London 13 October 2015

530 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on Tuesday 13th October at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

Morning presentation

Throne Room – London
Presenter – Mr Justin Packshaw, Explorer, Entrepreneur and Gold Award Holder

Justin told the Gold Award holders: “A huge congratulations to you all. Your Gold Award is such an enormous achievement. I remember getting my Gold and it is a big deal for reasons you may not see today. You should stop and appreciate how amazing you all are. You had the initiative to make this happen – it is a long journey. You’ve all achieved something that is second to none so don’t lose that belief in yourself.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Entrée Room – South East
Presenter – Mr Charles Pitcher, Adventurer and World Record Holder

Charles told the Gold Award holders: “Employers will look at you and put you a step above other candidates. Your Gold Award is a fantastic achievement and you should be immensely proud. You are the leading light for the younger generation so encourage them to take up the challenge of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Queen Anne Room – The South East

Presenter – Mr Tim Henman OBE, England Tennis Player and Commentator

Tim told the Gold Award holders:“It’s an honour and a pleasure to be here today and congratulate you all on achieving your Awards. The DofE’s mission to inspire, guide and support young people in their personal development is close to my heart. Persistence, drive and commitment are incredibly valuable properties; success is about maximising your potential, giving 100%, not winning or losing. You’re all on a journey and who knows where it will take you. With the attributes you’ve nurtured through your DofE I’m sure you’ll achieve great things.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Picture Gallery – Central England

Presenter – Mr Christian Horner OBE, Team Principal Infiniti Red Bull Racing Formula One Team

Christian told the Gold Award holders: “Congratulations on an amazing achievement. Your Gold Award will stand you in good stead for whatever career you choose. All of those skills you experienced whilst doing your DofE can apply to any business or sport. You have also learnt how to deal with any challenges or difficulties that have come your way. You have achieved something very special and now, remember, anything is possible.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – Central England

Presenter – Mr Robert Warman, TV Presenter

Robert told the Gold Award holders: “Achieving the Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award singles you out as a person with the required life skills for a successful future. Whatever your chosen career we live in an age where circumstances change quickly creating fresh opportunities. To grasp those openings requires adaptability and confidence, just two of the great skills acquired through the Awards programme. I feel very honoured to take part in the celebration of your success and I wish you well.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Entrée Room – Wales

Presenter – Miss Jessica Eddie, Olympic Rower

Jessica told the Gold Award holders: “It’s a huge honour to present these Gold Awards to you all. It’s a fantastic achievement and I’m actually really jealous that I haven’t done my DofE.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Queen Anne Room – North of England
Presenter – Dame Helen Mirren, Actress

Dame Helen told the Gold Award holders:“What a fantastic room to celebrate today and what an honour it is to share the celebration with you. You are the gold of our country. You’ve demonstrated discipline, consistency and concentration, you’ve faced untold challenges. Now, receiving your Gold DofE Awards, you can give yourself a pat on the back and take the next step to the rest of your lives, and what an amazing step to have given yourself, what an advantage!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Picture Gallery – North of England

Presenter – Miss Hayley McQueen, Sports TV Presenter and Bronze Award Holder

Hayley told the Gold Award holders:“I also did my DofE, I achieved my Bronze Award. Your Gold will set you apart from everyone else. It’s a great achievement. My DofE brought me out of myself and helped me build my confidence and made me feel proud of myself. It helped me realise my strengths. Congratulations to you all and thank you for letting me share this special day with you.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

London 13 Oct 2015

Heare’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 13 October 2015 at St. James’s Palace:




