Advice and tips for DofE participants and Award holders

Many British Gas employees have a DofE Award at various levels and it is something that stands out in applications as we know that DofE Award holders have certain skills which are important to our organisation.

Ensure you make the most of your skills and the experiences gained from your DofE and mention these on your application.

When preparing for an interview with British Gas, we recommend the following tips…

  • The interview is a two way process. By making it to the interview you have already passed the first hurdle in illustrating that you meet the role’s basic requirements. The interview is therefore your chance to expand upon your application or CV, and the opportunity to demonstrate your suitability for the job. The purpose of the interview is to assess whether you will be a good ‘fit’ for the role and whether you have the skills and the motivation to do the job. Remember to talk about your DofE if you already have it, what did you learn from teamwork, to conflict to using your initiative?
  • During your interview, we are interested in hearing about your experiences, your typical ways of behaving and the strengths you might bring to the role. For your interview to be successful you need to be able to identify specific examples like your volunteer work or organising an expedition.
  • We are looking to see how you behave in different situations. To construct your answers it helps to use the STAR model to frame your answer i.e. describe the Situation you were in, the Task or target you set out to achieve, the Action you took to bring this about, and finally explain the Results or outcome of your actions. This means the interviewer will really understand your behaviour and contribution to a given situation.

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