Gold Award Hall of Fame 16 January 2018

Tuesday 16th January 2017

511 young people collected their Gold Award Certificates on Tuesday 16th January at St. James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Earl of Wessex.


Morning presentation

Throne Room – London

Presenter – Roz Savage MBE, Ocean Rower and Author                                    

“Congratulations on achieving your Award. It’s wonderful to be here and share in this moment with you today. No matter what challenges you face in the future, you’ll always be able to tap into the pride and sense of achievement that you have gained doing this award.”

Download the list of Award holders:  A AM Throne Room

Entrée Room – South East

Presenter – Andrew Collins, Journalist

“The key in your journey is to carry on the skills you’ve learnt from DofE, always be kind and never be embarrassed to ask for something you want to do.”

Download the list of Award holders:  A AM Entree Room

Queen Anne Room – South East

Presenter – Graham Satchell, Reporter, BBC

“You should not underestimate the hard work that it took for you to get here. You should bask the in the ‘royal glory’ of today. A huge congratulations to you all

Download the list of Award holders:  A AM Queen Anne Room

Picture Gallery – South East

Presenter – Adam Hills, Presenter, The Last Leg

Download the list of Award holders:  A AM Picture Gallery

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – South West

Presenter – John Craven, Broadcaster and Writer

“This Award has given you a tremendous amount of opportunity, now make the most of that opportunity. Go with your instinct, take a chance and follow your heart. Don’t get stuck in a groove that’s taking you nowhere. Congratulations.”

Download the list of Award holders: A PM Throne Room

Entrée Room – South West

Presenter – Ray Panthaki, Actor, filmmaker and BAFTA Breakthrough Brit

“I know it’s often said that millennials only see the world through a screen. And while I do think you Instagram your vegan food a bit too much, I truly believe that you guys are the ones that are going to instigate real change in the world. Why? Because if you match the knowledge that you have at your fingertips from modern technology, with the tenacity and drive that you guys have shown achieving your DofE awards, you can and will be the generation that can change the world as we know it.”

Download the list of Award holders: A PM Entree Room

Queen Anne Room – Wales

Presenter – John Amaechi OBE, CEO, Amaechi Performance Systems

“I hope you all realise how amazing it is what you have done. Your service, skills, physical and expedition makes you part of a rare group who integrate, work together and unite to make decisions and achieve a goal. I fear for our futures without people like you. You all have great skills to grind through things people find difficult and achieve amazing things.”

