On foot

These are just some examples of ideas for aims. You and your team should create an aim that is personal and interesting to you – and suitable for your expedition area and mode of travel.


  • Explore and document cairns in Scotland
  • Investigate Roman sites around Hadrian’s Wall
  • Photograph and describe interesting old buildings along your route
  • Explore an historic place made famous in a film and document the scenery


  • As a team, identify different team roles and rotate each day
  • Create a series of communication signals to use within your team
  • Do a fun team game or challenge each day to promote team building
  • Make a video diary of your teams experiences, from camping and cooking to researching your destination
  • Monitoring and evidencing the impact of a physically demanding expedition on the body by walking all day and measuring calorie intake, heart rate and pulse compared too normal. 


  • Decorate a white t-shirt, using inspiration from the scenery that you see along your route
  • Search for forms of fungi, photograph or sketch them and record them
  • List and film the different kinds of birds you see
  • As second mini aim, draw all the different star constellations that you see

Modes of travel

Find out more about what is involved with doing your expedition using one (or more) of the following modes of travel…

On foot

By bicycle

By boat

By canoe or kayak

By wheelchair

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