London 15 March 2016

568 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on Tuesday 15th March at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

Morning presentation

Throne Room – London
Presenter – Brooke Kinsella, Actress and anti-knife crime campaigner

Brooke told the Gold Award holders: “You are the inspirational ones! I’m going to walk away feeling very inspired. It’s not just the Gold Award you’ll take home. It’s the skills, self worth and self respect that will be with you for the rest of your life. When tough things happen it is easy to give up. I applaud all of you for persevering and keeping going.”

Download the list of Award holders here

Entrée Room – South East
Presenter – Justin Packshaw, Explorer and Entrepreneur

Justin told the Gold Award holders: “A huge congratulations to you all. Your Gold Award is such an enormous achievement. I remember getting my Gold and it is a big deal for reasons you may not see today. You should stop and appreciate how amazing you all are. You had the initiative to make this happen – it is a long journey. You’ve all achieved something that is second to none so don’t lose that belief in yourself.”

Download the list of Award holders here

Queen Anne Room – South East
Presenter – Martin Stanford, Presenter, Sky News

Martin told the Gold Award holders: “Thank you for allowing me to be here on your special day. Congratulations to you all. Your Gold Award will stand you all in good stead for your future careers.”

Download the list of Award holders here

Picture Gallery – Central England
Presenter – Phil Brown, Olympic Silver Medallist and Central Regional Director

Phil told the Gold Award Holders: “The DofE is a great way to showcase your talents and stand out from the crowd. The Award is for everyone from all walks of life, no matter what your circumstances are. The DofE is not only recognised by Universities and employers but it makes you challenge yourself. You have to adapt and change but the experience will stay with you and I hope you will use it is a force to take you forward onto bigger and better things in the future.”

Download the list of Award holders here

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – Central England
Presenter – Mrs Alice Beer, TV Personality

Alice told the Gold Award holders: “Don’t see your Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award as just another tick in the box. It will take you places; enable you to gain new experiences and progress in your career.”

Download the list of Award holders here

Entrée Room – North of England
Presenter – Karen Clifton, Professional Dancer and Strictly Come Dancing Star

Download the list of Award holders here

Queen Anne Room – North of England
Presenter – Kevin Clifton, Professional Dancer and Strictly Come Dancing Star

Kevin told the Gold Award holders: “It is about setting goals, working towards achieving something and going out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself. It is not just about the skill set but all of the other things associated with it, building your confidence as a person. Set yourself a goal and go through with it. I am in awe of you all.”

Download the list of Award holders here

Picture Gallery – North of England
Presenter – Davina McCall, TV Personality

Davina told the Gold Award holders: “I feel honoured to be here with you all today to present you with your Gold DofE certificates. What you’ve achieved is truly amazing and your achievements are just the start of an exciting adventure. You’ll be reaping the benefits of your DofE for years to come and have made friends for life. I never actually got the chance to do my DofE but I’m looking forward to taking on my DofE Diamond Challenge this year.”

Download the list of Award holders here

London 15 March 2016

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 15 March 2016 at St. James’s Palace:




