By boat

These are just some examples of ideas for aims. You and your team should create an aim that is personal and interesting to you – and suitable for your expedition area and mode of travel.


  • Learn all the knots you need for your journey and make a knot board
  • Create a map of a local estuary and compare it with a professional map upon your return
  • Take photographs of different types of boat you see during your journey
  • Write a guide on navigation skills for other expedition teams


  • Analyse the human impact on the coast
  • Investigate the effects that boating has on a range of wildlife
  • Study man-made and natural sea defences.  Analyse their effectiveness
  • Monitor and record the birds that you see for the RSPB’s BirdTrack project


  • Record your boating adventures and make a short film
  • As a team, on your journey make a flag which you can raise on the last day
  • Explore the different team roles needed on a boat and give everyone the opportunity to do a new role
  • Log the incidents that test your team every day and think about how you could have dealt with the incident more effectively


  • Write a short story about your boating experience
  • Photograph the birds you see along your route and upload to a blog on your return
  • Invent your own sea shanties or pirate-style songs and use them in your presentation
  • Create a figurehead for your boat

Modes of travel

Find out more about what is involved with doing your expedition using one (or more) of the following modes of travel…

On foot

By bicycle

By boat

By canoe or kayak

By wheelchair.

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