment centre.

Aptitude tests allow you to demonstrate that you have relevant skills and aptitudes for the job role, even where your educational qualifications are not directly related to our needs. There are plenty of practice ones on the internet.

Assessment centres usually include some form of presentation about you or a business issue and a group exercise.


After doing your DofE, these should be things that you are very familiar with!

We look forward to hearing from you.
Tony Ellender, Emerging Talent Development Manager, Balfour Beatty Construction Services UK

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