Thursday 12 September 2013

Thursday 12 September 2013

733 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on 12 September at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH the Earl of Wessex.

Morning Presentation

Throne Room – The Air Training Corps

Presenter – Alice Beer, TV Presenter

“Achieving a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award isn’t luck; it shows everyone you’ve seized the opportunity and made the most of it”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Entrée Room – Central
Entrée Room- Justin Packshaw, Explorer

“What an extraordinary achievement which will separate you from your peers and which will teach you lessons that you will utilise on the road ahead. I have and many of my lessons were cultivated on my Gold DofE Expedition. Well done!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room.

Queen Anne Room – South East

Presenter – Dee Caffari, Round the World Sailor

“People think Gold is the pinnacle of DofE. This is just the building block that will set you up for life. The easy bit is talking about it; the hard bit is actually seeing it through. Achieving your Gold shows that you have that tenacity. The good bits are the easy bits to remember. These are the bits we can pull out in the hard times; the bits that keep you buoyant. What you’ve achieved will move you forward. You have distinguished yourselves from the rest.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Picture Gallery – Central England

Presenter – Amanda Holden, Actress and TV Presenter

“A DofE Gold Award is recognisable worldwide and is testament to the commitment you’ve put in over the last few years. My motto in life and what I’m teaching my children is ‘never give up’ and you haven’t – you’ve committed yourself and followed through to get to where you are today. Something that I love about the DofE is that there are no barriers, it is open to everyone and I’d have loved to have been able to do mine when I was younger.

Congratulations to you all, this is an absolutely incredible achievement, completing your Gold DofE it is such hard work and the dedication and effort you’ve put in is truly awe-inspiring”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Banquet Room – South East

Presenter – John Sullivan, Survival Instructor

“You can go in any direction in life and there are a lot of opportunities, doing your DofE helps you realise this. When you get that euphoric moment, you’re buzzing, you’re alive. You’ve got your Gold, keep going and whatever you desire in life, go for it!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – Yorkshire and Humberside

Presenter – Polly Vacher MBE, Aviator

“The Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a tremendous achievement that provides a lifelong model for future challenges.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Entrée Room – Wales

Presenter – Elin Haf, Adventurer

“If you really want something, through hard work and determination you can achieve anything! Never let anybody tell you what you can’t do.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Queen Anne Room – DofE Business

Presenter – Levi Roots, Entrepreneur

“I’m really happy to be involved in The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award presenting Gold Awards today, I think it’s really important to have something like the DofE which helps young people to realise their dreams. My advice to the achievers here today and young people everywhere is to stay focused, business doesn’t belong to anyone, anybody can go out there and achieve their dreams and the DofE is a great platform for that. Good luck in the future and big up yourselves!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Picture Gallery – Central England

Presenter- Phil Brown, Olympic Athlete & Director of Central England Region

“The DofE is a great way to showcase your talents and stand out from the crowd. The Award is for everyone from all walks of life, no matter what your circumstances are. The DofE is not only recognised by Universities and employers but it makes you challenge yourself. You have to adapt and change but the experience will stay with you and I hope you will use it is a force to take you forward to bigger and better things in the future.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Banquet Room – The Air Training Corps

Presenter – Lord Lieutenant Claire Hensman, Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Cumbria

“By undertaking your DofE you have gained an accelerated set of experiences”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Roll of Honour: 12 Sept

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 12 September at St. James’s Palace:



