London 13 January 2015

548 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on 13th January at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH the Earl of Wessex.

Morning presentation

Throne Room – London
Presenter – Honey Kalaria, Dancer and Choreographer

“It’s been such a rewarding experience to see participants transforming into more confident individuals by providing them with opportunities, to maximise their potential and enriching personal life experiences.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – Central England

Presenter – Alastair Stewart OBE, British Journalist and Newscaster, ITV News

“What you’ve achieved individually is phenomenal, what you can achieve collectively is awesome!”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – Central England
Presenter – Greg Burns, DJ, Capital Radio

“I regret not having the chance to do my DofE. It’s something you’ll remember for ever, something you’ll be able to tell your grandkids about! Putting your DofE Gold Award on your CV will mean so much to potential employers, not just in the UK but around the world. I’m sure your parents feel very proud of you today, it’s an incredible start to your future and I wish you all the best.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – South East
Presenter – Mike Naworynsky OBE, DofE Volunteer, Burford School and former Deputy Sergeant at Arms, House of Commons

“When I worked in recruitment within the House of Commons, Gold DofE was something I always looked for on applications. It marks you out as someone special, who hasn’t given up. It really does make a difference. Employers listen to people like you. It shows you have made a difference.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – Wales
Presenter –Arry Beresford-Webb, Development Manager, Ramblers Cymru

“Congratulations on achieving your Gold Awards. You’ve shown you’ve got the grit and determination to succeed in everything you do.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – North of England
Presenter – Phil Brown, Olympic Silver Medallist, 1984 4 x 100 relay race

“The DofE is a great way to showcase your talents and stand out from the crowd. The Award is for everyone from all walks of life, no matter what your circumstances are. The DofE is not only recognised by Universities and employers but it makes you challenge yourself. You have to adapt and change but the experience will stay with you and I hope you will use it is a force to take you forward to bigger and better things in the future.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – Northern Ireland
Presenter – Kyle McCallan MBE, Cricketer

“When I see the challenges you undertake for your DofE achievements I have the highest admiration. You’re not just being given a certificate – you’ve had to work for it, there is no glory without hard work. The same trait I learnt through cricket, I have no doubt you have developed through your DofE. You’ve prepared for what the world has to throw at you. The world is your oyster. Can I whole heatedly congratulate you. Remember – if you put it in you’ll get it out, don’t give up.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – North of England
Presenter – Jon Culshaw, Impressionist

“It’s wonderful to be back at St James’s Palace to mark your achievements. It’s a great privilege and an honour to present your Gold Award Certificates today. You’ve proved that nothing is impossible by getting here. Continue to be tenacious and believe that anything is possible!”

Download the list of Award holders here.

Roll of Honour: 13 Jan 2015

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 13 January 2015 at St. James’s Palace:



