Creative arts

Are you super creative? Or don’t know and want to find out? This is your chance!

The possibilities are endless and you should find a person, people or group local to you that could help. You should develop a programme which is interesting, relevant to you and will teach you new skills. Along the way you’ll have fun, make friends, learn new skills – or even share your own skills with others!

Here are just a few ideas of the sort of things you could do to get you started:

Jewellery making

  • Create a range of bead jewellery and showcase it online
  • Use recyclable materials to create an environmentally friendly range of jewellery
  • Learn wire wrapping – one of the oldest jewellery making techniques
  • Understand the principals of working with silver and mounting semi-precious stones


  • Experiment with different colour filters, working in natural and artificial light and present your findings to the group
  • Learn how to use an SLR camera, and the different functions it has to offer
  • Choose a theme such as wildlife, or portrait photography and take photos weekly
  • Learn how to re-touch digital images including cropping, adding effects and adjusting colour and enter a competition

Model construction

  • Hand-paint fantasy games models and enter them in a competition
  • Design, build and furnish your own dolls’ house
  • Build a working model of a plane or helicopter, using a construction kit, and fly it
  • Create a detailed model of a famous building of your choice, with advice from an architect

Remember, these are just a few ideas. Chat to your Leader, family, friends and people who’ve already achieved an Award to see what they’ve done and what opportunities are available in your local area.

Don’t forget to check with your Leader that what you choose to do meets the DofE’s requirements for this section and your level.

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