Mihal Abraham
Jonathan  Adam
Liam  Adams
Charlotte Grace Adams
Bradley  Agnew
Will Airey
Marina  Akasaka
Lily Alice Alger
George  Alldred
Clelland Allen
Thomas  Anderson
Jonathan  Andrews
Ryan  Angus
Rebecca  Annells
Lucy  Anstice
William  Arden
Chloe  Argent
Chloe  Armstrong
Rebecca  Arnold
James  Ascough
Emily  Atkinson-Roe
Zachary Attree
Harriet  Bagley
Charlotte  Bailey
Cayen  Bailey
Andrew  Baldacchino
Louis  Ball
Laura  Ballington
Andrew  Balzan
James  Balzan
George William Xavier Barker
Victoria Barnden
James  Barratt
Lucy  Barrett
Niamah  Bashir
Caitlin Bateman-Champain
Jessica  Beaumont
Simon  Bellerby
Christopher  Bellingham
Jonathan Benge
Josh Bennett
Serena  Benson
Beatrice  Benson
Joshua George Beswick
William  Beswick
Kiran  Bhatia
Harriet  Bicknell
Rachel Louise Binks
Sarah  Binns
Bethany  Birch
Amy  Birchenough
Eleanor Blake
Catherine  Bland
Abbey  Blatchford
Andrew Bodman
Grace Bolshaw
Victoria  Bone
Lauren  Booth
Jessica  Boss
Alice  Boughton
Charles  Bowmer
Zoe Kabeli
Clare Elizabeth Boyle
Jessica  Bradshaw
Tobias  Brady
Stephen Robert Bragg
Tom Braithwaite
Keira  Bralsford
Jonathan  Bramall
Lydia  Brand
Rachel  Bricklebank
Megan  Bridger
George  Broadbent
Suzanna  Bromley
Thomas Brooke-Smith
Beatrice  Browning
Caroline  Brownsword
Toni Brunton-Douglas
Charlotte Bryant
Heather  Bryer
Michael  Bulley
James  Bunce
Hannah  Burrell
Sean  Butcher
Kate  Buxton
Alison Kathleen  Buxton
Kate Byrne
Bethan  Carey
Callum  Carlile
Elis  Carter
Edward  Carter-Pegg
Joe  Catford
Sebastian  Chaffe
Michael Chaloner
Robert  Chandler
Lucy  Chapman
Sam  Chapman
Matthew Chivers
Henry Choong
Oliver Church
Harry  Clark
Devan  Clarke-Sheward
Alice  Clelland
Victoria  Cleveland
Daniel  Cleveland
Holly  Clifton
Sarah  Clough
Holly  Clynes
Jonathan  Coleman
Jonathan Collins
Maria  Constantine
Matthew Cook
Thomas  Cook
Joseph  Cook
Alice  Coomer
Hannah  Cordrey
Emily Corfield
Tiffany  Cormack
Emily  Cornish
Samuel  Courtier-Dutton
Alice  Cranwell
Freya Paige  Crawley
Sian  Crilly
Sian  Crosskey
Samuel  Crossley
Cicely  Culmer
Emily  Cupi
Andrew  D’Alton
Charlotte  Dandy
Lucy  Davies
Charles  Davies
William  Davies
Louisa  Davis
Francesca  Davis
Amy  Dawes
Lucie de Cock
Alice  Dear
Hannah  Dear
Jon  Devereux
David  Dewhirst
Shannon Elizabeth Dexter
Lewis  Dixon
Charlotte  Donald
Kayleigh-Ann  Doran
Megan  Douglas
James  Downey
Stefan  Dunkerley
Ben  Dunkerley
Mia  Dunn
Rachel  Dunne
Emma Charlotte Durham
Christopher Dutton
Benjamin  Dyer
James Ebdon
Daniel  Edwards
Oliver  Edwards
Nicola Elliott
Mitchell  Ellis
Brendan  Elmes
Laura Grace Evans
Sarah Elizabeth Evans
Rebeca  Evans
Nicholas  Evans
Scott  Fairbairn
Cameron Falconer
Romina  Fallows
Oliver  Fanthorpe
Rachel  Farmer
George  Fealy
Wakjira  Feyesa
Joshua  Finigan
Charlotte  Finnegan
Alexander  Firth
Ciara  Fitzgerald
Nathan  Foad
Nicholas  Fox
Annie  Frankham
Mathilde Fullerton
Mia  Fung
Emma Louise Gadd
William  Galloway
Laurence Gard
Matthew  Gardener
Diya  George
Phillip   Gibbin
James  Gibbon
Michael  Gillan
Anthony  Gillard
Clare Ginty
Ursula  Goddard
Charlotte  Godfrey