Cara  Adams
Ayotunde  Ajayi
Louise  Akrigg
Cameron Alexander
Lee Andrew Allen
Matthew Allison
Sophie Allmark
Thomas  Amber
Chloe Andrews
Sian  Appleton
Melissa  Apted
Ellie  Armstrong
Isabella Arnott
Felix  Arris
Victoria  Asquith
Caitlin Atkinson
Harriet Averns
Olivia Awre
John  Bacon
Poppy Rose Baker
Roxane  Bakker
Naren Jay  Bala
Suzanne  Baldwin
Leo  Banks
William Barber
Stevie Barker
Kirsten Barningham
Lucy  Barwell
Sarah Bate
Laura Batty
Zachary Baxter-Hill
Emma  Beddoes
Alice Bedford
Sebastian  Belli
Michael  Benterman
Oscar Betts
Aparna Bhatt
Matthew Stewart Bickerton
James  Birchall
David  Birkinshaw
Camilla Bisi
Francesca Bisi
Harry Galton Blackiston
Christian Blount-Powell
Frances Bolt
Alice Booker
Charlotte Booth
Justin Bortz
William Rees Boulton
Anthony Simon Bowen
Felix  Bowen
Michael Bowley
Joseph  Boyle
Rachel Helen Bray
William  Bray
Patrick Briars
Molly Brick
Jemima Bright
Sally Brookling
Jenny Broomby
Lauren Brough
Samantha Eve Broughton
Kieran Mark Brown
Alasdair Brown
Rebekah  Browning
George Bryan
Daniel Buckley
Charlotte  Burford
Charlotte Burgess
Matthew Cant
Lauren  Cantillon
Alex  Capstick
Juliet  Carlisle
Ian  Carpenter
Amy  Carter
Alice  Carter-Pegg
Laine  Caruzca
Ehtizaz Chaudhry
Luke Chelton
Honoury  Cheung
Natalie Cheung
Nikki Chung
Robert Clarke
Max Clements
Joel Peter Clements
Imogen  Coggins
Sam  Cole
Simon Colley
Maria Colligan
Struan Collington
Heather Colston
Liam Compton
Stacey Cook
Claire Cooper
Pippa Cornock
Oli Costin
Edward John Courteney-Harris
Anastasia  Coxhead
Emma Crabb
Christopher  Craven
Johanna Creak
Phoebe Crossland
Harvey Crump
Christopher Culshaw
Max Cunningham
Ellen Curry
James Cuthbert
James Daly
Toluwani  Daramola
Arti  Dave
Delor  Davies
Elizabeth Davies
Hannah  Davis
Luke Dawson
Anthony De Souza
Emma  De’Ath
Joshua Jack Richard Dench
Jovanpreet  Dhaliwal
Oliver Dixon
Joe  Dobrashian
Brittany  Dore
Alice Elizabeth Dowsett
Jessica Anne Driffield
Heather Duckworth
Josh  Dunderdale
Katie Dunn
Amy  Durham
Edward Eason
Annabel Easton
Edward Easton
Niall Lloyd Ebbs
Matilda  Edwards
Christopher Edwards
Omar Elalfy
Robert  Eldridge
Rachel Emmerson
Bethan Evans
Michael  Evans
Iona Evans
Nia Esther Evans
Robyn  Evans
Hugo Evoli
Stephanie Ezukwo
Joan Ezukwo
Bethan  Fairfax
Emilie Fan
Amber-Louise Farmer
Isobel Fewster
Benjamin Fidock
Connor Fitzgerald
Rebecca Fletcher
Victoria Flintoff
Alex Forsyth
Chris Forsyth
Eleanor Mary Fowler
Meredith Franey
Jack  French
Rebecca  Friar
Rebecca Jayne Furber
Louisa  Garvey
James  Gaskell
Jonathan Gaunt
George Gawne
Mathew Gay
Michael  Gee
Madeleine E George
Nabihah  Ghufoor
Edward Gibbons
Karla Louise Giles
Harriet Gill
Matthew Gillie
Hannah  Gillie
Olivia Gillies
Kieran  Gilmore
Abhrajit  Giri
James Girling
Tomos G-Lewis
Rachel Glick
Thomas  Goodbourn
Serena Hope Gough
Rebecca Grace
