Using your DofE volunteering experience

Whatever level you have reached with your DofE, you will have had experience of volunteering.

If you volunteered in a charity shop, helped out as a Young Leader for the Scouts or undertook marine conservation for a wildlife organisation, you have had an experience that stands out and will impress others, particularly potential employers and universities.

Wherever you volunteered it will have been a learning experience, so use it and talk about it…

Were you given responsibility for something important? Did you try something new for the first time? Reflect on your volunteering and think how you can explain your experience to others.

Don’t limit what you say at interviews to just the dates and nature of your volunteering, turn it into phrases which they value e.g. “My work in the charity shop gave me customer service skills and I proved my trustworthiness with managing the stock and the till” or “Marine conservation helped me develop team-working skills and gave me the determination to turn up and work hard, even when the weather was bad.”

We found that 82% of Award holders wanted to continue their Volunteering section activity after they’d completed their programme. If you enjoyed yours too, why not carry on with it?

Use these pages – and the experience you already have – to think about how volunteering can help you to get to where you want to in life.

If you’re looking for a different volunteering challenge for the next level of your DofE programme chat to your Leader about finding an activity that could support you with your future plans. Have a browse through our real life volunteering stories and visit the main volunteering pages on for more ideas.

“You are the elite, not because of your background but because of what you have chosen to become through your DofE programme. Never forget what you have done, what you have become and what you can do with it.”

Alastair Stewart

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