Advice and tips for DofE participants and Award holders

We all know the job market is competitive. And you want to get a job that you can be proud of. We’ve come up with our top tips to help you make your applications, to help you stand out.

Advice and guidance

  • A CV should always be concise, in a clear font (i.e. Arial or Times New Roman) and display all relevant information from your studies and any work experience you may have. A personal statement should include more around your softer skills and what makes you stand out.
  • Interviews – the most important advice for an interview is to prepare well – make sure you know who you are meeting and do your homework. Make sure you have a written list of questions for things you want to know about the organisation – interviews are a two way process.

Top tips

  • Don’t make your CV overly long, it’s about the quality of the content not the quantity.
  • Don’t use the interview to tell people everything you know about the business. Listen to the questions, pause and give your answer. If you need the question clarified don’t be afraid to ask.

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