Thursday 10 October 2013

This was the day of the 500th Gold Award Presentation to have been attended by HRH The Prince Philip. Read more about it here…

Gold Award recipients from each of the past eight decades.

See the BBC News coverage here.

702 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on 10 October at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

Morning Presentation

Throne Room – London
Presenter – Tim Campbell MBE, Entrepreneur

“Congratulations to all Ambassadors for the DofE. You should spread the word about what the DofE has done for your confidence and future opportunities. You have demonstrated through completing your DofE that if you have a focus point, you can make anything happen.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Entrée Room- Central
Presenter – Belinda Kirk, Explorer Connect

“Many people will think of doing great things, many will talk of action but only a few will actually get the job done. You may be young but you have proven that you are already very significant members of our community. Congratulations on achieving your Gold Award.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Queen Anne Room- Central
Presenter- Hannah Cockroft MBE, Paralympian

“It’s an honour to be presenting today to so many deserving young people. There are no limits in life only the ones you set yourself. You have joined an elite group of skilled people who have dared to dream. Congratulations.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Picture Gallery – South East
Presenter- Sian William, TV & Radio Presenter

“You are all incredible people and have done an incredible feat. The Gold Award is an amazing thing to do and you are now part of a select group of young people. You have shown courage, resilience and determination. What you have achieved will stand you in good stead for the future.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Banquet Room – South East
Presenter- Jennie Bond, Journalist & former Royal Correspondent

“You are amazing! Keep challenging yourself and being a bit frightened of taking a big step – it’s healthy. Never lose sight of what you’ve achieved and don’t stand still. Keep up the good work!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room- Army Cadet Force

Presenter- Lieutenant General Andrew Graham, President of ACFA

“It is inspiring to see so many of our exceptional young leaders grasping the opportunity to extend their Army Cadet Experience and achieve this prestigious award which is a benchmark for the excellence to which they all aspire.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Entrée Room- South West
Presenter – Dr Dawn Harper, Doctor and Television Presenter

“What you have all achieved is amazing. The Gold Award is a big tick box and it will open many doors. A lot of what happens in life is down to luck but we can also make our own luck. If you have an opportunity, take it. The harder you work at something, the more likely you are to achieve it.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Queen Anne Room – NOAs

Presenter- Jim Rosenthal, Sports Presenter

“I completed my Gold Award in 1967 and received it from the Duke at Buckingham Palace. It’s a great honour to be asked to present the Awards today on the Duke’s 500th Gold Award Presentation. It’s a very competitive market out there and gaining a Gold award provides a great start. If you can achieve this now, it is saying that you can achieve things later in life. It’s a great tick in all your boxes. Congratulations to everyone.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Picture Gallery – Wales
Presenter – Tori James, Explorer

“Working towards and achieving a DofE Award provides a young person with confidence and self-belief in bucketfuls. Being able to set yourself a goal, work towards it and overcome the challenges along the way is an essential ingredient of being successful in life, whatever your career aspirations and personal interests.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Banquet Room – Northern Ireland

Presenter- Sue Barker MBE, former Professional Tennis Player & TV Presenter

“It’s such a great honour for me to be here to salute these extraordinary young people who have achieved so much at such a young age. They have shown commitment, belief, dedication and teamwork which will be a springboard for which ever career in life they chose. I’m always so inspired by young people who have achieved so much and I am immensely proud to be here today.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Roll of Honour: 10 Oct

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 10 October at St. James’s Palace:



