A day in the life

There are a whole variety of exciting roles at the DofE from our Operations Officers working to support our network of schools, youth groups, businesses and local council partnerships, to our events co-ordinators organising our special events at prestigious places. Here a just a couple of our staff to tell you about their work…


There isn’t an average day in the life of a Fundraiser at the DofE. Yesterday I spent the morning writing reports, sending out event invitations, and liaising with our finance department. By the afternoon I was meeting potential new donors at one of our golf days.

We’re not like most charities; we have fewer than 500 donors so we know them all really well. We enjoy bringing them closer to our cause, demonstrating the impact of their generous support, and most of all ensuring we show our appreciation.

For some supporters this is writing them bespoke reports, for others it may be taking them to see our work on the ground, or inviting them to our events. We also work with a lot of big businesses - working with their Corporate Responsibility teams to develop a mutually beneficial partnership allowing us to showcase the DofE and allowing them to publically pledge their support.

Personally, after the cause, the best bit about my job is the people – both our donors and my colleagues – there is not a day that passes that I don’t laugh in our office. I’ve made some real friends here.
Sarah Hinchley
Being able to work with staff and volunteers who are committed to supporting and developing opportunities for young people is the best part of my job.

My role is about increasing opportunities for young people. This involves supporting schools, youth clubs, and other organisations that run the DofE to grow their DofE participation. A large part of my role involves supporting our senior managers; to develop and share best practice. Engaging and developing our DofE Leaders is one of the most enjoyable parts of the job.

Ensuring we celebrate the successes of young people is key; we support a large number of Award presentations every year and they are a great reminder of the huge amount of pride felt by our young Award holders and their families.

I also provide strategic support; analysing our performance and putting policies in place for the organisations we work with. This enables me to increase awareness of the DofE, improve our programme, and gain further investment where possible.
Alex Cumming

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