Download the list of Award holders: A PM Queen Anne Room

Picture Gallery – National Operating Authorities

Presenter – Andrea McLean, TV Presenter

Download the list of Award holders: A PM Picture Gallery

16 January 2018

Katy Jasmine Aazem
Jack Adams
Rebecca Faye Adams
Vyomi Ahir
Arefeh Ahmadifard
Sanaa Ahmed
Amaani Al-Azzawi
Ben Aldridge
Caroline Allen
Deborah Allen
Jeshua Rajdorai Amalesh
Charlie Anderton
Courtney Armstrong
Kieran Armstrong
Sarah Arnett
Sam Ashdown
Sophie Eleanor Majid Ashford
Sol Ashley
Henry George Asquith-Beard
Grace Atkinson
Elle Austen
Lucy Madeleine Ayres
Alexander Baber
Lucy  Baldwin
Grace Bale
Lucy Ball
Cerys Kathleen Barclay
Shelley Rose Barker
Anna Barnes
Lizzie Barr
Gabrielle Bates
James Michael Bawcutt
George Beaver
Charlotte Elizabeth Bell
Hannah Benjamin
Nick  Bennett
James Bentley
Adele Bevan
Ashley Beynon
Sanjni Bhudia
Alice Jane Bindon
Rebecca Blackburn
Abigail Blacklidge
Holly Blyth
Ursula Blyth
Charlotte Boland
Eleanor Boland
Luke Bolton
Adam Bolton
Frederick  Botfield
Luke Bottomley
Lewis Bottomley
Jessika Jade Bradley
Emily L. Bradshaw
Emer Brady
Anastasia Bray
Daniel Brener
Sophie Gemma Brennan
Marjolaine Briscoe
Jasmine Britton
Charlotte Brombley
Samuel Brown
Danny Bryan
Christopher Buckett
Lauren Bull
Genevieve Bullen
Caitlin Bullen-Teasdale
Kearen Burke
Liam Bushrod
Tom Buxton
Charlotte Calvert
Nick Cannon
Duncan Capaldi
Bronte Capaldi
April Nicole Caballero Caranzo
Isabel Cardwell
Tabitha Caröe
Matthew Cartwright
Kayden Chahal
Ollie Challacombe
Scott Chamberlaine
Laura Elisabeth Chaplin
Rachel  Chaplin
Emma Chapman
Toby Chapman
Michael Charalambous
Tehreem Chaudhry
Noah Cheeseman
Ashley Cherrett
George  Chessell
Luke Chester
Victoria Cheung
Philippa Eve Valentina Chilvers
Maria Christodoulou
Ellyn Church
Samuel  Clague
Samuel Clark
Elena Catherine Clark
Rebecca Clennell
Benjamin Collett
Emilie Christina Colliar
Ella Louise Collie
Charles Combes
Matthew Coombs
Emily Cooper
Shannon Sarah Copeland
Hayden Cotgrove
Henry Cotton
Zahra Coulthard
Georgia Ashleigh Court
Megan Cox
Rachel Craig-McFeely
Elizabeth Craine
Isabel Craven
Jessica Creber
Sarah Croager
Ella Culyer
Nick Curtis
Elizabeth Cwilewicz
Jay Killian Daborn
Jessica Rose Daldry
Abigail Davidson
Edward Davidson-Houston
Jonathan Davies
Sebastien L Davies
Cameron Davies
Aled Davies
Dylan Davies
Siân Katherine Davies
William Dawkins
Ben William Dawson
Samuel Dethridge
Philippa Dickinson
Arthur Dingemans
Elliott Dodds
Carys Doull
Frances Dowle
Robert Downing
Rebecca Draper
Alicia Drew
Emily D’Souza
Amelia Dunn
Josie Dunne
William Dunne
William Taylor Durban
Philip Eagles
Kaity Eames
Judith Easton
Jack Eastwood
Emily Eavis
Toby Jon Edmunds
Eleanor Egan
Alice Elgar
Martyn Elliott
Thomas Ellis
Thomas Ellis
Kathryn Elswood
Richard Emanuel
Harry Emmanuel
Shannon Ensor
Catriona Evans
Gwilym  Evans
Alice Eve
Ciaran Eynon
Sophie Fairburn
Joshua Farmer
Alexander Faulkner
Ryan Feary
James Feast
Annie Ferrari
Caitlin Fielder
George Filby
Josh Fisher
Daisy  Fisher
Amy Fisher
Rachel Fishman
James Fitzpatrick
Kate Flaherty
James Flint
Gregory Forgan
Florine Forster
Simon Foxford
Elisha Foxley
Louis Frampton
Alexandra Fry
Amy Rose Gair
Emily Gander
Thomas Garty
Jan Morissette Gernale
Thomas Gilbert
Rosina Gilbert
Olivia Gilmour
Ryan Gilroy
Gabrielle Gleeson
Connor W Glover
Lucy Goulding
Kirstin Graham
Ieuan Greaves
Luke Fairchild
Samuel Griffiths
Bailey  Hackett
Morgan Hadley
Sarah Hagger
Sophie Elizabeth Hall
Ellie Louise Hamblett
Harry  Hammond
Ben Hampshire
Dominic Harbison
Bethany Harley
Rebecca Harris
Matthew Harris
Taylor Hart
Alice Hart
Jake Hastie
Louis Hawker
Jacob Hawker
Sarah Haynes
Josef Elliott Hearne
Elina Hedditch
Maria Hedges
Rae Charlotte Hemming
Bethan Heslop
Emma Higgins
Bethan Hill
Abigail Hill
Jonathan Hoare
Berkeley Hodge
Hannah Lucy May Hodges
Tom Hodson
Clare Holding
Ethan Holliday
David Christopher Hopkinson
Beth Horsham
Daniel Howe
Lucy Hubbard
Kirsty Hudson
Eleri Hulme
Lexie Humphrey
James Hurford
Lucy Hurst
Sophia Hutchinson
Alexandra Ionescu
Maye Jabi
Oscar Jackson
Fraser James
Christopher Jervis
Samuel Jeyes
Jeevin Johal
Megan Louise Jonathan