Charles Greene
Emma  Greengrass
Mei  Grimes
Anna  Haas
Dylan Haddrell
Amy Haigs
Rebecca Haigs
Henry Haines
Alexander Haines
George  Hales
Lorcan  Halfacre
Maria Hall
Jasmine  Hall
Edward  Hall
Lewis Harding
Giles Alexander Harker
Tallulah Harper
Sam Harris
Daniel Harrison-Croft
Glyn Haslam
Alexander Hatfield
Susannah  Haynes
Calvin  Hayre
Owen  Hayward
Scott  Healey
Elizabeth Anne Henshaw
Alisha  Herdman
Alexander  Herriott
Georgina Hill
Emma Rose Hinchliffe
Jemma Hobson
Catherine  Hogg
Siobhan Holden
Jamie Holland
Paul Holmes
Louise  Holtum
Ella Horner
Guy Hotchin
Jake Gregory Hudson
Tom Hughes
Jennifer Hughes
Emily  Hunt
Tom Hunter
Bilaal Hussain
Thomas  Hyde
Satsuki  Ishii
Alycia  Ivory
Elinor Jackson
John Edward Jackson
Angharad James
James  Jeacock
Chris Jenner
Martha  Jesson
Gagandeep Jhajj
James Jobling
Emily Mai John
Benjamin Johnson
Kieran Johnson
Owen  Johnson-Stewart
Logan  Johnstone
Matthew Jones
Patrick Conor Jones
Charlotte Jones
Dylan Jones
Lewis Jowett
Callum Joyner
Samuel  Judd
Natalya  Kahn
Lucy  Kaye
Philip Kennedy
Rachel Kenyon
James Kidd
Claire  Kilding
Edmund King
Christina  Kio
Ethan Ross Kitsell
Timothy Knapp
Mary  Koltypina
Nicolas  Koslover
Dominic Patrick Krajewski
Matthew Lane
Nathaniel  Langan
Sam Lardner
Bridget  Larman
Bethany Grace Lasky
Alice Lavender
Samantha Lawrence
Heather Laws
Alexa Jasmine Le Moine
William Leaver
Eleanor Lee
Catriona  Leggat
Jennifer Leigh
Julia  Lewer
Emily Lewis
Liam Lewis
Joshua Lister
Sophie Littler
Katherine  Livesey
Katherine Lobley
Christopher Locke
Sophie  Logue
Beren Long
Katherine Lovejoy
Chris  Lovejoy
Shiya  Lu
Georgia  Lucey
Edward Luddington
Samantha  Lunn
Emily Lyle
Pippa Lyon
Samuel  Mabbutt
Alexander  Mackenzie
Jacob Mackenzie
Thomas Mackinnon
Junior  Macon-Bolaji
Rachel Maddams
Georgina Rose Maddox
Rayeesa   Mahomed
Joe Malin
Vinayak Mandagere
Lauren Manley
Oliver Marchant
Alistair  Marks
Elizabeth Marsay
Carys Marshall
Katherine  Marshall
Kate Alexandra Marshall
Anna Marshall
Rebecca Marston
Liam Martin-Lane
Josephine  Mason
Richard  Massingham
Madeline Yvonne Masters
Gurdip Singh Matharu
Nour  Maurice
Christopher Mayhew
Katherine Maynard
Tom Mayrick
Bethany McCarthy
Lauren McDermott
John  McGhee
Michael  McGrath
Shaunagh McGroarty
Georgina Sarah McHugh
Stuart  McLeish
Louise Bernadette McWilliam
Louise Mellis
Eleanor Melvin
Jessica Middup
Jessica  Miller
Frederick  Mills
Toby William Camden Milne
Riam Ashley Mistry
Chloe  Mitchell
Decordoba Mitchell-Rowe
Bhanu  Mohindra
Frederick Money
Charlie Morel
Alice  Moreton
Olivia Marie Pamela Morgan
Kerri  Morgan
Anna Morrell
Aimee Morse
Charlotte Louise Mowbray
William Mullinger
Ruth Mwandumba
Ashwin Nair
Henry  Nation
Christopher  Nehaul
Molly Newman
Sarah Louise Newton
Emma  Newton
Vivien Ngo
Joe  Nicholson
Soroush Nokhodchi
Matthew Nolan
