By wheelchair

These are just some examples of ideas for aims. You and your team should create an aim that is personal and interesting to you – and suitable for your expedition area and mode of travel.


  • Make a diary of the group’s experiences and how you supported each other
  • Create a training film for other groups about navigation and expedition skills
  • As a team, create an expedition music playlist that represents your experiences
  • As a team, identify skills you would like to improve and create a team diary showing how you are improving


  • Photograph and identify different types of stones and rocks
  • Sketch wildlife you see and do an exhibition at the end of your expedition
  • Report on the accessibility of open spaces to wheelchair users and others with restricted mobility
  • Prepare a route along a towpath and note the wildlife you see


  • Discover sites tied to local myths and legends
  • Take photographs of historic sites on your route and create a calendar
  • Draw buildings of different periods along your route
  • Produce an illustrated guide to a stretch of canal, focusing on its history

Modes of travel

Find out more about what is involved with doing your expedition using one (or more) of the following modes of travel…

On foot

By bicycle

By boat

By canoe or kayak

By wheelchair

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