Saranne Adams
Philip Adams
Stuart Adams
Louise Akam
Danyal Akarca
Zainab Akhter
Hannah Rachel Alexander
Alex Alford
Hannah Victoria Allen
Gabriel Alveteg
Evie Ambrose
Josie Amery
Ella Andrew
Ruth Appleby
Fiona Armson
Ryan Armstrong
Matthew Stuart Mark Ash
Lucy Ashby-Hoare
Nuria Ashmore Barrios
Christopher James Atkinson
Alexander Attle
Che Tsun Au
Jessie Au
Aidan Audsley
Zara Austin-Bond
TeminiOluwa Ayo-Kasumu
Charlotte Bailey
Andrei Balalau
Priyanka Balendra
Aimee Bambridge
Richard Banbrook
Michael Barge
Grace Barker
Sophie Bassett
Hannah Beatrice Bates
Keiron Batty
Luke Baugh
Thomas Baxter
Emily Beales
Charlotte Beames
Simon James Beattie
Emily Bell
Charlotte Bellamy
Victoria Bennett
Nikhil Bhandari
Anna Biggins
Chester Birch
Michael Birch
Christopher Bishop
Kathryn Evie Bishop
Michelle Blackett
Rachel Blades
Theo Blakey
Natasha Bloodworth
Owain Blunkett-Evans
Mignonne Bodenstein
Oliver Bolingbroke
Caleb Bond
Amie Boothman
Chloé Booyens
Alice Boyd
Lewis Bright
Callum Broad
Connor Brogan
Katie Brook
Lucy Brooks
Gabriel Brook-Sulman
Georgia Brown
Jamie Brown
Nathan Brown
William Brown
Katie Browne
Tia Brunt
Andrew Bryce
Kristen Buckle
Alexander Bullingham
Wayne Burgess
Ngaire Burston
Victoria Burton
Jamie-Lee Burton
Jessica Butler
Ellie Butschok-Brain
Philip John David Byrne
Thomas Callaghan
Judith Cameron
Ewen cameron
Jessica Campbell
James Cann
Andrew Caracciolo
George Carew-Jones
Ethan Carroll
Holly Evelyn Cavill
Alexander Chadwick
Adora Shu Han Chan
Lydia Chantler-Hicks
Ben Charley
Rebecca Charlton
Hannah Chen
Anthony Choi
Jacquelina Chui
Richard John Clark
Gemma Clark
Georgina Clarke
Holly Jane Clemens
Simon Coleman
Jonathan Collins
Lily Cooke
Chloe Cook-Richardson
Kathryn Cornell
Alexander Couter
Natalie Rose Crabb
Rory Cramp
Michael Crewe
Lucia Cross
James Crossley
Emily Crown
Kristina Crowther
Charles Cunliffe
Mae Cuthbertson
Oliver Dabson
Toryn Elliott Dalton
Thomas Dam
Laura Davies
Sarah Davies
Charlotte Elizabeth Davies
Holly Robyn Davies
Richard Davies
Luke de Beneducci
Emma Dean
Jessica Deans
Rachel Deeble
Fergus Denton
Polly Denton
Sean Denton
Shree Desai
Ellen Dewhurst
Ayrton Dhillon
Venetia Dickinson
Christopher James Dobson
Laura Katie Douglas
Laura Douglas
Charlotte Duckworth
Tim Duerden
Iona Duncan
Emily Duncombe
Harry Dunford
Emily Joan Dunn
Hannah Durrant
Thomas Durrant
George Edwards
Sarah Rachel Edwards
Kathleen Elysee
Andrew England
Alice Evans
Peter Eves
Amy Fair
Nicholas Fairhurst
Rachel Louise Farman
Katherine Fearnhead
Alexandra Suzanne Fell
Ashley Jaclyn Fell
Ryan Martin Fidler
Hugo Fleming
Gemma Fleming
Rory Flint
Hannah Forde
Cordelia Foster
Tom Fox
Hannah Francis
Anna Rebekah Francis
Abigail Francis
Patrick Franklin
Charlotte French
Harriet Frobisher
Robert Furnell
Grace Nicolle
Ben Gale
Paavan Gandhi
Robert Gardiner
Andrew Gardner
David Garrett
Alexandra Gee
Charlotte Ruth Gibbs
Ben Gibson
Kathryn Gilpin
Nadine Golding
