Environment & conservation

Environmental / conservation project

  • Help prepare historic buildings for public viewing, staying in the grounds
  • Do dry stone walling in the hills of the West Tyne Valley, working and living in the shadow of Hadrian’s wall
  • Help with marine conservation in South Africa, cleaning beaches and raising awareness in the community
  • Help protect the New Forest by path building, fencing and tree planting

Protecting wildlife

  • Study gibbons in Thailand, checking their health and mapping movements
  • Create wildlife ponds in Ireland’s Murlough National Reserve
  • Work with the National Trust on a wildlife conservation project
  • Study the bird population in a RSPB nature reserve, take photographs, observe behaviour and monitor their sounds

Support an eco-friendly project

  • Repair erosion on the footpath network in the Brecon Beacons
  • Work on a paper recycling project for a not-for-profit social enterprise in the UK
  • Volunteer at a centre which promotes sustainable living, and live in their eco-friendly accommodation
  • Work on a water relief project in Kenya, helping the community build and access safe water sources

Other ideas

Find out more about what you can do under the four Residential section category headings:

Service to others

Environment and conservation


Activity based


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