Wednesday 15th October

536 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on 15th October at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh

Morning presentation

Throne Room- Central
Presenter –David Kettle, Hockey Player,

“It’s a real privilege and honour to be here today. You should be very proud of what you have achieved. It has taken you a lot of dedication, determination and drive to get your Gold.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – Central England
Presenter- Ross Davenport, Swimmer

“My advice to you is to take every opportunity that comes your way because you don’t know when you will have that chance again. Take this Award as a stepping stone to bigger and better things.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – The Scout Association
Presenter – George Purdy

“Doing your DofE is a great experience. You’re doing something for yourself and something for your community. It provides you with a toolkit for life – so if you take that in one hand and the Scout Promise in the other, you are made for life.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – South East
Presenter Sir Richard Stilgoe, Songwriter

“You have all done fantastically well and we all congratulate you so much. When you apply for a job, your Gold DofE Award is one of the best things you can have. Remember, moving forward from here, at every point in your life there will be a choice of two roads to travel. Always take the road less travelled, the interesting one. Take the chance, it might work!”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Afternoon presentation

Throne Room- Wales

Presenter – Margaret Anne Fountain, International Philanthropist

“I’m in complete awe of every one of you. You’ve done something completely extraordinary. I would like to congratulate you all for making a life changing decision to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – Yorkshire and Humberside
Presenter – Alan Hinkes, Mountaineer

“It’s a great honour to be here and to present the Gold Award certificates. You have all shown determination, resilience and effort in order to achieve this significant milestone – Congratulations.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – The Scout Association
Presenter- John May, Secretary General, The International Award

“Massive congratulations to all of you on achieving something so special. The DofE is not just for a particular type of person, it is there for everyone. Anyone who puts their mind to it can do it. You should all be really proud of yourselves”.

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery- South West
Presenter – David Neita, Lawyer and Poet,

“Don’t be afraid to demonstrate your talents, skills and ideas. Achieving a Gold Award already elevates your position, it increases your employability prospects”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Roll of honour: 15 Oct 2014

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 15 October 2014 at St. James’s Palace:



