Monday 13th October 2014

521 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on 13th October at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH the Earl of Wessex

Morning presentation

Throne Room- London
Presenter – Alice Beer, TV Presenter and Gold Award Holder

“If you lined up a group of young people you can tell who’s achieved a DofE Award. They’re enthusiastic, committed and tenacious. Doing my DofE changed my destiny; not only did it help me engineer opportunities in my life, it also helped me to embrace and make a success of them. Don’t let go of the DofE and it won’t let go of you, keep going on your journey and be proud of being a DofE Gold Award Holder.”

Download the list of recipients here.

Entrée Room – Central England
Presenter- Chris Hollins, TV Presenter

“In TV I meet people from all walks of life that promise they will make a difference but there are very few people that do. You, on the other hand, consciously chose to do your DofE and have had the astonishing discipline to stick at it to Gold and make that difference, to yourself, your families and your communities. Please don’t stop now, keep using the skills you’ve learnt, interests you’ve unearthed and volunteering for others. Your Gold Award will make a huge difference when applying for jobs. Don’t forget what you’ve achieved, it’ll serve you well for the rest of your lives.”

Download the list of recipients here.

Queen Anne Room – Central England
Presenter – Glynn Purnell, Michelin Star Chef

“You’ve already taken your opportunity to achieve your gold, continue to strive and aim for the best and take opportunities, live for the moment. I’m honoured to be here today – congratulations to you all!”

Download the list of recipients here.

Picture Gallery – South East
Presenter Benjamin Mee, Director of Dartmoor Zoo and Bronze Award holder

“It is important to follow your own passions and to never give up, which is what I applied when taking on my zoo project. Participants will have applied this philosophy to achieve their DofE Awards.”

Download the list of recipients here.

Afternoon presentation

Throne Room- South West
Presenter – Phil Brown, Olympic Silver Medallist and DofE Regional Director

“The DofE is a great way to showcase your talents and stand out from the crowd. The Award is for everyone from all walks of life, no matter what your circumstances are. The DofE is not only recognised by Universities and Employers but it makes you challenge yourself. You have to adapt and change but the experience will stay with you and I hope you will use it is a force to take you forward to bigger and better things in the future.”

Download the list of recipients here.

Entrée Room – Northern Ireland
Presenter – Tony Macaulay

“I believe the most important trait today is to be resilient and your achievement today indicates you’re resilient young adults and that will continue into your lives. I think you will remember this day all your lives and I think you deserve to. Congratulations!”

Download the list of recipients here.

Queen Anne Room – North West
Presenter- Ed Stafford, Adventurer

“Before my Amazon challenge I went on expeditions just like you. It goes to show that anything is possible. You’re at an amazing time in your life – a massive well done from me.”

Download the list of recipients here.

Picture Gallery- Wales
Presenter – Sian Lloyd, TV Presenter and Bronze Award Holder

“It’s no mean feat to achieve The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at Gold level. It shows you can work hard, achieve goals and it’s valued by prospective employers. Achieving my Bronze Award is one of the highlights on my C.V. and has stood me in good stead in my own career.”

Download the list of recipients here.

Roll of honour: 13 Oct 2014

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 13 October 2014 at St. James’s Palace:



