Advice and tips for DofE participants and Award holders

Our recruitment team receive hundreds of applications each week. As a DofE Award holder, you will already stand out.

If you would like to apply for one of our jobs it’s important to make your application as compelling as possible and we’ve put together a few helpful tips, specifically for DofE Award holders below.

What to include in your application:

  • Major achievements and successes within any previous roles or experiences (things you are proud of – for example achievements through your DofE).
  • The main responsibilities you undertake in any current job and in particular anything that is relevant to the new role you’re applying for.
  • All of your education history and qualifications gained. Include your DofE achievements and list all your DofE Awards gained. Do not hide this at the bottom of the CV.
  • Your interests outside of work to help us know a bit more about you and what you really enjoy doing and what motivates you.
  • What you feel could bring to the role, department and company. What personal characteristics have you demonstrated (give examples – think back to your DofE achievements) that will stand you apart from the rest.
  • Any ideas you already have that would add value to the position you are applying for.
  • Your reasons for leaving other jobs so that we know what you love and what you don’t.
  • Why you think we should employ you (what would we be missing out on if we didn’t recruit you).

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