Bryony Jane Adams
Leon Darrell Adams
Jonathan Adamson
John Adeney
Charlotte Agar
Nikhil Aggarwal
Jessie Akerman
Kevin Alarcon
Elizabeth Albutt
Stefan Aldridge
Kyle Aldridge
Camille Aliker
Jennifer Louise Allen
Lorna Almond
Ewan Almond
Sean Amiri
George Andrews
Athar Anjum
Charlotte Anthony
Alexander Appleton
Alexander Richard Arch
Casey Armstrong
Louise Arnold
Ashley Ashdown
Joseph Michael Ashton
Oliver David Aspinall
John Henry Asquith
William Atkin
Huw Attwood
Alexander Avery
Blessy Babu
Pratheek Badrinath
Grace Bailey
Samuel Bailey
Andrew Baker
Joseph Ball
Jessica Ballantine
Benjamin Balmforth
Alexander Philip Bandurak
Peter Banham
Sophie Banks
Max Barber
Thomas Barber
Thomas Barker
Christopher Barnes
Jonathan Barnett
Joanna Barr
Katherine Barton
Ryan Bastable
Matthew Battison
Hamish Baverstock
Alexander Beaumont
Thomas Joseph Beazley
Priyanka Bedia
Olivia Beeby
Luke Michael Benjafield
Kayleigh Bennett
Joe Bentley
Amita Bhakta
Emily Charlotte Biggs
Joseph Billingsley
Natalie Bird
Richard Bishop
Eleanor Rose Bishop
Megan Jennifer Bleasdale
Finlay Bliss
Sophie Broome
Matthew Bodey
Eloise Bodman
Josephine Booth
Aaron James Boucher
Joshua Bounds
Emily Bourne
Iwan Bowen Rees
Olivia Bradbury
Daniel Bradley
Sally Bradnock
Joseph Braidwood
Jodie Brammeld
Georgia Brawn
Sean Brayson
Louis Brazenell
Rachel Brennan
Rebecca Brooks
Daniel Brooks
Richard Brooksbank
Thomas Lindsey Brown
Joanna Brown
Amanda Brown
Dominic Brown
Shaunagh Brown
Simon Brown
Oliver Bruce
Helen Burlend
James Burley
Rebecca Burman
Thomas Burrell
Georgina Butler
Lucy Butterworth
Kathleen Byrne
Jenny Cann
Oliver Cano-Lopez
Daniel Carlson
Frank Carn-Pryor
William Carroll
Edwin Carter
Jack Carter
Jessica Carvlin
Georgina Cassidy
Joely Siobhán Chambers
Carl Chaplin
Sean Chapman
Stephen Chatterley
Josephine Chaudry
Harry Chavner
Charles Chichester Kaner
George Thomas Clark
Thomas Peter Clark
Emily Clarke
Kirsty Clarke
Nicholas Clement
Georgina Clifford
Olivia Tilly Cole
Jack Robert Coleman
Jamie Coles
James Collins
James Coney
Sam Cooper
Edward Cooper
Bethan Cooper
Declan Cooper
James Alexander Cortis
George Cotton
Liam Couch
Holly Louise Couzens
Laura Cowen
Stuart Cowen
Eleanor Cowley
Catrin Cox
Harriet Crossland
Alice Crowhurst
Hannah M Culshaw
Aaron Michael Cunningham
James Alexander Da Costa
Rose Daines
Jennifer Dale
Nia Ann Davies
Lowri Davies
Laura Davies
Gemma Siobhan Davies
Hannah Davis
Charlotte Davison
Eleanor D’Cruze
Scott de Weymarn
Giles Dean
Benedict Deboo
Michael De-Honri
Alka Jitendra Desai
Abbie Dewhurst
Sarah Grace Dewing
Nicola Dexter
Edward Dillon
Andrew Docherty
Katherine Doidge
Jamie Domachi
Callum Donaldson
Matthew S Donaldson
Corinne Donaldson
Emily Downes
Annabel Kate Downing
Alice Drain
Carl Drury
Elliot Duckmanton
Tom Dudley
Charlie Dunn
Stephen Dunn
Chloe Durham
Rebecca Duxbury
Charlotte Eddy
James Edge
Michael Edwardes
Rupert Edwards
Cei Edwards
Catherine Elderfield
James Eley
