Writing the perfect CV

A perfectly written CV is sure to get your foot through the door to interview stage, where you can really shine.

They can be tricky to write but take your experience and skills and be sure to tailor them to the job you’re applying for. HR recruiters will want to know that you are keen on their particular job – so be sure to write with that in mind.

Key things to remember:

1. Structure
2. Formatting
3. Your personal statement
4. Career history
5. References
6. Language


Gold Award participant from Lincolnshire

“I wanted to do my DofE because I knew it would be a lot of fun and thought it would look good on my uni application and CV. Taking part in my Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards has made me realise that my strengths lie in organisation, team work and communication.
My Awards already helped me to secure my previous part-time jobs and I will be including my DofE on my personal statement and future job applications.
My DofE has taught me a lot about myself and made me a much more confident, organised and determined person. I am so pleased I signed up!”

Jessica Lord, 17, Gold Award participant from Lincolnshire

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