Emma Goodwin
Max Gore
Erin Graham
Esme Grange
Alice Granger
Samantha Gray
Charles Scott Gray
Esta Greensmith
Amelia Grice
Robert Grieve
Niall Guite
Luke Guzkowski
Georgia Olivia Haddon
Thomas Halfhide
Jacob Hall
Andrew Hall
Christopher Hall
Iona Hamilton
Harriet Harman
Michelle Harris
Jack Harris
Georgina Hart
Nathan Hartley
Jessica Harvey
Neil Hati-Kakoty
Dominic William Hayes
Amy Margaret Hearst
Olivia Lucy Hemmings
Lucie Hewett
Katherine Hewing-Powell
Theodore Heymann
Robert Heywood
Daniel Hicks
Harriet Hickson
Oliver Hill
Katherine Hind
Joshua Hinh
William Hitchcock
Kate Hodgkins
Alexandra Sarah Hodgson
Andy Hoffman
Cameron Hogg
Christopher Hogg
Rachel Holden
Brier Holloway
Adam Holloway
Joshua Holsey
James Oliver Horton
Naomi Hutchinson
Matthew Iles
Rhiannon Ireland
Rachel Jackson
Rachael Jackson
David Gethin Aneurin James
Nicole Jamieson
Laura Jamison
Thomas Jamison
Hafsah Umbreen Janjua
Maria Janockova
Joshua Oliver Isaac Jelley
Lewis Jenkins
Faith Jenkinson
Howard Jennings
Sarah Jeremy
Megan John
George Johnson
Katherine Jones
Rachel Jones
Caitlin Jones-Fullerton
Isabelle Kalra
Lydia Kane
Karina Karunwi
Tom Kearns
Samantha Keech
Giles Kember
Amy Kemp
Victoria Kempton
Jane Kennedy
Ria Kerai
Sarah Kernohan
Beth Kerrigan
Tanvi Khetan
Isobel King
James Kirkham
Rebecca Wright
Monica Kurl
Emma Lacey
Anastasia Laking
Claire Elise Lambert
Daniel Lambert
George Alexander Langston
Thomas Langston
Oliver Lasham
Charlotte Ho Yen Lau
Benjamin Law
Mary Leefe
Yasmin Lerusse
Thomas Richard Lester
Jack Lewis
Beth Lewis
Christopher Lewis-Lloyd
Elysia Jade Lindley
Oliver Linington
Ethan Lisk
Samantha Esther Lisle
Cindy Liu
Andrew Philip Lockwood
Aysha Sian Jasmine Longhurst
Michael Lord
Charlotte Lowdon
Thomas Lucas
Miles Machin
Zoe Victoria Maddison
Alasdair Malcolm
Kathryn S R Mallagh
Daniel Mallett
Olivia Marshall
Daniel Charles Teal Marshall
Caitlin Martin
Elizabeth Lucy Martin
Katy Mathers
Samuel Mathers
Robert George Matthews
Eleanor Rose Matthews
Clare Mawson
Sophie McAllen
Susie McAllister
Sam McArdle
Wendy Joan Cornett
Linda Elizabeth Cornett
Ellen McCormack
Mark McCracken
Samuel McFarling
Alexandra McGovern
Shannon McGowan
Andrew David McGrath
Leah McIlwaine
Connor McKee
Jody McKeown
Christopher Mcketterick
Jamie McKnight
Bronagh Mcmanus
Sharon McNeill
Jennifer McNeill-Moss
Moya McQuillan
James Meikle
Sarah Mercer
Rebecca Metcalf
Elizabeth Metcalf
Jessica Meyrick
Stewart Miller
Theo Mills
Jenna Mills
Rebekah Elizabeth Mills
Joanna Evelyn Mills
Thomas Millward
Hayley Minks
Sabha Mohammed
Alisha Mohindra
Lindsay Moore
Rachel Moore
Elle Moore
Rachel Moorehead
Rebecca Moran
Rhian Morris
Lucy Morris
Molly Morris
Beth Morrow
Rachel Mortimer
Charlotte Moss
Charles Sinclair Moss
Annya Mulhern
Siobhan Mullen
Grace Mullins
Hebe Naylor
Payton Katherine Nealon
Thomas Jeffrey Neve
Paul Noble
Kelly Oakley
Rebecca O’Leary
Connor Ordish
Ryan Ordish
Lucas Origo
Olivia Orssten