Helen Adams
Jane Elizabeth Adams
Holly Addis
Caroline Adlam
Olivia Agnew
John-Michael Anastasi
Elizabeth Jane Anderson
Daisy-May Andrew
Jessica Andrews
Matthew James Stuart Annis
William Anthony
Ellie Archer
Matthew Ashford
Peter Atkinson
Jamie Auburn
Rowan Axe
Roxanna Yasmin Azimy
Michelle Bacon
Stephanie Bacon
Rose Bailey
Luke Baker
Jacob William Henry Balchin
Gregory Ball
Nikolai Frederik Kiil Bang
Dipen Bardolia
Andrew Barker
James Barker
Catriona Bartlett
Joseph Barton
Anna Bateson
Alexandra Bebb
Jennifer Beckett
Joy Bell
Sam Bennett
Sam Bennison
Edward Alexander Betts
Emily Betts
Yadu Raj Bhageria
Sophia Bhaumick
Jack Bignall
Hayley Billington
Laura Bingham
Jodie Bird
Liam Black
Jennifer Bladen-Hovell
Emily Bliss
Rachael Bloomfield
Joel Lucas Boissevain
Chloe Bond
George Denis Booth
Anna Borissova
Enfys Bosworth
Madeleine Alexandra Mary Boulton
Jack Boyle
Ollie Boyle
Helen Jane Brabham
Emily Bradshaw
Timothy Braithwaite
Frederick Braithwaite-Exley
Hannah Branch
Hannah Brett
Catriona Brickel
Emily Brock
Arjuna Brodie
Annie Elizabeth Brogden
Bryony Brooks
Amber Rose Brown
Angela Helen Brown
Emma Brown
Emma Brown
James Brown
James Brown
Laura Brown
Laura Brown
Morgan Brown
Meg Browning
Sasithorn Buabansri
Emily Buckley
Thomas Buckley
Harriet Bull
James Burch
Chloe Burke
Molly Burke
Rebecca Louise Burt
Lucy Bushby
Laura Caine
Grace Campbell
Charlotte Cannon
Rebekah Cannon
Richard Cannon
Jordan Carlton
Robert Caroline
Eleanor Carr
Sophie Carr
Tom Carruthers
Christopher Carter
Charlotte Cavanagh
Patrick Cawley
Katherine Chandler
Thomas Charles
James Charlton
Bronwen Rose Chatman
Terisaa Chaudary
Jade Chester
Tabitha Childs
Leonie Ellen Christie
Mollie Nastassja Churney
Joanne Clapham
Katherine Alice Coaker
Ian David Coates
Calum Coghill
George Coldham
Olivia Ann-Sofi Coleman
Oliver Colley
Jennifer Anne Collings
Katherine Elizabeth Collings
Dale Collins
George Benjamin Collins
Leah Collishaw
Glen Conbeer
Hannah Connell
Peter Connell
Oliver Conroy
Eliza Cooke-Yarborough
Chloe Cooper
Christopher Cooper
Francesca Cooper
Jonathan Cooper
Sophie Copson
Samantha Cordery
Rachel Cosgrove
Polly Coumbe
Lucy Cowen
Victoria Cowlett
James Cragg
Polly Saskia Crathorne
Ben Cree
Roman Croft
Catharine Cromack
Jennie Crone
Sophie Crosbie
Adam Crowther
Sally Crudge
Abigail Curtis
Scott Custis
Chloe Beau D’Andrea
Catherine Daniels
Christy Daniels
James Daniels
Luke Davies
Rebecca Davies
Sian-Medi Davies
Sion Davies
Molly Davison
Harriet Dawson Derry
Sarah Day
Zoe Daye
Mila De Clercq
Ashleigh Deal
Cara Deal
Lauren Deanus
Kythe Dearden
Jonathan Dempsey
Robert Denton
Nirali Desai
Luke Dheir
John Anthony Dignam
Megan Dimmick
Bethan Dinsdale
Mollie Dixson
Rosemary Jane Dockerill
Sarah Kerry Dockerill
Maximillian Dodd-Noble
Abby Doherty
Michael Dolman
Emily Christiane Marie Dolmans
Maximilian Donnell-Ford