Tom Nugent
Megan Oakeley
Matthew O’Connell
Orla O’Connell
Niamh Alice Emer O’Donovan
Patricia  Ogunmakin
Oana  Olaru
Matteo O’Mahoney
Zoe Onegi
Jessica Orr
Miles Orton
Guy  Paddick
Barnaby   Paddick
Holly Pain
Sarah  Palmer
James Parker
Anuj  Patel
Alisha  Patel
Kishan Patel
Laura-Jayne Pattinson
Katie  Pattison
Dafydd Pearce
Amelia Pearson
Emma Peckitt
Kate Peel
Luca Peterson
James Pettem
Ben  Pilcher
Zoe  Pope
Sophie  Potter
Katherine Anna Potts
Amy Potts
Gregory  Poyser
Megan  Pritchard
Kate  Pumphrey
John Quan
Katherine Quincey
Daniel  Quinn
Rumaan Qureshi
Thulasi Thurga Rahulapaskaran
Toby Randall-Paley
Cara Ravenscroft
Rebecca  Ravinet
Bethany  Raw
Raj Rawal
Mary Elizabeth Raymer
Joseff Samuel Rees
Jessica  Richards
Ellenor Richards
Greg Richardson
Lucy  Richmond
Rosemary Roberts
Brooke Roberts
Toby  Roberts
Kate Elizabeth Roberts
Jessie Robinson
Elen Roblin
Alix  Rogers
Sydney Routley
James Ruddock
Toby  Russell
Fred Sallabank
Emily Salter
Jake  Sanders
Florence Savage
Jack  Schapira
Emma Scholefield
Hannah Sophie Schütze
Cameron Scott
Polobody Abhishek  Senapati
Paresh Sharma
Amy Sharp
Amelia Sharples
Jessie  Shaw
Lauren Shepherd
Phoebe Shepherd
Melanie Yi Lyn Shim
Laura  Shipp
Sophie Shipton
William  Simmons
Harry  Sims
Mia  Singleton
Alexander James Sissons
Martha  Smellie
Annabel Smethurst
Libby  Smith
Sarah  Smith
Charlie Smith
Gabrielle  Smith
Jessica Smith
Philippa Maartje Kathleen Smith
Nicola  Snelling
Rohan  Sood
Ali Souch
Rebecca Lucy Sowinski
Amy Spackman
Madeleine Spalding
Philippa Sparke
Sally Stanford
Alexandra Grace Stephenson
Jonathan Stephenson
Luke  Stockton
Cameron Stokes
Anthony Storrar
Callum Strachan
Benjamin  Sturdy
Robert Sumner
Joshua  Sunley
Hannah  Sunley
Lauren  Sutcliffe
Olivia Swain
Lisa  Tang
Christopher Tate
Patrick Tate
Osamah A Tauseef
Benjamin Taylor
Gemma  Taylor
Dominic  Thomas
Laura Thomas
Charlotte Rebecca Thomas
Elliot Thomas
Michael David George Thompson
Ellie Thompson
Olivia  Thompson
Holly Thompson
Emily Victoria Thomson
Alexander Thorn
Adam  Topping
Rebecca Grace Towers
James Richard Townsend
Clarissa Trant
Olivia Tyers
Mary Udebhulu
Michael Udebhulu
Sarah Udejiofo
Aysha Umerji
Anisha Varsani
Jamie Vinter
Jane Wackett
Jack Wain
Morgan Walby
Charlotte  Walker
Danielle Wallace
Hannah Wallis
Ben  Walsh
Kiera  Walsh
Mitchell Ward
Christopher  Warner
Thomas Webb
Thomas Webb
Anna Welford
Sally Margaret Wellock
Catharine  Weston
Sophie Louise Whitehouse
Elizabeth Whittingham
Georgia Wigby
Heather Wilkinson
Sophie  Williams
Megan Williams
Rebecca Williams
Adam Williams
Francesca  Williams
Connor Willis
Sophie  Wilmshurst
Johanna Winder
George Wingrove
Kelly Rohan Wiseman
Abigail  Wong
Ashley John  Wood
Elizabeth Worthington
Alison Wycherley
Laura Wynne











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