Harriet  Good
Amy  Gorman
Rebecca Graham
Sophie  Graham
Thomas  Gray
Megan  Green
Hannah  Green
Incilay  Guler
Matthew  Guy
Isabel  Guy
Rachel  Gwyther
Caragh Hack
Scott Hadley
Sophie Cheryl Hall
John  Hamer
William  Hand
Alex  Hannam
Georgia Caprice Hardy
Joshua  Hardy
Sophie Ellen Harman
Joshua  Harris
Jonathan  Harris
Katherine  Harrison
James  Hartley
Emma  Hartley
Jessica  Hay
Thomas  Hayes
Graham  Hayfield
Jonathan  Helm
Oliver Henderson
Roseanna  Heymann
Charlotte Hickman
Rachel  Higgins
Beth  Higginson
Freddie  Higgs
Anna  Hodgson
Katie  Hodson
Robert James Holding
Alex  Holdsworth
Horatio  Holloway
Victoria  Holloway
Harry  Holt
Frederick  Holt
Ruby  Holt
Ben Angus Jens Hörbye
Katherine  Hornshaw
Emilia  House
Paul  Hudson
Benjamin Hudson
James  Hudson
Frank  Huffer
Howard Eric Hughes
Gemma  Hughes
James  Hughes
Alexandra Hughes
Hannah Hughes
Conor  Hughes
Jenny  Humphreys
Toby  Humphreys
Amy  Hunt
Thomas  Hunt
Erin  Hushon
Harry  Imlah
Jadine  Ingram
Jack  Isgar
Elizabeth  Isles
Catherine  Ives
Natalie  Jackson
Christopher  Jackson
Lauren  Jackson
Nikita  Jain
Katie James
Elspeth  Jamieson
Harvey  Jamison
Matthew  Jamshed
David  Jarvis
Hannah  Jeckel
Caroline  Jeffery
Ryan  Jevon
Molly  Johns
Daniel  Johnson
Henry Johnson
Phillip James Johnston
Jessica Jones
Bethany  Jones
Laura  Jones
Robert  Jones
Nicole  Jordan
James  Kalaher
Susan  Kay
Madeleine  Kearney
Aoife  Kelly
Terry  Kennedy
Mubin  Khan
Phoebe  Khan
Bilal  Khattab
Luke  Kinder
Harry Benjamin Kirwan
Craig Lee Knott
Adam  Knowles
Kaya-Maria  Kordelas
Perisha Poonam Kaur Kudhail
Jong  Kwon
Chloe  Lane
Matthew William Langford
Taylor  Lawrence
Eloise Lee
Jack  Lee
Rebecca  Lemen-Hogarth
Jemima Letts
Michael  Lewis
Jacqueline Ga Yi Li
Maria Jane Liddicott
Maisy  Lind
James  Lindfield
Georgia  Lines
Olivia  Lines
Adam  Lloyd
Zoe  Lockley
Beverley  Lokier
Anna  Longson
Alix  Longstaff
Harriet  Lovett
Georgia  Lown
Jamie  Luxford
George Lythgoe
Fraser  Macdonald
Helen  Macdonald
Iain MacDonald
Thomas  Mackriel
Hannah Mary Macro
Joseph  MacVicker
Alice  Makinson
Philip  Makinson
Krisho  Manoharan
Frederick Mark
George  Marlar
Kimberley  Marshall
Curtis  Marshall
Jennifer  Martin
Stuart  Matheson
Anthony  Matthews
Elizabeth  Matthews
Alfie  Mayhew
Sophie  McCluskey
Georgia McConnell
Emily McCrea
Laura  McGrath
Rebecca  McGraw
David  McKean
Abigail  McMahon
Conrad Meagher
Alex Medler
Labdhi  Mehta
Matthew  Mellor
Thomas  Metcalfe
Lucy  Middlehurst
Ceri  Middleton
Olivia  Middleton
Hannah Maria Miles
Helena  Milinkovic
Tom  Mills
Alec John Milner
Brandon  Mistry
Suchitaa  Mistry
Adam  Mochrie
Edward  Moia
Peter Moor
Anna  Moore
Sarah  Morrow
Anna  Myers
Megan Eleanor  Mylrea
Henry  Narula
Emily  Nevinson
Mai-Linh  Nguyen
Sahil  Nichani
Amar  Nijjar
Christopher  Nixon
Phoebe  Noble
Thomas  Ogle
Chávez  Ogolo
Natasha  Ogrodnik
Mercedes  Ola
Daniel  Oppenheimer
Georgia  Osborne
Emma Mieke Pain
Holly  Palmer
Jessica Elizabeth Louise Pancham
Sara  Parker
Alex Parry
Raghul Parthipan
Anya  Patel
Shruti  Patel
Kian  Patel
Aishwarya  Pattar
Nicholas Paterson
