The 20 Conditions of the Expeditions section

This is a handy summary for everyone about to do their DofE qualifying expedition. Please talk to your DofE Leader or Expedition Supervisor if you have any questions or need further advice.

Enjoy your expedition!


Download the full 20 conditions here: 20 Conditions of the Expedition section 2019


The 20 conditions are as follows:

  • The team must plan and organise the expedition.
  • The expedition must have an aim. The aim can be set by the Leader at Bronze level only.
  • All participants must be within the qualifying age of the programme level and at the same Award level (i.e. not have completed the same or higher level of expedition).
  • There must be between four and seven participants in a team (eight for modes of travel which have tandem).
  • The expedition should take place in the recommended environment.
  • Accommodation must be by camping or other simple self-catering accommodation (e.g. camping barns or bunkhouses).
  • The expedition must be of the correct duration and meet the minimum hours of planned activity.
  • All expeditions must be supervised by an adult who is able to accept responsibility for the safety of the team.
  • Assessment must be by an accredited Assessor. At Bronze level only, the Assessor may also be the Expedition Supervisor.
  • Expeditions will usually take place between the end of March and the end of October.
  • Participants must be adequately trained to safely undertake a remotely supervised expedition in the environment they will be operating in.
  • All expeditions must be by the participants’ own physical effort, without motorised or outside assistance. Mobility aids may be used where appropriate to the needs of the participant.
  • All expeditions must be unaccompanied and self-sufficient. The team must be properly equipped, and supervision must be carried out remotely.
  • Teams must possess the necessary physical fitness, first aid and expedition skills required to complete their expedition safely.
  • Groups must adhere to a mobile phone use policy as agreed with their Expedition Supervisor and Assessor. This agreement should also include use of other electronic equipment.
  • Participants must behave responsibly with respect for their team members, leaders, the public and animals.
  • Groups must understand and adhere to the Countryside/Scottish Outdoor Access, Highway and Water Sports Codes (as appropriate).
  • Participants must plan an appropriate expedition menu, including cooking and eating a substantial hot meal on each day. This is optional on the final day.
  • Participants must actively participate in a debrief with their Assessor at the end of the expedition.
  • At Silver and Gold level, a presentation must be prepared and delivered after the expedition.


Don’t forget that all your team must meet these conditions!

If you or one of your team has individual needs that mean one or more of the above conditions cannot be met, then you can apply for a variation to these conditions to enable you or them to participate in their DofE expedition. Your DofE Leader/Supervisor will help advise you if this is the case.

* Variations to these four conditions must be submitted to the appropriate DofE Office and will only be considered in highly exceptional circumstances. To apply for a variation go here and download the variations process map and variations application form.


  • More detailed information is set out in the DofE Expedition Guide.
  • The process for variations to these conditions is available on
  • Many of these conditions can be checked prior to the expedition commencing.


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