Preparing for an interview

Preparing for an interview can take a long time, longer than the interview itself, but it’s worth it. It will give you confidence and plenty to talk about.

There are five main areas to research before a job interview:

1. The company, college or university
2. The interviewer
3. The job or course
4. The market
5. Yourself

You might also be asked to prepare for a task or undertake some psychometric tests. Make sure you ask enough questions so that you know exactly what to expect.

You can find more information about these tests and online practice versions here –

“I truly believe that my DofE Awards helped me gain a place at college and secure my job, where I prepare food in a local restaurant. Both my tutor and boss were impressed when they saw the DofE on my applications, with my boss only asking me about my Awards during my interview. The DofE is so well respected and talking about your experience makes you more memorable to your interviewer.”
Emmaline O’Toole, Bronze, Silver and Gold Award holder

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