Monday 10 February 2014

701 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on 10 February at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Earl of Wessex.

Morning Presentation

Throne Room- London

Presenter- John Loughton, Founding Director of dare2lead

“It is always an honour to support the DofE. Meeting the Gold Award achievers continues to be a testament of the potential of their generation.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Entrée Room – Central
Presenter – Ken Hames, TV Presenter

“The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award gives young people a unique experience and importantly a vision of exciting possibilities to come. It also provides a shared experience introducing leadership and organisational skills while testing character and commitment. It is something I believe every young person in the UK should do.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Queen Anne Room- Central
Presenter- Phil Brown, former Olympian and Regional DofE Director

“The DofE is a great way to showcase your talents and stand out from the crowd. The Award is for everyone from all walks of life, no matter what your circumstances are. The DofE is not only recognised by Universities and Employers but it makes you challenge yourself. You have to adapt and change but the experience will stay with you and I hope you will use it is a force to take you forward to bigger and better things in the future.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Picture Gallery – South East
Presenter- John Sullivan, Survival Instructor

“Congratulations all of you for completing your Gold Award. I hope you’ve gained a love of exploration through doing your DofE. People ask me why I got into adventure. I tell them that it didn’t start when I was in the marines; it wasn’t when I was living with tribes in Papua New Guinea or trekking through Borneo; it was when I was twelve in the cadets, doing similar activities that you have done through your DofE, learning how to work as a team and gaining skills like determination and resilience. Remember that the world is your oyster and whatever you want to do in your life, you just have to grab it and do it.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Banquet Room – South East
Presenter- Anthea Turner, TV Presenter

“It’s great to meet you all today. I’m so impressed with what you’ve achieved. Your next job is to become an ambassador for the DofE and encourage others to start their programmes. The number of young people doing their DofE is increasing year on year and to keep that going is down to you!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room- North East
Presenter- Alan Hinkes, Mountaineer

“You have all worked so hard to be here today. By achieving your Award, you have all have shown commitment and determination. This is just the beginning of your future.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Entrée Room- Northern Ireland
Presenter- David Blevins, Sky News Correspondent

“I see potential in this room full of Gold Award holders. Realising that potential is less about doing and more about being; and there are three things you really ought to be. Firstly, be proud. You’re a recipient of a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, which is an achievement to be proud of as you’ve demonstrated just how talented you are. Secondly, be true. Don’t be the person others expect you to be. You’ve put your heart and soul into gaining this Award and will have discovered new things about who you are, so be true to yourself. Thirdly, be brave. You didn’t achieve your Gold without taking some risks. Keep broadening your horizons and be brave enough to take more risks.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Queen Anne Room – South West
Presenter- Heather Fell, British Modern Pentathlete

“Congratulations to everyone who’s here today, to all the Award holders. Remember that whenever you have challenges in life, there will always be something you can learn from them. I’m sure many of you are already reaping the benefits from your Gold Award. You are most certainly on the right path for achieving, good luck to you all!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Picture Gallery – North West
Presenter – Charley Boorman, TV Presenter and travel writer

“Everyone should have adventure in their life and the DofE gives you the taste for it. Going outside your comfort zone, trying new things, visiting different places, meeting new people: all character building experiences that set you on an exciting life journey. The DofE is such a respected achievement in the workplace, people will stand up and listen to you guys.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Banquet Room – NOA & Scotland
Presenter- John Loughton, Founding Director of dare2lead

“It doesn’t matter what your background is, you can make a success of yourself. Gaining your Gold DofE Award is a great start, make sure you go on to achieve great things. Well done everyone and remember to always “Dream in Colour”!

