Top 10 interview tips

Congratulations! You got an interview, which means they liked what they saw on your CV. Now you just need to close the deal by performing brilliantly at interview.

Don’t let nerves get the better of you. Dress smartly and most important of all – prepare, prepare, prepare.

1. Preparation
2. Know your history
3. Dress appropriately
4. Be discreet
5. Be yourself
6. Be on time
7. Be enthusiastic
8. Listen carefully to the interviewer
9. Ask questions
10. Know how to describe your skills


“My DofE has given me confidence which will help me during interviews for both universities and jobs. DofE programmes are important because success isn’t measured by a person’s academic skills but by their ability to show commitment and dedication. My DofE has given me amazing opportunities to work with and meet new people. I have loved all the sections because they have given me a chance to start something new."
Lizzie Maunder, 17, Gold Award participant

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