Oliver  Paulin
Robert  Paver
Alice  Peacock
George Peat
Adam  Peckitt
Cara  Pedley
Marcia  Perrow
Edward  Perry
Alan  Petri
Hannah  Phillipson
Charlotte  Phillipson
Lawrence  Porter
Ellie  Postance
Francesca  Potter
Sally  Pouton
Katharine  Pownall
Natasha  Prendergast
Sarah  Priebe
Frances Pringle
Alice  Pym
Florika  Radia
Lewis  Ratcliffe
Catherine Lilian Ravenscroft
Laurence  Raymant
Saskia  Rayner
Abigail Reading
Bethany  Reed
George  Rees
Emma  Reeve
Tara Mary Reeves
Joe  Reskelly
Rebecca  Reynolds
Shane  Rhodes
Elizabeth  Ridsdill-Smith
Charis Ringland
Georgie Roberjot
William  Roberts
Hollie  Roberts
Chris Roberts
Esther  Robinson
Angus  Robinson
Alistair  Robson
Amy  Rodgerson
Emma Rodwell
Conor Rogan
Freddie  Rose
Molly  Rourke
Adam John Rowe
Martha  Rowe
Maddie  Rowen
Jessica  Russell
Katherine  Sammes
Emily  Sankey
Geoffrey Sato-Holt
Bethany  Sawyer
Franky  Saxena
Jack  Scholey
Olivia  Scott
Jessica  Scott
Eleanor  Scott
Georgia  Scurfield
Shiv  Shah
Aashni  Shah
Alice  Shanahan
Rajeev  Shankar
Robert  Shaw
Chloe Louise Shephard
Beth  Shoesmith
David  Sinclair
Andrew  Siredzuk
Polly  Sisley
Mica  Skilton
Peter  Sledge
Marie  Smith
Molly  Smith
Sarah  Smith
Kimberley  Smith
Harriet  Smith
Danine  Snaith
Haymish  Solanki
Nurbanu  Somani
James  Sowerby
Nicholas  Springall
Hannah  Stafford
Amelia  Stanley
Rebecca Louise  Stenhouse
Holly  Stephenson
Charles  Stevens
Abigail  Stewart
Georgie Stewart
Ashleigh  Stirling
Abigail  Stones
Matthew Stewart Storer
Jack  Storey
Hannah  Strudwick
Tanmay  Sukthankar
Emma  Sunderland
Joseph  Swann
David John Gerard Swarbrick
Radhika Tandon
Yui Leung (Simon) Tang
Jake  Tanser-Harvey
Matthew Tapp
Gina  Tarantonio
Emily  Taylor
Sophie  Taylor
Ella  Thom
Matthew  Thomalla
Charlie  Thomas
Alice  Thompson
Cara  Thompson
Michael  Thompson
Charles  Thomson
Georgia  Thorne
Hannah  Titman
Alicia  Trotman
William  Tufnell
Hannah  Urwin
Sophie  Uyttenhove
Melanie  van Breugel
Samuel  van Nieuwkerk
Jacob Thomas van Nieuwkerk
Rosanna  Verdon
Gregory Verschoyle-King
Louise  Vinales
Matthew  Vine
Kiran  Virdi
Isabel  Voice
Honour  Wainwright
Victoria  Walker
Annie  Walker
Hannah  Walls
Isobel  Walster
Lydia  Ward
Sarah Kirsty Ward
Josh  Wardle
Esme Ware
Florence  Waschnig
Toby  Wastie
Rosie  Watkins
Daniel  Watling
Andrew  Watson
Jenny  Weatherburn
Francesca  Webb
Heather  Webster
Matthew  Weekes
Jennifer  Weld
Katherine  Wells
Frederick George Westbrooke
Jade  Westhead
Emily-Ann  Westoby
Rachel  Whalley
Joshua  Wheddon
Jeremy  White
Jared Whitehouse
Georgina Wilkes
Claire  Williams
Evangeline  Williams
Jacob  Williams
Emily Rose Williams
Alister  Williams
Victoria  Williams
Sophie Cathryn Paula Williams
Frederick  Williams
Sophie Charlotte Plaister Williams
Marcus  Williamson
Heather Lesley Williamson
Scott Wilson
Robert  Wilson
Catherine  Wilson
Sophia Anne Wilson
Ngaio Olivia Winter
Jack  Wood
Esther  Wood
Eleanor  Wood
Dominic  Woodcock
Elliot  Woodhouse
Hannah Louise Worsley
Layla  Wright
William  Wright
Christopher  Wyke











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