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Charley Boorman 10 Feb

Roll of Honour: 10 Feb 2014

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 10 February at St. James’s Palace:



Hannah Abu-Harb
Jomalie Joyce Acay
Samuel George Adams
Madeleine Elizabeth Agnew
Mariam Adewunmi Akinpeju
Lauren Elizabeth Alderdice
Wasim Ali
William Allen
Sophie Amey
Olivia Ampofo
Beccy Anderson
Clare Andrew
Emma Appleby
Laura Appleton
Caroline Apsey
Rebecca Archibald
Jessica Arnold
Amy Arnone
Ruiko Asaba
Adedoja Amelle Atanda
Lauren Atkins
Alice Atkins
Abigail Atoyebi
Samantha Avey
Victoria Ayling
Georgia Aynsley
Mahnoor Khalid Aziz
Christopher Babey
Rachel Back
Chloe Bades
Paul Baggott
Rebecca Bailey
Jonathan David Bailey
Sasha Bailey
Daniel Baillache
Lindsay Baird
Emily Baker
Robin Baker
Thomas Baldwin
Benjamin Baldwin
Rebecca Ball
Alex Balmer
Rachael Emily Sayers Bamford
Tamsin Elizabeth Banner
Jessica Anne Bannister
Samuel Bannon
Matilda Barker
Guy Barlow
Charles Barnes
William Barnes
Katie Barnes
Amy-Jean Barrett
Elaine Rose Barrett
Joseph Barrow
Alexander Barry
Ciaran Basey
Alison Bate
Georgina Bayly
Carrie Beadle
Thomas Beadman
Niles Beadman
Daniel Beal
Clem Beauchamp
Emma Bell
Laura Bellamy
Charlotte Bentham
Eleanor Anya Berisford
Caroline Best
Apoorv Bhatia
Fiona Charlotte Hammersley Birch
Lee Bird
Alice Black International Cert
Christopher Black
Emma Black
Rebecca Blackburn
Lucy Blake
Bethany Bolton
Madeleine Bonham Jones
Melissa Booth
Thomas Borrowdale
Helen Bradbrook
Ryan Bradshaw
Amy Bradshaw
Alice Bradshaw
Kirsten Bradshaw
Philip Bridge
Charlotte Briggs
Stephen Brightman
Hannah Elizabeth Brighton
James Brockless
Joanna Bromme
Laura Brook
Emma Brotherton
Samuel Broughton
Fiona Brown
Samuel Francis Brown
Justin Brown
Alice Bruce
Megan Katherine Stewart Bruce
Alice Bugden
Bertie Bugden
Rachel Elizabeth Burgess
Amy Burnside
Anna Elizabeth Bury
Georgina Butler
Alice Laura Byrne
Beth Byrne
Oliver Cage-White
Duncan Campbell
Maddalena Caprotti
Alex Caraher
Edward Carden
Natasha Cardovillis
Bethany Jane Fiona Carnegie
Matthew Cartmell
Bethany Cartwright
Jennifer Cartwright
Zoe Chambers
Emily Joy Champion
Hameela Chaudrey
Hazel Childs
Bethany Chung
Thomas Clare
Charlotte Claridge-Ingham
Amy Clark
Hannah Clarke
Sarah Clarke
Jack Clarkson
Joshua Clayton
Laura Cockburn
Danielle Coffey
Samuel Cole
Lee Mathew Coles
Sophie Collinson
Jonathan Connolly
Matthew Cooke
Hollie Louise Cooke
James William Cookson
Heidi Elizabeth Coombes
Rachel Coombes
Alex Coombs
Emma Cooper
Hugo Corbett
Hannah Cowlard
Helen Alexandra Craig
Rebecca Crawshaw
Hannah Crispin-Gatward
Lucy Alice Crook
Georgina Crouch
Rowan Cruickshank
Christopher James Cundy
Adam Currie
Enita Dafinone
Lucy Dales
Nathan Darbyshire
Rebecca Grace Darge
Florence Eleanor Grace Darlington
Keith Darragh
Theo James Davidson
Ben Davies
Amanda Florence Davies
Eleanor Dawes
Els de Vrijer
Genevra Louise Dean