Alice Downie
Matthew Duffin
Arthur Dukes
Benjamin Dunn
Amelia Edmondson-Stait
Alice Edwards
Ashleigh Edwards
Bryony Edwards
David Benjamin Edwards
Hannah Edwards
Robert Lackenby Edwards
Ruth Edwards
Matt Eglinton
Sofy Fay Ellison
Louise Elms
Rachel Elms
Hannah Isobel Elphick
Suzanne El-Shazly
Jenny England
Namuun Enkhtur
Jenna Evans
Kay Evans
Reece Evans
Ruth Evans
Abigael Eyres
Bethan Emily Faulkner
Bajram Ferizoli
Alexandra Finn
Claire Patricia Finn
Courtney Finn
Amy Fischer
Matthew Fisher
Alexander Fishlock
Isabel FitzGerald
Russell Fleming
George Foord
Penelope Helen Louise Ford
Alice Elizabeth Forrester
Charlotte Foster
Emma Fox
Katherine Maria Frain
Sarah Francis
Frederick Franklin
Anna Alexandra Rose Freeman
Emma Elizabeth Anne Freeman
Laura Catherine Anne Freeman
Toni Elizabeth Frid
Katy Fudger
Lydia Fuller
Matthew John Gamston
Millie Gardiner
Ross Gardiner
Stephanie Garfield
Hannah Garton
Daniel Gasson
Cameron Gaul
Dan Geerah
Alex Gibbons
Luke Gibbons
Matthew John Gibson
Alexandra Giessen
Isabelle Gifford
Lloyd Benjamin Lee Glanville
Hannah Louise Godbold
Medhavi Golash
Francesca Goldhill
Amy Goldsworthy
Verity Goodwin
Robert Gore
Toni Laura Gore
Vanessa Gore
Alex Gorton
Sian Louise Goss
Sarah Gough
Charlotte Graham
Katie Graham
Zoe Grant
Olivia Grant-Jones
Chelsey Gray
Hayley Rose Green
Yasmin Green
Hayley Greenacre
Tammy Greenland
Dan Greet
Ryan Greig
George Griffiths
Jordan Lee Griffiths
Phoebe Haigh
Charity Haines
Natalie Hale
Christian Halfpenny
Amanda Hall
Eden Hall
Ruth Hallatt
Grace Hamlin
Andrew Hankinson
Natasha Haran
Kathryn May Harley
Abi Harris
Catherine Sian Harris
Maximillian Harris
Rosemary Eve Harris
Daniel James Harrison
Oliver Harrison
Rebecca Harrold
Vanessa Harvey
Rivkah Hatchwell
Alexandra Hatt
Natalie J Hatton
Sophie Hatton
Jade Haw
Oliver Hayes
Jillian Hayhurst
Ryan Michael Haynes
Thomas Hazlewood
Anna Heinen
Lily Helme
Rosie Helps
Aaron Hemsley
Emma Hicks
Lucy Higgins
Matthew Peter Higginson
Eleanor Highton
James Harry Hill
William Hill
Lauren Hillier
Edward Hird
Katharine Hobbiger
Kate Hobson
Luke Hodgson
Samuel Hogsden
Laura Elizabeth Holdcroft
Daniel Holding
Rosemary Horrobin
Bethan Howe
Claire Elizabeth Howell
Edward Howes
Emma Frances Elizabeth Howgill
Cameron John Hughes
Emily Hughes
William Hughes
Maxine Hui
Christopher Hunt
Katherine Hurrell
Danniella Hurt
Reece Hustwitt
Luke Ilott
Luke Ingham
Olivia May Isbister
Sumaya Choudhury Islam
Emete Ismail
Sam Jackson
Ellen Claire Jaffray
Daniel James
Hannah James
Matthew James
Richard James
Laura Jamieson
Harriette Jarman
Adam Richard Jasko
Jakub Jasko
Katie Jeanes
Josh Jefferies
Camille Alyssia Grace Jenkins
Isabella Jenkins
Kathryn Jenns
Joseph John
Rachel Johnson
Victoria Frances Johnson
Andrew Jones
Cian Jones
Hannah Louise Jones
Matthew Jones
Paul Kacperek
Helena Kang
Joshua David Frederick Karlinski
