By bicycle

These are just some examples of ideas for aims. You and your team should create an aim that is personal and interesting to you – and suitable for your expedition area and mode of travel.


  • Make a documentary about the most common wildlife in the area
  • Create a nature guide of your route for future visitors
  • Investigate the features of a river using an adjacent cycle path
  • Photograph different types of flora and fauna on your route and compare them with each other


  • Keep a log of the weather throughout your expedition and how you adapted to it as a team
  • Investigate difficulties in communication when cycling and find methods to overcome them
  • Monitor how well the group stay together using distance between lead and rear cyclist as a guide, and improve this over your expedition
  • Create a team song or chant to motivate each other and use it in your presentation


  • Find clues to local industry or crafts that historically took place where you visit
  • Plan a tour of famous battlefields, learning about their history
  • Cycle along parts of a disused railway to explore its history and use of any surviving buildings
  • Note the period and style of architecture of interesting buildings you pass


  • Consider the impact of tourism on your surroundings
  • Study the state of repair of bike-friendly styles and gates
  • Investigate the erosion caused by bikes compared to foot travel
  • Monitor the management of paths on your route, such as fallen trees and overgrowth

Modes of travel

Find out more about what is involved with doing your expedition using one (or more) of the following modes of travel…

On foot

By bicycle

By boat

By canoe or kayak

By wheelchair

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