Hannah Deasy
Orlagh Deery
George Dennis
Peter Devlin
Simon Dewsnip
Sanjna Dhaliwal
Matteo Di Carlofelice
Catriona Fleur Dickson
Emily Sarah Dickson
Olivia Dixon
Alice Dixon
Emma Louise Dobie
Charlotte Doddrell
Aimee Alexandra Doherty
Josephine Dorling
Georgina Dornom
Mark Doulin
Francesca Downey
Emma Louise Downham
Kathryn Dowse
Alison Drake
Charlotte Dransfield
Quinn D’sa
Samantha Duff
Ellis-Anne Dunmall
Dominic Duxbury
Kate Dziubinska
Laura Edwards
Laura Amy Edy
Thomas Ekers
Hannah Ellis
Vincent Elver
Natasha Elwood
Henry Fairey
Holly Farnell
Pippa Farr
Natalie Ellen Fatemi
Meghan Fearn
Grace Fearnehough
Thomas Fenning
Rosie Ffoulkes
Becky Field
Robin Fieldhouse
Alexandra Finch
Harry Alexander Campbell Flack
Rachael Alice Tilbe Flaherty
Eleanor Flaherty
Ruth Flower
Jarred Flynn
Joshua Flynn
Luke Flynn
Sarah Ford
Eleanor Forster
Jessica Forster
Chloe Foster-Chambers
Christopher Fox
Anthea Rose Yvonne Francis
Lydia Francis
Elizabeth Francis
Georgina Fratazzi
Adam Friswell
William Gamm
Sophie Gascoyne-Richards
Lisa Jane Gasgarth
Sophie Gearing
Sophie Gedge
Nicholas Geerlings
Romy Gerring
Ayla Ghaffarzadehgan
Trisha Ghosh
Jenny Gibson
John F Gilbert
Jessica Rose Gilroy
Luke Gipson
Ozayr Ahmed Gitay
Liam Gittins
William Glover
James Goetz
Ibone Gomez Olague
Rebecca Goode
Hannah Goode
Thomas Gooderham
Paul Goodman
Marcus Gosling
Ellie Gough
Sinead Mary Grady
Robert Luke Graham
Ben Gray
Daniel Grech
Zoe Green
Olivia Carys Griffith
Tom Gurney
Emily Hadder
Katherine Hagan
Philip Robert Hagan
Tarn Hall
Katie Hall
Bethany Hallett
Jane Hallett
Chelsea Hamilton
Henrietta Hammant
Miranda W S Harrison
Ashleigh Harrison
Rachael Harrison
Sebastian Harwood
Thomas Hattan
Benjamin Havers
George Haworth
Naomi Hawthorne
James William Alexander Hayes
Grace Hayward
Briony Hearn
Kirsty Janet Henderson
Julia Henzell
Duleni Herath
Samuel Jesse Edward Herbert
Isabel Herrick
Gareth Edwin Herron
Claire Doreen Herron
David Arthur Hewett
Rosie Hewitson
Charlotte Hickman
Gemma Hill
Lucinda Margaret Hill
Joshua Hillis
Rozi Hinch
Hannah Naomi Holden
Joseph Holdsworth-Miller
Charlotte Holland
Savannah Joy Holmes
Jonathan Mark Holt
Anna Beatrix Hoogkamer
Oliver Hopkins
Sophie Elise Horrocks
Laura Horsburgh
Sarah-Jane Howard
Benjamin Edward Howe
Alexandra Ella Hoy
Rachel Hudd
Thomas Hudson
James Hughes
Thomas Charles Hughes
Connor Humphreys
Alice Humphreys
Tobias Marc Hunter
Eleanor Hunt-Pain
Meg Iliff-Rolfe
Oliver Ingham Clark
Louis Ingram
Joseph Innes
Lucinda Fleur Inns
Mariam Isroliwala
John Izatt-Lowry
Laura Jackson
Lee Jackson
Mathew Ben Jackson
Sebastian Alexander Marc James
Priyanka Jayakumar
Rebecca Jeetoo
Gemma Jenkins
Natasha Jenkins
Molly Jennings
Frank Johnson
Ella Johnson
Jennifer Louise Johnson
William Charles Eric Johnson
Richard Jones
Kiah Jones
Meenal Joshi
Katrina Juniper
Sajnee Karania
Samirah Aamena Karim
Zahra Yasmin Karim
Ryan Keyte
Lauren Killough
James King