Iona Kay
Rachel Kearsey
Adam Khanani
Amie Kilkenny
Alex Kirton
Sophie Knight
Sergio Koytzoumis
Anish Kundu
Heather Lacy
Elysia Lancaster
Samantha Louise Lane
Josh Langman
Tackashmah Langthorne
Owain Lavis
Sian Lavis
Katy Lawrence
Marina Lawrence-Mahrra
Charlotte Lees
Josie Lees
Paul Lennon
Aaron Leong
Simon Peter Lerigo
James William Lester
Andrew Leveton
Adam Lewis
Anna Lewis
Jacob Joseph Lewis
Oliver Lewry
Jonathon David Lister
Ryan Little
Eloise Littley
Fiona Marie Llewellyn-Beard
Bethany Lloyd
Ned Lloyd
Sarah Loveridge
Emily Lukes
Eleanor Lynch
Gregory Lythgoe
Alexander Mabbott
Charlotte MacKenzie
Poppy-Anne Macky
Robert Maclean
Mala Mahasuria
Yasser Ali Mahmood
Charles Mahoney
Callum Malone
Sophie Mance
Amy Marsden
Caitlin Marie Marshall
Jack Marshall
Sarah Marshall
Sophie Masterson
John Stuart Mathieson
Benjamin Matthews
Kirstie Rebecca Anne Matthews
David Maulkerson
Lauren Alexandra Sheridan Maxey
Christopher Myles McCabe
Ria McCann
Tara McCarter
Holly McCarthy
Kirsty McDermott
Lydia McGinley
Jordan Tavis McLaughlin
Benjamin Peter McMahon
Ryan McNamara
William McVitty
Sarah Louise Menhenitt
Anna Merrell
Laura Rose Middleton
Rosie Middleton
Patrick Millard
Charlotte Grace Milne
Joanne Mings
Chand Mistry
Jessica Margaret Mitchell
John Mitchell
Chris Moister
Dale Moore
Joseph Moore
Nick Moore
Eleanor Morgan
Lowri Morgan
Samuel Morgan
Tom Morgan
Juliet Morland
Nia Morris
Nicole Morris
Daniel Vincent Moss
Emily Moss
Hayley Moss
Bartosz Mozdzynski
James Mulcahy
Molly Murphy
Alexander Lawrence Murray
Sally Myatt
Nayab Naqvi
Claire Narborough
Pippa Nash
Natasha Needham
Christopher Neilson
Elise M. Nelson
Sophie Nevin
Matthew Newington
Kate Alexandra Edith Nicholls
Lucy Victoria Nolan
William Northwood
Emily Nott
Richard Nzewi
Madeleine Ruth Oakes
Joshua Oldham
Oluwaseun Oluasnya
Sophie O’Neill
Kencho Ongdi
James Orrin
Amber Osborne
Carwyn Owen
Rupert Owen
Jack Owlett
Sam Packer
Rachel Hannah Palfrey
Daniel Parish
Emily Parker
Naomi Anna Parkhouse
Poonam Parmar
Louise Parmenter
Bethany Parr
Urvi Patel
Faith Penney
Grace Penney
Georgiana Philippou
Hywel Phillips
Georgia Pike
Sam Pillinger
Leanne Pinney
James Pitts
Henry Plant
William Plant
Zoe Plant
James William George Plumb
Zara Ellen Alexandra Plumb
Alister Poole
Amy Pope
Adrian Porter
Hannah Portner
Mark Potter
Abby Powell
James William Powell
James Powell
Rebecca Powell
Sherilyn Powell
Katie Christine Power
Matthew Prescott
Benjamin Lawrence Prestwich
Annie Price
Samuel James Prime
Jacalyn Prior
Andrew Pritchett
Thomas Proctor
Emily Prosser
Alicia Ptaszynska-Neophytou
Louisa Pudney
Julia Purton
Jack Quinn
Ehsaan Qureshi
Matthew Edward Ralph
Rachael Ramotowski
Helen Josephine Randall
Mary Ranson
Hannah Rastall
Olivia Rawlings
Joel Read
Thomas Redgrave
Alun Rees
Daniel Rees
Ellie Rees
Bethanie Reeves
Charlotte Reid