Evie Alice Elliott
Catherine Ellis
David Enderby
Renier Lucian Esterhuizen
David Luke Evans
Ruth Alexandra Everett
Jonathan Eyre
Rose Fairweather
Mark Anthony Falvey
Matthew Daniel Fancy
Caroline Featherston
Clare Ferrar
Jessica Field
Ross Field
Daniel Fielding-Smith
Phillippa Kate E Fieldsend
Jonathan Finn
Alexander Fisher
Ryan Fletcher
Adam Stephen Fletcher
Amie Fletcher
Eoin Flynn
Marc Flynn
William Fooks
Richard Foster
Emily Foster
Joseph Foster
Nicholas French
Mathew Freshney
Liam Michael David Friel
Samuel Frost
Ricky Frost
Stephen Jason Fuller
Stuart William Gallagher
Camilla Gawthrop
Lauren Geddes
Hannah Rachel George
Kayleigh George
Arfan Ghani
Benjamin Charles Gibbons
Kirsty Louise Gibbons
Heidi Gibbs
Simon James Gibbs
Joseph Gidney
Jack Gilbert
Sally Jane Gittings
Michael Paul Gladstone
Victoria Golding
Matthew Goodbourn
Georgia Goodhew
George Gough
Hannah Gould
Shelley Gray
William Gray
Alexander Green
Alexander James Green
Mark Greensill
Samuel Greenwood
Thomas Gregory
Megan Griffiths
Rosemary Grimwood
Alexander Grinsted
Natalia Grolmusova
Laura Louise Grove
Charlotte Fiona Gunson
Ciara Haggar
Ruth Elizabeth Hainsworth
Louise Haladij
Victoria Hale
Katie Halton
Ben Hamer
Lucy Hammond
Rachel Elzabeth Anne Handley
Nick Harris
Abigail Harris
Amy Hartill
Ben Hartley
Alexandra Harvey
Maia Harvey
CWO Regan Hawthorn
Luke Head
Julia Henniker-Heaton
Alexandra Herrick
Rhiannon Heslop
James Hewitt
Caroline Hibbs
Abi Hickman
Eleanor Hill
Charles Hillman
Jack Hinton
Lindsay Anne Hirst
John Hisee
Katherine Hitchcock
Zaky Hnana
Cole Hockett
Adam Hockley
Jonathan Hodgkinson
Natalie Hogg
Sarah Holden
Matthew Holden
Emily Holland
Oliver Daniel Holland
George Holloway
Ciara Holmes
Elizabeth Hopkinson
Billie Horsey
Isabel Ann Hoskin
Rebecca House
Emily Houseago
Jack Howard
Isabel Hulbert
Hannah Naomi Humphrey
Danielle Hunt
Verity Hunter
Adam Hunter
Matthew Hurt
Anna Hutt
Rosie Inman
Sam Inns
Alexander Irish
Megan Jackson
David Jackson
Andrew Paul Jackson
Sophie Helen Jacob
Nikesh Jathanna
Matthew Jeeps
Christian Jensen
Daniel John
Thomas Michael John
Thomas Johnson
Vail Olivia Johnson
Nansi Jones
Oliver William Jones
Ryan Jones
William Joyce
Charlotte Juggins
Saphreena Kailey
Jack Kellam
Jane Kelsey
Suzie Kenlin
Eleanor Kent
Matthew Kent
Tabitha Keown-Boyd
Rachel Elizabeth Kerr
George Kerridge
James Samuel Key
Apoorva Khajuria
Tasmeen Khatra
Connor Kilkenny
Emma Kitchen
Jessica Alzbeta Rose Kment
Jamie Knighton
Ben Knowles
Mia Kraus
Harry Kynaston
Matthew Laker-Warner
Oliver George Lakey
Kurt Lakin
Alex Lane
Victoria Lane
Jade Lawrance
Geraint Richard Lawrence
Deborah Lawrence
Mark Lawrence
Lee James Layzell
Samuel Lazenbury
Matthew Leach
Jacob Leaver
Dannie Lee
David Leese
Beth Leggate
Martina Lejsková
Joshua Lennard-Jones
Rachel Ceri Lewis
Hannah Lewis
Daniel Lewis
Timothy Lewis
Calum James Lewis
Rosemary Leyshon
Ben Littlejohns
William Livesey
Abigail Loescher
James Longman
Christopher Lorch