Sarah Adamson
Daniel Akam
Hester Alderman
George Aldridge
Lydia Allcock
Samuel Allsop
Thomas William Allsopp
Catherine Almond
Michael Andrews
Jodie Angell
Shabina Aqil
Emma Argyle
Jonathan Armstrong
Emma Armstrong
Zoe Ashbridge
Anton Ashcroft
William Attwood
James Austin
Isabelle Baker
Jenny Baker
Emily Mary Ball
Kayzia Ballantyne
Alice Bamford
Harry Banks
Philippa Banks
Saakshi Barman
Thomas Barnes
Sarah Barnett
George Andrew Barnett
Anna Barr
Thomas Barrett
Laura Bassett
James Baxter
Isabelle Beard
Matthew Beevers
Holly Belcher
Katherine Bell
John Bell-Winfrow
Bethany Bentham Sorohan
Benjamin Berridge
Kathryn Berry
Catherine Bird
Jacob Blagden
James Boden
Benjamin Bodsworth
Jack Bookham
Eleanor Boot
Katherine Boyd
Jack Bradley-Seddon
Alice Susan Brett
Morgan Brewer
Jourdan Brewer
Nathan Bridgwood
Rebecca Briggs
Sophie Britton
Edward Anthony David Brooker
Thomas Adam Brown
Harriet Brown
Amabel Buck
Matthew Buckingham
Alex James Buckingham
Hettie Burrows
Harry Bushell
Kim Butler
Lauren Sarah Butts
Kieran Byrne
Chris Calder
Rachael Callaghan
Lauren Campbell
Alexandra Campbell
Elizabeth Capsey
Sarah Carr
Robert Carter
Flora Cecil
Joseph Chalmers
Joe Chambers
Victoria Kate Chatburn
Oliver Cheal
Daniel Chipchase
Juliette Clare
Daniel Clarke
Hannah Clayden
Helena Cleary
Shannon Clements
Charlie Clemmow
Jessica Clifton
Melissa Clover
Victoria Cohen
Kristian Coleman
Ashley Collins
Ben Graham Combellack
Matthew Cook
Daniel Cook
Joshua Cooke
Francesca Cooling
Kym Grace Cooper
Binah Cooper
Holly Copestake
Christian James Corkish
Megan Corless
Stephen T. M. Cox
Zachary Cox
Sophie Craddock
Stephen Craig
Robert Michael John Cross
Serena Crouch
Annabel Crowther
Hayley Curtis
Saad Dalal
Hugh Dalton
Rhianna Bethan Davies
William Davies
Luke Davies
Edward Davies
Bryony Davison
Charlotte Day
Lauren Dean
Max Deane
Oliver Deane
Matthew Deavall
Oliver Demaine
Luke Denton
Eleanor Dewhurst
Paul Dickinson
Keeley-Jade Diggons
Hannah Dines
Laura Dix
Sarah Dolby
Amy Donaghy
Toni Doncaster
Lewis Doubleday
Simon Downes
William Doyle
Benjamin Drury
Amy Duke
Amy Dunne
Sean Edwards
Lydia Edwards
Kathryn Egerton
Emily Ellis
Sophie Ellis
Salma El-Wardany
Kaleisha Emmens
Jade Entwistle
Daniel Entwistle
Rebecca Eva
Richard Evans
Rebecca Falconer
Emma Farmery
Lauren Farrar
Lawrence Fergus
Richard Ferris
Brandon Field
Jessica Filson-Filby
Benjamin George Finch
James Finnegan
Alistair Edward Fisher
Isabelle Oxyntha Claire Fisher
Thomas Fitchett
India Mary Louise Flanagan
Harrison Fleckney
Grace Fletcher
Bruce Fletcher
Poppy Forshaw-Perring
Adam Found
James Fox
Gordon Fox
Timothy Peter Foxford
Matthew Frain
Paul Francis
Emma French
Charlotte French
Katie Frost
Alice Frostick
Henrietta Gard
Emma Gardner
Jennifer Garratt
Jeremy Gaunt
Emmajayne George
Ralph Edward Gibbs
Frederik Gibson
Helen Louise Gillard
Graham Gissing
Rebecca Glazier
Jonathan Goldney
Oliver Goodlud
Judith Goodwin
Samuel Gosling
Natalie Christine Gould
Emma Grant
Catherine Elizabeth Grant
Stuart Graves
Daniel Greenwood
Caroline Gregory
Sarah Griffiths
Tilly Griffiths
Heather Grimsey
Christopher Grose
Hannah Gutheridge
Isabel Guthrie
Tara Habib
Megan Hall
James Halliday
Emma Hardacre
Toby Hardesty
Anastasia Hardwick
Matthew Harkin
Lauren Harries
Susannah Harrison
Alexander David Hart
Naomi Hartman
Josiah Haslam
Mary Heartshorne
Esther Heath
Alexander Heathcote
Matt Heenan
Lynn Henderson
Alexandra C. Hendon
Carrie Henzell
Sam Herford
Maddison Heywood
Martha Hilliard
Chloe Hinton
Megan Hoare
Alison Hockings
Stephen Dominic Hockley
Charlotte Hogan