Sian Reis
Andrew Simon Rennie
Andrew Rich
Ffion Richards
Joanna Richards
Katherine Richards
Lewis Richards
Michael Richards
Rachel Ann Richards
Rebecca Lucy Richards
Joshua Aaron Richman
Liora Richman
Matthew Rickman
Matthew Rimmer
Ellis Roberts
Emily Roberts
Charlotte Marie Robinson
Katie Marie Robinson
Jonathan Roche
Helena Rochford
Leir Rockett
Daniella Rourke
William Rowe
Catrin Rowlands
Lydia Ruddick
James Russen
Atif Badeer Sabah
Martha Sacree
Sajid Fazan
Jake Salt
Chloe Sandell
Jacob Sanders
Alexandra Sanderson
Robert James Sansom
Emily Sapsed
Joanne Sarginson
Abigail Elizabeth Sarjudeen
Georgina Scarles
Ben Schapira
Sadie Elizabeth Scorah
Christopher Ian Scott
George Scott
Benjamin Selwyn
Shahnal Shah
Katie Shannon
Iona Shaw
Fran Sheridan
Joseph Sherratt
Tom Sherriff
Jodie Shingler
Emma Victoria Shuttleworth
Emily Jane Sibley
Jennifer Sibley
Rosemary Sibley
Amy Katherine Simpkins
Kogulan Singam
Chloe Smart
Bethany Smith
Chloe Rhianna Smith
Daniel Smith
Fraser Smith
Gareth Smith
Rose Smith
Hannah Solel
Joe Solomons
Lucy Spencer
Robert Alan Spencer
Rebecca RongRong Stanford
Robert Staniforth
Benjamin Stanley
Elizabeth Stark
Paige Starr
Danny James stephens
Ann Yvonne Stevenson
Patrick David Steward
Jennifer Stirling
Emily Stoiljkovic
Harry Stothard
Jack Strachan
Katie Strick
Alex Sutton
Louisa Sutton
Amanda Keetley
Katharine Sworn
Alexander Tague
Bhuvaneshwari Tailor
Lucas William Taylor
Oliver Taylor
Eleanor Taylor
Alexander Terry
Charlotte Thomas
Daniel Thomas
Elizabeth Thomas
Laura Ann Thomas
Lucinda Anne Thomas
James Thompson
Rebecca Thompson
Connor Thomson
Reece Thornton
Daniel Paul Mark Threader
Toby Thwaites
Harriet Tickler
Louise Townson
George Trowsdale
Andreas Tsangarides
Ross Tubridy
Ieuan Tucker
David Turner
Sam Turner
Jonathan Unter
Philippa Usher-Somers
William van den Berg
Emily Varley
Laura Vaughan
Lewis Vincent
Niraj Visani
Vaishali Vora
Andrew Wainwright
Emily Walker
Jenny Grace Walsh
Alexander Waltham
Chris Ward
Joshua Ward
Sarah Ward
Kirsty Aston Warden
John-Ryan Warnick
Alice Waters
Laurence Waters
Samuel Waters
Kristal Watkins
Nicola Claire Webber
Giles Westgarth
Rebecca Whatmore
Stephen Whitbread
Deri Thomas White
Emily White
Jessica White
Guy Whittaker
Lewis Whitty
Katharine Wickington
Sophie Wigginton
Gemma Wignall
Alexandra Williams
Andrew Williams
Henry Williams
Jack Williams
James Williams
Megan Williams
Rebecca Williams
Sara Williams
Sarah Williams
Woolsey James Williams
Oliver Willmott
Kate Wilson
Isabel Wilton-Steer
John Winter
Francesca Lauren Wohlers
Jonathan Wood
Nicola Jane Wood
Philip Woodgate
Olivia Woodhouse
Holly Woodward
Hannah Elizabeth Wright
Matt Wright
Matthew Wright
Stephen Wright
Christopher Yates
Sky Kimberly Yates
Marco Fuk Sing Yeung
Daniel Young
Joanna Caroline Young




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