Alexandra King
Ben Kingcox
Andrew Ian Kingdom
Christopher Frederick Kingdom
Alexander Kinsey
Harry Kleiman
Georgina Knight
Chloe Knowles
Shivan Kotecha
Charlotte Kume-Holland
Francesca Lakin
Kyle Lambe
Rachel Langthorne
Bou Man Jennifer Lau
Robert Law
Linda Margaret Lawrence
Kate Jayne Lawson
Daniel Lear
Robert Siu Man Lee
Harriet Emma Alice Lehain
Daniel Lever
Talya Lewis
Alexander Lightbody
Harry Thomas Dean Lofthouse
Nilushini Loganathan
Rachael Lord
Alice Lowe
Daniel Lowe
Philip Lowe
Alexander Lucas
Maria-Clorinda Luck
Alex Lucking
Judith MacCombe
Chloe MacCombe
Catriona MacIver
Madeleine MacKay
Jemma Maclaine
Rhona MacPhee
Charlotte Maden
Charles Main
Samena Majad
Lydia-Marguerite Mannering
Jessica Marais
Rachel Marshall
Josh Marshall
Juliette Martin
Abigail Maskrey
Polly Mason
Sebastien Mathewson
Luke Mattam
Samuel Alister Matthews
Adam Matthews
Joseph Matthews
Connar Mawer
Clive McBain
Jared McCann
Jade McClements
Evie McDermott
Rebekka McElvoy
Peter McGarry
Olivia Josephine McHugh
James McIlwaine
Ross McKee
Jordan McKinley
Shannen McKinley
Ross McLaren
Asa McMillan
Emma McMorris
Lynsey McNeill
Eimile McSorley
Leigh McWha
Tania McWha
Katherine Alice McWilliams
Imogen Mechie
Charlotte Middleditch
Carly Middlemiss
Max Midwinter
Sophie Millard
Edward Miller
Hannah Mabel Louise Miller
Sally Millett
Harrison Minter
Jeremy Minton International Cert
Rachel Mitchell
Annabel Mockridge
Joshua Molina
Nathan Molina
Joshua Monk
James Montgomery
Alex Montgomery
Daniel Morland
Carly Morris
Lucy Morris-Eyton
Tom Morrish
Bethany Morse-Wolfe
Lucy Moseley
Sophie Moss
James David Thomas Moyle
Jack Muchlinski
Charlotte Mundell
Michael Murton
Ryan Napier
Sarah Neale
Peter Neath
Aaron Neill
Caroline Marie Nixon
Ruth Noble
Kathryn Norton
David Nunn
Ruphina Ochanda
Liam O’Dell
Samuel Peter Offler
Jessica Ohlson-Powell
Rebecca O’Len
Kieran O’Mara
Sarah Ombler
Harry O’Riordan
Natalya Orme
Jasmine Orrey
James Osborne
Alice Ostojic
Alicia Owen
Luutsche Ozinga
Hollie Packman
Flora Page
Sam Paine
Afshar Paracha
Devon Parris
Keertan Patel
Oliver Paterson
Emma Louise Patterson
Jael Pearce
Nathan Samuel Peck
Megan Jane Peeks
Rosie Peel
Helena Pickford
Evie Picton
Hannah Pihama
Jonathan Plews
Jack Colin Pluckrose
Josh Plumstead
Rachel Plush
Hope Pointing
Eleanor Pomeroy
Jessica Pooley
Richard Pooley
Daniel Pott
Wesley Potterton
Harry Potts
Allison Potts
Lauren Elizabeth Pound
Rosemary Povall
Georgina Povall
Richard Preston
Andrew Prince
Lucy Pring
Owain Prys-Jones
Rory Purvis
Charlotte Quick
Rosdip Rai
Raphael Ramsden
Tom Ramshaw
Lorna Rand
Gajasinghe Arachige Stefan Luke Raymond
Rebecca Reavell
Zoë Rebecca
Callum Reed
Carlotta Rees
Sam Rice
Catherine Rice-Williams
Wendy Richards-Binding
Alice Rickett
Oliver Georg Konstantin Rieche
Verity Rimmer
Elinor Kathryn Rimmer
Olivia Kate Robertson
Isabel Robinson
Matthew Robinson
Hannah Robson
Laura Rochford
Thomas Matthew Rogers
