Natural world

Do you have a love of the great outdoors? Keen to find out if you have green fingers? Then try a skill in the natural world!

The possibilities are endless and you should find a person, people or group local to you that could help. You should develop a programme which is interesting, relevant to you and will teach you new skills. Along the way you’ll have fun, make friends, learn new skills – or even share your own skills with others!

Here are just a few ideas of the sort of things you could do to get you started:

Vegetable growing

  • Create a vegetable patch in your garden or allotment and grow seasonal vegetables
  • Build your own greenhouse and use it to grow your own vegetables
  • Grow a selection of chili plants from seed and see which one is hottest
  • Cultivate vegetables and enter them into your local village fete or horticultural show


  • Take a garden design course at a local college and create a 3D design on a computer
  • Learn how to, and then grow and look after your favourite flowers
  • Help a gardener to understand and care for different types of plants
  • Build and maintain a pond or water feature in your back garden

Remember, these are just a few ideas. Chat to your Leader, family, friends and people who’ve already achieved an Award to see what they’ve done and what opportunities are available in your local area.

Don’t forget to check with your Leader that what you choose to do meets the DofE’s requirements for this section and your level.

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