William Lord
Mike Lucas
Harriet Lyons
Ewen MacRury
Peter Magee
Jabeen Zainab Mahmood
Joseph Main
Akshay Mandalia
Daniel Mander
Steven Marden
Lewis Margetts
Ruth Marples
Jade Marshall-Walker
Charles Marten
Simon Martin
Laura Mason
Joseph Alexander Mason
Theodrekr Mast
Sophie Matsell
Philippa Matthews
Zoё Jane Matthews
Hugo Maudsley
Isabella Maxwell
Jennifer McCallum
Laura McCarthy
Christopher David McDonald
Eoin McDonnell
Alex McFadyen
Callum McGilloway
Daniel McGraw
Laura McGregor
Katherine McKeen
Rhoswen McKnight
Georgio McMahon
Shona McSkeane
Jessica Meehan
Nissanka Mendis
Joshua William Middlebrook
Max Miele
Ben Miles
Eva Miller
George Miller
Hannah Miller
Rosanna Millns
Lisa Milne
Mikesh Mistry
Robert Mitchell
Rebecca Jane Mitchell
Alastair Mobley
Craig Monk
Sarah Moody
Joshua Moore
Sarah Moors
Adam Moreton
James Morgan
Emma Morgan
James Morgan
Jacob Morris
William Morris
Timothy Morris
Laura Morris
Marie-Claire Moseley
Anna Moss
Sophie Judith Moss
Toby Mountain
Camilla Mountain
Victoria Mumby
Victoria Mumford
Thomas Murphy
Helen Murphy
Dillon Murray
Alex Murton
Thomas Mussell
Lewis Myers-Allen
Sarah Naunton
Thomas Neal
Matthew Negueroles
Gemma Newman
Hannah Myfanwy Nicholas
Jennifer Nixon
Rose Noble
Edward Noblett
Rebecca Noon
Hatty Norman
Halina North
Thomas Norton
Andrew James Norton
George Norton
Elizabeth Alice Nuttall
Clare O’Keefe
Catherine Ann Okey
Nicola Oldroyd
Charlotte Orchard
Rory Orris
Jack Osborn
Catherine Padbury
Anna Page
Rachel Kelly Palmer
Megan Palmer-Wood
Samuel Pargeter
Matthew Francis Thomas Innes Parker
Evangeline Parr
Jessica Pask
William Andrew Patterson
Dharminder Singh Pattwal
Guy Payne
Charlotte Peach
Abigail Pearson
William Pearson
Charlotte Peckham
Alex Pegasiou
Jennifer Mary Pepper
Catriona Percival
Sophie Perrin
James Christopher Perry
Rory James Peyton Jones
Alexander Phelps
Lorna Phillips
Sam Phillips
Bethan Mair Phillips
Joshua Philpott
Oliver Sam Piasecki
Timothy Pickering
Elizabeth Pickering
Connor Pickett
Joseph Pickwell-Smith
Stuart Pike
Timothy Pitman
Jack Poole
David Charles Potter
Andrew Potterton
Sonal Prasad
Daniel Pratt
Harry Prentice
Bequia Prestt
Jonathan Prince
Ben Pugh
William Purser
Samuel Quicke
Caitlin Alys Langdon Quinn
Kit Rabbette
Nicholas Race
Philip Radford
Daniel Robert Raine
Krishma Ramgoolam
Danvir Singh Randhawa
Elliott Rathbone
Ian Ratledge
Rahul Prashanth Ravindran
George Rayson
Elizabeth Read
Samuel Redfern
Jessamy Reece
Andrew Reece
Elliot Rees
Eleanor Rees
Daniel Thomas Reeve
Samuel Richards
Nicolle Richards
Christopher Richardson
Edward Richardson
Alexandra Richardson
Sarah Ricketts
David Ridal
Toby James Clifton Rider
Alexandra Francesca Rose Ridge
Ashley Rix
Rachel Jane Roberts
Sarah Victoria Roberts
Luke Robertshaw
Thomas Edward Robinson
Stephanie Robson
Matthew Roderick
Tom Roethenbaugh
Charlie Paul Roughton
Elizabeth-Jane Routledge
Hazel Rowland
Matthew Rowlinson
Joanne Rusch
George Rusdale
