A day in the life of some of our team

Fabienne Stewart-Jones

Role: Analyst – Risk Advisory

Start date: 2013

DofE Award level: Bronze, Silver and Gold Award holder

What do you do on a day to day basis?
What do you enjoy about your role?
What are your key responsibilities at RSM?
What skills/attributes did your DofE teach you?
How do you think your DofE Awards have helped you at work?
How do you think your DofE helps you with your role now?
What ambitions do you have outside of work?
What’s your favourite DofE memory?
What advice can you give current DofE participants?
What do you enjoy about working for RSM?


I would advise other young people currently doing their DofE to stick it out- I watched many of my peers drop out, even when they were so close to achieving. It can be tough and it demands a lot of your time, but it's definitely worth it!
Fabienne Stewart-Jones - Analyst, RSM

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