Katie Rose Ackerley
Rachael Adams
Adesola Adeyemi
Joanne Alexander
Ismael Ali
Qasim Ali
Jonathan Allen
William Ames-White
William Richard Amy
Akhil Anand
Farheen Arien
Ryan Arnold
Jane Ashford
Abigail Askew
Alexander John Stanley Assinder
Cecilia Assmundsson
George Atherden
Michael Atherden
Tom Atkinson
Rosie Ayton
Hannah Badham
Charles Badham
Sarah Baggaley
Ruth Elizabeth Margaret Bailey
Simon Bailey
Joseph Barr
Michael Barratt
Clemency Barrett
Jessica Baybutt
Kyle Beal
James Beddoe
Laura Bell
Anna Bennett
Stefiney Mary Benny
Timothy Sean Thomas Bergiers
James Berry
Olly Beswetherick
Catherine Bevan
Meera Bhadresa
Anmol Bhogal
Tom Bickersteth
Judith Bingham
Jonathan Bird
Edward Boorn
Georgia Boulter
Gaël Bouyer
William Bowen
Melanie Bowker
Howard Bowling
Hannah Boyd
Shona Boyle
Catherine Braithwaite
William Brant
Lucy Louise Breedon
Benjamin Alfred Brennan
Lydia Jayne Louisa Brian
Ishbel Brierley
Amy Briggs
Ryan Bright
Catherine Brookhouse
Olivia Brown
Christopher Brown
Lowri Elin Brown
Eleanor Brown
Lucy Buckerfield
Sophie Buntine
David William Burch
Johnny Philip Burch
Alice Burnett
Sophie Bushnell
Elizabeth Buswell
Hannah Elizabeth Butler
Charlotte May Cadman
Lindsey Rebecca Campbell
Rhian Campbell
Stephen Campbell
Harriet Carter
Alice Carver
Daniel Alexander Casey
Stephen Champion
Bethan Mary Chappell
Aidan Chavasse
Ellen Chilcott
Harriet Daisy Chiles
Avishek Choudhury
Jessica Christy
Laura Jane Clark
Ryan Clarke
Nicholas Clay
Emily Sarah Clayton
Niall Cleminson
Lorna Elise Clowes
Laura Hannah Coats
Oliver Charles Coleman
Sophie Coleman
Georgina Collins
Lauren Compton
Jacob Connock
Hannah Craig
Flora Crawford
Joseph Crilley
Ryan Croasdale
Benjamin Crowe
Kate E Crowley
Jacob Cunliffe
Henry Cunnington
Emily Curtis
Hannah Curtis
Georgina Louise Dale
Kieran Daliwal
Sarah Daniels
Tom Daoud
Michael Darby
Katrina Darley
Caitlin David
Samuel Evan Davies
Eleanor Talbot-Davies
Gwesyn Davies
Jonathan Rhys Davies
Llywela Wyn Davies
Carys Davies
Catrin Mair Davies
Jessica Katharine Davies
Matthew Davis
Georgia Emily Davis
William Davison
Alexandra Deering
Natasha Dennington
Oliver Denton
Natalie Hannah Dilworth
Joanna Dimelow
Daisy Ellen Dixon
Robert Dixon
Kate Docking
Joseph Donnachie
Millicent Dooher
Emma Victoria Doust
Elizabeth Dowling
Louise Drury
Caoimhe Duane
Toni Duffy
Lauren Dumper
Rebekah Sharon Eadie
Molly Eales
Penny Louise Eaton
Rhian Eaton
Llyr Ebsworth
James Edge
Nicola Edwards
Keely Edwards
Robin Eliot
Eleanor Ellwood-Miller
Louan Elsdon
Lucie Espezel-Bentley
Grace Evans
Luke Evans
Cian Evans
Sally Farrant
Georgia Featherston
Joselyn Felton
Joseph Fender
Joshua Fewtrell
Blair Fielding-Smith
Chloe Firbank
Nicholas Fisher
no hall of fame
Laura Flaherty
Joshua Flude
Natalie Gail Forrester
Jonathan Forsey
Anna Fortnam