Afreen Osman
Adedeji Oyefeso
Leah Paddock
Rachel Phillips
Jack Pammer
Priyesh Parekh
Lydia Sara Parkhurst
Carly Parsons
Adam Daniel Partridge
Emma Partridge
Nishant Patel
Avni Patel
Joe Robert Patterson
Jayne Patterson
Amy Louise McConnell
Fiona Pearson
Courtnay Pearson
Liam Pearson
Tom Percival
Robert Perkins
Phillip Perks
Lauren Perrin
John Pesci
Llewellyn Phipps-Magill
Aimee Piercy
Beatrice Anna Pieri
Edward Pilkington
Ruth Elizabeth Porter
Carys Powney
Charlotte Pratley
Jessica Preston
Jonathan Price
AJ Prior
Eleanor Jane Pucci
Ellie Purdy
Oliver Quigley
Jake Quinn
Shaun Rance
Jessica Reddy
Kathryn Reid
Ammarah Riaz
Katie Richards
Sean Ridley
Jack Roberts
Emily Roberts
Charlotte Robinson
Dominic Roe
Megan Rostern
Alexander Rousseau
Rachel Rowbottom
Philippa Rowland
Nathan William David Rutledge
Daisy Ryan
Gagandeep Singh Sacha
Hamza Sadiq
Manveer Sahota
Catherine Sallabank
William Salloway
Elen Sanpher
Kalvin Saranna
Molly Sargent
Francesca Saunders
Annabel Savage
James Savage
David Timothy Schneider
William Scott
Vanessa Laura Scott
Kloe Seechurn
Sarah Sefton
Rachel Seymour
Thomas Edward Shah
Katherine Sharp
Bethany Sharp
Matthew Shepherd
Rachel Shufflebotham
Lucy Shuttleworth
Marius Siddall
Joanna Simkins
Rebecca Simmons
Elizabeth Sinclair
Kathy Sinnamon
Sarah Rose Sissins
Aarani Sivagurunathan
Emily Skillen
Aoife Slevin
Michael Sloan
Ben Smith
Jasmine Smith
Digory Smith
Katherine Smyth
Cathy Smyth
Dammy Sokale
Robert Soulsby
Lydia Jerusha Sourbutts
Liam Southall
Gemma Sprules
Josh Stainer
Jonathan Stanbridge
Rosemarie Joy Staniland
Eleanor Stead
Sarah Stevenson
Santino Stifanelli
Grace Stott
Stephen Ian Stringer
Jordan Strobach-Morris
Ben Stromberg
Katie-Louise Struthers
Emma Stubbs
Imogen Kate Sutherland
Katy Syrett
Gene-Leigh Tang
Iona Tattersall
Naomi Taylor
Peter Taylor
Sarah Taylor
Ravneek Kaur Thind
Ben Thompson
Christiane Thorburn
Lucy Thorpe
Augustus Threlfall
Isabelle Tonnesen
Jonathan Topping
Danielle Toudup
Faye Emily Treadwell
Sidney Trengove
William Trevor
Matthew Tuckey
Gemma Irenee Turkington
Daniel Turner
Joseph Turner
Joseph Turton
Darren Tweed
Kathryn Twentyman
Joanna Tyler
Chloe Uffendell
Charlotte Underwood
Susanna Uprichard
Alexandra Urquhart
Adrian van der Ploeg
Lucas Vicary
Benjamin Vicary
Emma Vidler
Samuele Volpe
Sophia von Widekind
Madelene Waldron
Oliver James Walker
Rebecca Amy Walker
Finlay Waller
Adam Walton
Glenda Ward
Kara Ward
Wendy Ward
Lucy Ann Warin
Jake Warner
Katie Elizabeth Watt
Lara Webber
Michael James Webster
Sophie Wedley
Amber Elizabeth Welsh
Emily Louise Whitaker
Cameron Whyte
Ieuan Rhys Wilkes
Faith Wilkinson
Catherine Williams
Georgia Williams
Robert Colin Williams
Haydn Williams
Adam Willis
Adam Boyd Wilson
Amy Charlotte Wilson
Charlotte Wolstenholme
Rosie Wood
Jessica Worringham
Laura Wright
Chloe Wu
Sara Wynne
Nicholas Yeates
Charlotte Yeung









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