Advice and tips for DofE participants and Award holders

If people who apply for RSM have DofE Awards on their application, we know they will hold skills and attributes which we hold very important. Ensure that you mention you are a DofE Award holder, when applying to RSM.

  • Applying – RSM only except online applications. A top tip is ‘beat the rest’; ensure that you are the first to apply, if you know what position you want, go and get it!
  • Application – With a strict application process you need to stand out of the page when applying for RSM. Make sure you give full answers and really sell yourself and why you want to join RSM.
  • Assessment Centre – The core part of the RSM recruitment process is our Assessment Centre. Be heard! Do not be afraid to speak, ask questions and be interested in the day. Make sure the attendees of the day, whether it is recruitment, HR, Senior Managers, Partners or your fellow peers, remember you!
  • Research – the biggest asset is knowledge, be mindful about changes at RSM, recent news/press. Impress at interview with a lot of background knowledge of your preferred service line and of the business itself.
  • Interview – A lot of the boxes have been ticked by this point. That’s a good thing! Strive to sell yourself, expand on your application and CV. Always remain chilled.
  • Your DofE – Always relay your DofE experiences and challenges. This will help the interviewer to understand how those skills and attributes you possess from your DofE will be beneficial in the job.

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