Kate Foster
Jacob Fox
Joanna Fox
Rhys Llewelyn Francis
Tim Frost
Ben Fryza
Nomitha Gallagher
Nicola Gardner
Amy Geraghty
Amelia (Millie) Gibbons
Zara Gibson
Caroline Gideon-Adeniyi
Edward Gilder
Julia Gilmore
Nicole Godbold
Emma Goodall
Thomas Goode
Susan Rose Gorman
Catherine Gould
Hannah Graham
Jacob Graham
Cameron Grant
Clare Gray
David Greaves
Andrew Green
Adam Greenhalgh
Matthew Greenhalgh
Carys Grieve
Hayley Griffiths
Olivia Hadjinicolaou
Benjamin Hadlett
Rebecca Jane Haigh
Chloe Nicole Hamilton
Shivam Dev Handa
Amy Hands
Elizabeth Hansford
Nicholas Harben
Daisy Hardy
Rebecca Harley-Mason
Devon Harper
Emma Harper
Gaenor Harries
Megan Harris
Catrin Harris
Imogen Heaton
Helen Hepher
Amanda Hewett
Sarah Hewison
Matilda Hewitt
Alice Hewitt
Amy Hewitt
Adam Christopher Heywood
Ashleigh Nicolle Higginbottom
Sarah Higgs
Kani Hinshelwood
Evelyn Ho
Kelly Hoey
Amy Hogg
Francesca Hoksbergen
Joseph Holland
Elizabeth Hopper
Nathan Hubbard
Lauren Hughes
Helena Hughes
Hannah Rose Hughes
James Hurley
Daniel Hurry
Andrew Irwin
Samuel Jackson
Apurva Jain
Ranulph Jameson
Gopun Jani
Lauren Jardine
Sam Jeater
David Jenkins
Luke Jennings
Benjamin Johnson
Amelia Johnson
Thomas Johnston
Sophie Jones
Hannah Jones
Jenny Jones
Michaela Jones
Rachel Jones
Zara Jones
Ben Jones
Oliver Joseph Jones
Shaun C Jones
Sophia Jones-Gammon
Sanika Karandikar
Sian Kelly
Grace Kendrick
Faye Kent
Emily Kenworthy
Hannah Keung
Shannon Khaliq
Nellie Khossousi
Sarina Kiani
Alexandra Kilburn
Angus Kille
Kaiya Kim-Saville
Michael King
Jonathan Ralph Kingsley-Mills
Eleanor Kirwan
Paul Richard Knight
Lydia Kulenicz
Caroline Lakin
Helen Lamb
Sophie Langdon
Oliver Leason
Sam Leigh
Emily Leonard
Jack Lever
David Li
Sophie Linney
Holta Loku
Elizabeth Victoria Lomax
William Lorimer
James Lowey
Wan Ying Melody Lun
Bethan Lydford
Jessica Lynch
Sarah Magowan
Claire Manley
Sophie Manville
Alexandra Marler
Sarah Anne Marsh
Alisha Masani
Robert Elmer McClelland
Jonathan Andrew McClelland
Matthew McKay
Alexander McKeown
David McLennan
Hannah McLeod
Scott Ian McMenemy
Ruth Catherine McMillan
Claire McVeigh
Jake Megal
Tanglwst Melville
Emily Rowan Menzies
Alberto Meschi
Sofia Julia Aurora Miettinen
Andrew Millar
James Stirling Millen
Henry Mills
Lucy Mitchell
Oliver Henry Walter Mitchell
Thomas William Mitchell
Catriona Moles
Barbara Joan Moles
Chloe Moltu
Harriet Montgomery
Clara Moore
Jonathan Rhys Morgan
Ashleigh Mornin
Asiyah Morrison
Thomas Morrow
Catherine Morton
Sarah Moss
Ben Moss
Lucinda Motie
Thomas Oliver Mowbray
Georgina Muir
Jennifer Muirhead
Joshua Jack Mulholland
Emily Mullin
William Richard Alexander Munn
Caitlin Murphy
David Murray
Aishwarya Nandi
James Narula
Luke Nelson
Michael Newman
Aimée Jayne Nicholls
Akudo Njoku
Jessica Norris
Kate Northam
Ania Nowakowska
