Do want to increase your fitness levels? This is your chance!

The possibilities are endless and you should find a person, people or group local to you that could help. You should develop a programme which is interesting, relevant to you and will increase your physical fitness. Along the way you’ll have fun, make friends, learn new skills – or even share your own skills with others!

Here are just a few ideas of the sort of things you could do to get you started:

Fitness classes

  • Join a gym and take part in regular spinning classes
  • Improve your muscle tone through a class using weights, e.g. Bodypump
  • Splash your way to fitness in water aerobics sessions
  • Lean pilates and improve your technique so you can progress from beginner to advances classes

Personal achievement

  • Join a running club, run weekly and improve your times
  • Do a speed test and improve your time over the period through training
  • Train for, and take part in a challenging charity race
  • Do regular circuit training at the gym


  • Practice regularly and gain trampolining awards
  • Lean new trampolining jumps including straight tuck, pike and seat
  • Challenge yourself to learn two advanced moves such as a back somersault or a Barani flip
  • Join a trampoline club and compete in regional competitions


  • Develop your own warm-up routine using aerobic, flexibility and strength exercises
  • Experiment with different pieces of equipment
  • Put together a floor routine showing balance, agility and good linking elements
  • Aim for a national governing body award

Remember, these are just a few ideas. Chat to your Leader, family, friends and people who’ve already achieved an Award to see what they’ve done and what opportunities are available in your local area.

Don’t forget to check with your Leader that what you choose to do meets the DofE’s requirements for this section and your level.

Physical categories

Find out more about what you can do under the eight Physical section category headings:

Team sports

Individual sports

Water sports

Racquet sports



Extreme sports

Martial arts

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