Why the DofE is important to us

Anthony Doolan – General Insurance – Direct Contact Centre, Leeds and DofE Assessor

Anthony has developed his DofE qualifications further by completing a Basic Expedition Leadership qualification which included a National Navigation Award and first aid qualification. He is now working on becoming a Walking Group Leader and gaining his Archery Leadership qualification.

“As a DofE Supervisor and Assessor, I have had the privilege of helping lots of young people to achieve their Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards. The DofE teaches many key qualities that are extremely desirable to Lloyds Banking Group and any potential employer.”

“Gaining these qualifications helped my job application with Lloyds Banking Group and demonstrated that I live and breathe what the bank stands for – Putting people first, keeping things simple and helping to make a difference.”

Lloyds Banking Group as an organisation really believes in talent. I have personally found that the DofE develops core skills in communication, teamworking, problem-solving, planning and leadership.

The DofE also encourages and develops self-belief, motivation, determination and how to overcome difficult situations with innovative thinking – all of which are key skills Lloyds Banking Group looks for when recruiting.
Stephen Smith - HR Director, Lloyds Banking Group
Lloyds Banking Group is very supportive of your individual development. For example, when I showed an interest in moving up to the Flow Leader role I was given a chance to get experience as a Deputy Flow Lead to help me prepare. And when I moved teams I was able to keep the role. I've also had lots of on-the-job training and support from my manager.
Hayley, Deputy Flow Leader - Retail and Wealth Operations Joined Lloyds Banking Group in November 2010
At Lloyds the graduate programme is really seen as an important investment by all managers and senior leaders within the organisation. Line managers are keen to support, and challenge, the graduates who work with them.
Liz Pedley, Culture Transformation Programme Manager

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