William Russell
Thomas Ryley
Natasha Sagar
Suraj Saini
Thomas Sandford
Alice Emma Sandford
Elizabeth Sandham
Imogen Sandiford
Gemma Sapstead
Jake Savory
Naomi Scanlan
Victoria Scarff
Joshua Scholefield
Catherine Schroder
William Seager
Alicia Serednycka-Poole
Abigail Seward
Tori Shanklin
Sarah Michelle Sharp
Alex Sharpe
Zoe Shaw
James Shaw
Zara Louise Sheady
Bethany Shepherd
Jake Shepherd-Fox
Edward Shepherdson
Jake Sheppard
Luke Sheppard
Jasmine Shipman
Aamir Shipton
Luke Shires
Alex Short
Madeline Shott
Charlie Shotton
Lucie Margaret Shutt
Thomas Silk
Emma Simmons
Kirsty Simpson
Edward Simpson
Emma Simpson Dore
Rachel Mary Skelly
Joshua Skipper
Michael Sladden
Gareth Sloane
Josh Smedley
Samuel Smerald
Willis Smith
Christian James Smith
Richard Smith
Joseph Smith
Charles Smith
Hannah Smith
Catherine Smith
Jamie Ryan Mark Smith
Daniel Smith
Elliott Smith
Mitchell Charles Snares
Samuel Snell
Ajay Sohal
Benjamin Solomons
Edward Spencer
Duncan John Stark
Louise Steel
Joanna Mary Steel
Benjamin Stinchcombe
Rhydian Stonehouse
Henry Stratford
James Stretch
William Strickland
Lydia Sudbury
Kyle Paul Sugden
Daniel Sullivan
Oliver Sumner
Lauren Sutton
Isobel Swinfield
Natalie Tanner
Alexander Taylor
Emily Taylor
Alex W D Taylor
Benjamin Joshua Taylor
James Taylor
James Taylor
Matthew Taylor
Amy Taylor
Jenny Tetlow
Sophie Thackray
Mark Theodoreson
Skye Thomas
Bethan Thomas
Graham Dominic Thomas
Katie L Thompson
Daniel Thompson
Cameron Thompson
Henry George Marr Thompson
Joe Thornton
Emma Timms
Elliot Titre-Barker
Julie Anne Tompkins
Rebecca Tonge
Edoardo Toso
Thomas Tozer
Evie Kyprianou
Shona Traynor
Peter Treend
Hannah Trent
Daniel Tresigne
Rebekah Louise Trevis-Smith
Hebe Trotter
James Truett
Jessica Tuck
Rebekah Turner
Jack Turney
Daniel Twigg
Elizabeth Tyson
Christopher Underwood
Alexander Vipond
Lauren Vipond
Norman George Wakeman
James Wakeman
Hughie Walker
Elisabeth Walker
Amber Wall
Jessie Walters
Kate Wardle
James Warman
George Warren
Rhys Watkins
Lewis John Watling
Hannah Watson
Matthew Watson
Ellen Watson
Emma Watson-Jones
Connor Weatherburn
Eleanor Webb
Bradley Webb
Georgia Webster
Christina Welsh
Gerard Westhoff
Josie Westwood
Elizabeth Whaley
Gerallt Wheeler
Douglas White
Jack White
Rebecca White
Oliver Whitehead
James Whitehouse
Charlotte Whitmarsh
Russell Whittock
Ben Whitwham
Jamie Whybrow
Bishani Wickrama
Sandali Wickrama
Stephanie Wiffen
William Wild
Joanna Wild
Matthew Wild
Emily Wilford
Shaun William Wilkes
Emma Wilkins
Merlin Williams
Molly Williams
Tim Williams
Catrin Lloyd Williams
Benjamin Willis
James Willis
Lara Wilson
Fredric Windsor
Amy Wolfe
Samantha Wood
Luke Wood
Jack S J Woodhead
Katherine Woodlock
Suzanne Woodlock
Harvey Woods
Thomas Woolfe
Olivia Woolley
Thomas Wright
Joseph Wright
James Alexander Duncan Yardley
Kerry Yaxley
Laura Yell
James Yorke-Wade
Christopher James Young
Jan Zaloga




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