Katherine Jones
Jessica Jones
Matthew Jones
Emma Jones
Benjamin Jones
Matthew Jones
Henry  Jones
Connor Jones
Anna Jorgensen-Stephens
Robert Kadur
Aman  Karia
Laura Kay
Samantha Kelland
Jessica Kelly
Daniel Keniston-Goble
Joseph  Kerin
George Kettleborough
Benjamin Keyser
Oliver Kilgallon
Ellen King
James Samuel King
Joseph Kinsella
Christian Kirk
Gakuya  Kitada
Raoul Robert Kumrai-Woodruff
Nikhil Kumrai-Woodruff
Daniel La Braca
Debora La Porta
Hannah Lagorio Price
Zak Lakota-Baldwin
Jemma Lamb
Gabriella Lane
Hannah May Lathan
Catherine Lawler
Eleanor Victoria Emme Lawson
Sadie  Lee
Samuel C Lewis
Rhiannon  Lewis
Fraser Lewis
Geoffrey Liddell
Nicholas Liggins
Rebecca  Lim
Sophie Olivia Lison
Tom Lister
Ashley Lister
Francesca Llewellin
Rachel Llewellyn
Matthew Love Twelves
Matthew Loxton
Darcey Lucas
Matt Lumsden
Kei Yan Karen Ma
Niamh MacElvogue
Bryony Maiklem
Jason Malone
Daniel Manners
James Mannion
Laura Mapledoram
Jonathan Markby
Scarlett Markham
Michael Massey
Kemsley Mathias
Paul McCarten
Bridie Ann McGough
Ellen McNeill
Michael McNulty
Rachel Mehlman
Daniel Merrall
Michelle  Micek
Kate Michaels
Sarah Mills
Joshua Missen
James Molloy
Katherine Moore
Alexander Moore
Richard Moore
Olivia Joanne Moran
Isla Morgan
Alan Morhall
Hope Mortimer
Shiva Naser
Matthew Daragh Neasham
James Newman
Charlotte Newman
David Nickson
Ryan Niezgoda
Paula Noon
Kimberley Norris
Samuel Nute
Hiroki Ogawa
Marion Oke
Benedict Olie
Zoe O’Neill
Matthew Ord
Adam Orton
Ethan Lloyd Owen
Cian Owen
Eliesha Owens
James Anthony Charles Packe
Siobhan Anne Packer
Rose Parker
Jacob Parker
Ryan Parker
Anjali Patel
Emma Ruth Pearce
Isobel Grace Pearce
Rhian Percival
Fabian Peterkin
Angelica Pettafor
M Tara Phillips
Elizabeth Piller
Jasmine Pomeroy
Robert Poole
Daniel Porter
Lewis Potter
Francesca Povey
Prakrit Prasad
Angharad Elin Price
Abigail Jane Courtenay Price
Evelyn Price
Benedict Priddy
Kiera Reavill
Jack Reed
Amber Reed
William Ieuan Rees
Anna Reid
Taliesin John Williams Renouf
Thomas Richards
Lewis Richards
Benjamin Richards
Oliver Rhys Richards
Abigail Ridgway
Lauren Rigley
Oliver Roberts
Aidana Roberts
Georgina Robertson
Megan Robertson
Catriona Robinson
Amelia Robson
Samuel Rock
Emma Rolfe
Katie  Rolfe
Elena Rossi
Huw  Rushworth
Nicholas Russell
Jonty Russell-Rayment
Eloise Ruthven-Stuart
William Rutter
Henry Sainsbury
Tanya Elise Samad
Emily Sandon
Molly Sargeant
Asheek  Sarkar
George Scott
Robert Scoynes
Samuel Seacombe
Guy Seddon
Akhil Vivek Seth
Adrianna Louise Seviour
Ben Shaw
William Shaw
Mason Shorter
Anil Sidhu
Sabrina Singh
Shivpreet Singh
Benjamin Slater
James Smart
Caitlin Rose Smith
Thomas Smith
Edward Smith
Tom Smith
Paul Smith
Megan Snepvangers
Adam Solomons
Tegan Soulsby
Miguel Sousa
Hannah Speed
Cerys Speight
Ryan Speight
James Spencer
Lucy Staite
Joe Stamper
Mitchell Stanfield
Tom Stead
Rebecca Stephens
Alexander Stockton
Matthew Stokes
Molly  Street
Lily Stribling
Michael Stuart
Amelia Suter
Thomas Swain
Sheona Swales
Aidan Sweet
James Swinger
Ronnie Alexander Syme
Andrew James Taylor
Sophie Jade Taylor
Eleanor Taylor-Newman
Saskia Tempest-Radford
Lee Thomas
George Andrew Thompson
Jill Thompson
Chloe Thompson
Robert Thompson
Thomas Thorp
Sarah Thrasher
Alice Tindal
Oliver Tippett
Olivia  Tomlinson
Anna Tompsett
Georgina  Townsend
Nicholas Trotter
Levi Turian
Zoe Turner
Adam Turner
Lauren Usher
Mathijs van den Heuvel
Alex Vear
Samuel Veasey
Hannah Waddilove
Abbie Wakefield
Lorna Wakem
Ollie Walters
Alice Walton-Knight
Abigail Ward
Lucy  Wardman
Sophie Elizabeth Grace Ware
Sarah Washington
Michael John Waters
Joanna Watts
Morgan Weale
Kate Weatherall
Eleanor Rose Webb
Ryan Webb
Madeleine Webster
Barnabas Weightman
Daniel Wentzel
Olivia West
Hannah Wheeler
Andrew White
Harry White
Thomas White
Charlie White
Cerian Jayne White
Matthew Wigley
Emily Wilkinson
Angus Williams
Isobel Williams
Caleb Williams
Toby Edwin Willis
Katie Willoughby
Josiane Wilson
Huw James Corelli Wilson
Joseph Wing
Sarah Winstone-Partridge
Fiona Winters
Zoe Wong
Benjamin Wood
Richard Wood
Mark Watters Wormley
Harry Wyatt

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