Chloe Oakes
Olushola Odusanya
Oluwatoni Oki
Megan Olding
Daniel James Owen
Sophie Pain
Victoria Palin
Phoebe Palmer
Kirpal Panacer
Edie Parfitt
Jonathan Pate
Rupa Patel
Rajen Patel
Ella Peel
Beth Pendock
Bryony Peters
Anton Petho
Kia Pettitt-Brandtner
Jack Phelps
Evie Phillips
Matthew Philpott
Molly Philpott
Tom Pickersgill
Timothy Pilbeam
Matthew Pilot
Philippa April Pollitt
Victoria Pooley
Heather Portbury
Charlotte Lynne Joanne Porter
Jill Porter
Rachel Power
Anna Powys
Rachel Hannah Preston
Sophie Price
Amrita Kaur Purewall
Jake Purser
Ashley Queenborough
Harriet McDonald Quinn
Iman Qureshi
Reann Radcliffe
Kiranjit Rajasansi
Zerah Rajulawalla
Sophie Rees
Leigh Rees-Reynolds
Hannah Richardson
Dominique Roberts
Harry Robinson
Sara Robson
Ellen Rogan
Kelly Christina Rohan
Sam Rolson
Charlotte Roney
Naomi Rosser
Holly Rosso
Catherine Ruddock
Jonathan Sampson
Charlotte Sampson
James Sansome
Carl Saptarshi
Paavan Savani
Jennifer Scott
Jonathan Alan Scott
Jessica Scott
Helen Scott
Jennifer Scoular
Farrah Seyedi
Adam James Sharpley
Anna Shenton
Thomas Sheppard
Kimberley Tyne Sherris
Zoe Silkstone
Rebecca Simons
Amy Sinclair
Alex Smail
Willow Amber Smallbone
Jack Smallwood
Rory Smith
Kieran Smith
Charlotte Smith
Thomas Smith
Emily Smith
Isabella Smith
Holly Rebecca Smith
Edward Smith-Oakey
Hannah Snelling
Michael Snook
Rachel Snow
Thomas Southgate
George Hugo Spackman
Henry St. John Spackman
Charlotte Spiers
Jake Spooner
Beth Sprigg
Rhondell Stabana
Hannah Stanbury
Tim Stickings
Melanie Stokes
Emily Street
Madelin Rose Strupitis-Haddrick
Benjamin Summerfield
Kathryn Sweetlove
Emma Symmonds
Katie Symmonds
Philip Tait
Cameron Tallant
Hazel Tanner
Caroline Taylor
Victoria Taylor
Ryan Terrey
Hannah Thomas
Daniel Thomas
Jordan Thomas
Scott Lamont Thomas
Bryony Thompson
Charlotte Thornewill
Harrison Threadgold
Rebecca Took
Samantha Towe
Stephanie Trapp
Nia Treharne
Lorna Elizabeth Trenchard
Charles Triggs
David Twohig-Bennett
Matthew Tyler
Sophia Verma
John Samuel Vincent
Rosie Catherine Vincent
Sarah-Beth Vinestock
Tom Wade
Jack Wade
Cian Wade
Joseph Wainwright
Victoria Walker
Emma Walker
Scott Warner
Harriet Wase
Sarah Watkins
Charlotte Watson
Kirsty Watson
Sam Watson
Lucia Watts
William Alexander Webster
Tom Wellings
Sarah Wells
David Whealy
Peter Wheeler
Emily Whetton
Russell White
David Whittaker
Christopher Whittaker
Esmee Wilde
Sarah Wilkinson
Andrew Williams
Sarah Williams
Charlotte Elise Williams
Stefan Williams
Lewis Willocks
Emma Wills
Callum Robin Wilsmore
Rebecca Winbow
Megan Windell
Oliver Wing
Cullan Wing
Drew Winstanley
Christopher King-Wah Wong
Jeremy Wong
Adam Wood
Joshua Woodhouse
Lucy Woods
Calum Wright
Ashleigh Susan Wright
Charlotte Yandell









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