Royal Mail Group

Royal Mail have been a proud supporter of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Charity since 2012 and offer their young employees the opportunity to do their Gold DofE.

Inside Royal Mail

Number of employees: Approx. 150,000

Locations (of offices): 100’s of offices around the UK

Areas of operation: Postal service

Job opportunities available in: Operations, engineering, commercial, finance, human resources, technology, vehicle technicians and project management.

Our pledge to DofE Award holders

1. We believe The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award makes young people more employable and better prepares them for work.

2. We believe The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award develops young people’s leadership, problem-solving, self-management and team working skills – attributes essential to the future of UK business.

3. We believe that The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award enables young people to have evidence of their ability, capability and performance which they can talk about at interview giving them a
competitive edge against other candidates.

Welcome to Royal Mail

We’re Royal Mail. Ever since King Henry VIII ordered the creation of the first national post service, back in 1516, we’ve been collecting and delivering letters and parcels all around the UK.

Last year we collected and delivered more than one billion parcels and 14 billion addressed letters across the country. So we’ve come a long way in 500 years!

Search our pages on the LifeZone and find out more about us. We’ll tell you what it’s like to work at Royal Mail, we’ll share stories from young people like you who’ve come to be part of the Royal Mail family, and maybe you’ll be inspired to join us.

We really believe in the skills you’ve gained through doing your Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. In fact, we believe The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is something in which everyone should have the opportunity to get involved. We know that DofE participants and Award holders are some of the UK’s brightest, most confident young people. We believe in it so much that we even offer our apprentices the chance to do their Gold DofE Award too.

And we want to help you see what fantastic opportunities there are for you to use your skills in the world of work.

Royal Mail is diverse and inclusive focusing on the development and growth of all its employees.
Christine Tyler, Talent & Succession Manager
One word to describe Royal Mail? Spirited. Fun. Dynamic!
Imm Law, Operations Strand Lead
A great service.
David Gallagher, Head of Delivery Programmes

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