Why the DofE is important to us

Hear from some of our team about what the DofE means to them…

We have a close partnership with the DofE and believe the types of skills you develop through doing your DofE, closely match the values (e.g. teamworking, integrity, problem-solving) we are looking for when we recruit our teams. We recognise that participation in the DofE develops a passion for outdoor activities and travel which help us to better understand our customers’ needs.
Anna Harris - HR & Training Manager, Cotswold Outdoor
The expedition planning was especially useful to me and the elements learnt can be applied to many workplace situations. Participating in my Gold DofE, which took some months to complete, taught me resilience, self-sufficiency and to live alongside, work with and respect others.
Charles Perrett - London Regional Marketing Representative, Cotswold Outdoor

“The most useful skills I developed were teamworking and organisation. You will use teamworking in so many aspects of your life that the opportunity to develop these skills as a young person is invaluable. The ability to organise yourself independently is a skill many employers will look out for.”

Becky Hall – Assistant Manager – Southampton Store, Cotswold Outdoor

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