Rafaella Jade Ronchetti
Joseph Rooke
Joel Rosenberg
Ferdinand Rous
Eleanor Rouse
Kate Ruffman
Rebecca Rundle
Tobin Rusby
Nicholas Rushton
Katharine Rutherford
Tom Rutherford
Clara Rutter International Cert
Amy Ryder
Adam Salamon
Joanne Sampson
Abigail Megan Sanders-Dutton
Emma Sargeant
Meera Sathiyanarayanan
Harry Savill
Rhona Savin
Holly Scamell
Nerissa Schuit
Katie Scott
Victoria Scudamore
Jordan Scully
Isobel Seabrook
Cameron Seabury
Aimee Serisier
Sarosh Sethna
Laura Seville
William Shackleton
Kieran Shackleton
Dershil Shah
Nihir Shah
Aaron Shakides
Erin Olivia Shanks
Rebecca Sharples
Eloise Shaw
Ummama Sheikh
Thomas Sheils
Florence Shekleton
Colin Shirras
Samuel Short
Faris Shoubber
Kate Simmons
William Sinclair
Charles Sisson
Natasha Sivadasan
Eloise Victoria Sludden
Nathanael Smetham
Imogen Smith
Benjamin Smith
Ryan Smith
Abigail Smith
Charlotte May Smith
Jamie J W Smith
Elliot Stackhouse
Gary Stanley
Jennifer Stanley
Robert Stansfield
Axel Steinert
Christian Stelfox
Jack Sterne
Natalie Stevens
Joanne Stirling
Toby Stockley
Daniel Stoops
Elisabeth Stowell
Philippa Strachan
Jack Strange
Mark Sugden
Angelina Sukhareva
Katherine Alexandra Summers
James Sunter-Storey
Emma Louise Swan
Jennifer Swann
Juliet Swerling
Rachel Symons
Charlotte Tague
Wing Fai Frank Tai
Helen Laetitia Tatlow
Harrison Tavare
Joanna Taylor
Laura Taylor
Edward Tearle
Leolie Lucy Telford-Cooke
Sophie Jane Terrett
Mark Thomas
Alison Thomas
Joshua Thomas
Lewis Owen Thomas
Sam Thompson
Clare Thompson
Nicholas Thompson
Ben Thompson
Dominic Kealan Thompson
Sarah Alison Thompson
Aimee Spence Thompson
Eleanor Thrupp
Peter John Tipping
Jon Tong
Christian Tonge
Ciara Topping
India Toyne
Eliza Tracey
Dan Treacher
Joseph Trickey
Victoria Tyler
Anmol Kaur Uppal
David Thomas Upton
Oliver Frank Uttley
Jan Vachutka
Andrew Vanson
Mary Vaughan-Jones
William Venables
Richard Venn
Jake Videlefsky
Shavena Vigneswara Kumar
Claire Wadey
Laura Wagstaff
Andrew Walkden
Luke Walker
Joshua Walker
Abby Walker
Laura-Jane Wallace
Sophie Waller
Joseph Wallwork
Luke Walters
Jonathan James Ward
Naomi Warin
Marie Warren International Cert
Lucy Watkins
Alex Watkins
Alexandra Watson
Nathaniel James Weisz
Tom Welshman
Rebecca West
David Westby
Tim Westby
Lucy White
Sarah Jayne White
Mary Francesca Whittle
James Whyte
Catherine Wilcock
Emmeline Alice Wilcock
Joanna Wilde
Harriet Will
Eleanor Williams
Abby Williams
Bethany Williams
Harry Jake Williams
Tim Williams
Rosie Williams
Tegan Williams
Chloe Wilmot
Amy Wilson
Chloë Lois Alexandra Wilson
Abigail Wilson
Matthew Windle
Max Wintle
Andrew Wood
Louisa Wood
Emma Wood
Hayley Bethanie Wood
Ruth Elizabeth Woodcock
Ruth Woodfine
Joss Woodhead
Sophie Claire Woodhead
Anna Woodhead
Kate Hannah Woodruff
Katherine Woolley
Emily Wyatt
Wendy Wyatt
Olivia Wypior
Jasmine Yeo
Jack Young
Michael Young
Daniel Young
Sarah Zaidi






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