Rachel Hollingsworth
Son Nok (Promise) Hong
George Hooper
Jonathan Hopes
Ellie Hopkins
Kieran Horry
Kirsty Horsman
Callum Hosie
Kimran Hothi
Daniel Hotten
Joseph Howarth
Claire Laura Howes
James Hudson
Harriet Hughes
Madelaine Isabel Hughes
Aidan Hughes
Caitlin Hughes
Hayley Hughes
Katie Hull
Matthew Paul Humphreys
William Humphreys
Iona Hunt
Adam Hurt
Scott Hutchins
Rosemary Hyde
Liam Hyland
Helen Ibbotson
Megan Bethany Irons
Edmund Irvine-Fortescue
James Irving
Megan Irving
Matthew Jackson
Charlie Jackson
Jed Jaggard
Sam James
Iestyn John Davey Jenkins
David Jenner
Benjamin Jobling
Samuel Johnson
Ashley Jones
Matthew Jones
Robert Jones
Ashleigh Jones
Alys Jones
Naomi Joshua
Daniel Keane
James Kelly
Emily Kelly
Oliver Kemp
Thomas Kent
Jason Arthur Clark Kent
Charles Kerry
Hwa Jong Kim
Laurence Kimberley
Andrew Jonathan King
Jonathon Kirk
George Kirkham
Virad Kisan
Hannah Klair
Eloise Knights
Charlotte Kong
Leah Kores
Nipun Rangika Kottearachchi
Rhys Kreuchen
Gabrielle Kurdyla
Alice Lacy
Hannah Ladds
Kamran Munro Elahi Lamb
Conor Lamb
Alexander James Philip Lamb
Hannah Lamb
Evie Lamble
Ismay Latter
Winto Lau
Thomas Le Vien
Joshua Leddra
Alex Levine
Andrew Lidster
Matthias Lim
Henry Lock
Rob Lyus
Imogen Mace
Jessica Mackriel
Thomas MacVicker
Nicola Mansbridge
Hayden Manuell
Shahan Abu Maqsud
Hannah Marsh
Emilia Marshall
Timothy Marter
James Martin
Daniel Martin
Catriona Matthews
Adam Matthews
Emma Maurer
Kate McCully
Lydia Rose McDonald
Sarah McIntyre
James McKevitt
Sinead McLean
Caitlin Jane McLintock
Bethany Charlotte McLocklin
Daniel McVeigh
Alexander Medford
Lianne Meek
Brendyn Metcalfe
Paige Mills
Alice Mills
Ben Mitchell
Nathaniel Mitchell
Ellie Moffatt
Alexander Moon
Alex Moore
Hannah L Moorhouse
Poppy-Jo Morris
Laura Helen Moss
Joe Mulqueen
Henry Murdy
Jessica Myers
Rebecca Neesam
Rachel Louise Nelson
Lucy Nevin
Alice Newton
Sarah Nickels
George Nicoll
Andrew Nield
Emily Northridge
Kane O’Malley
Saffy Ormerod
Isobel Nina Page
Sam Parke-Wolfe
Chloe Parkin
Annie Parr
Jessica Ruth Partington
Jake Pass
Tara Patel
Nikhila Patel
Charles Payne
Lucy Peake
Simon Pearce
Christopher Pearce
Hannah Pearce
Rosie Pearce
Francesca Penn
Brogan Pennington
Charlotte May Perry
Joachim Pescod
Olivia Petie
Charlotte Phillips
William Phillips
Benjamin Robert Phillips
David Plews
Joshua Poat
Freddie Podmore
Thomas Poundall
Heather Powell
Hannah Pratt
Elizabeth Ann Prew
Laura Price
Lucinda Price
David Price
Jenny Price
Emma Mary Pring
Laura Proud
Thomas Purslow
Joseph Putt
Grace Raybould
Mark Reading
William Reis
Amy Rendall
Robert James Retallick
Christopher Rich
Kieran D Richards
Harriet Richards
Charlotte Richards
Anna Richardson
Rhett Richardson
William Rickerby
Alex Riddell
Hector Riley
Sophie-Louise Rittig
Damon Roberts
Georgia Grace Roberts
Emily Roberts
Haydn Robinson
Matthew James Robinson
Nikki Helen Robinson
Victoria Rose
Catherine Rose
Amy Royston
James Russell
Phillip Ryan
Catherine Sadler
Helen Nicola Sale
Mahan Salehi
Nicholas Salter
Katie Sanders
Christopher Sargant
George Sawkins
Chloe Scott
Rebecca Scott
Hannah Lily Scott
Michaela Scott
Samantha Sharpe
Bethany Sharrock
Joel Shaw
Yu She
Connie Sheehan
Anna Kathryn Shepherd
Rhiannon Sheppard
Imogen Sheppardson
Samuel Landells Shuttleworth
Freya Rebecca Shuttleworth
Emma Louise Simmonds
Megan Louise Simpson
Matthew Sinclair
Baljit Singh
Christina Slater
Ivan Slipper
Evelyn Smalley
Fiona Marie Smith
Callum Smith
David Smith
Jessica Smith
Edward Smith
Rachel Jennifer Smith
Jenny Soderman
Carrie Soderman
Michael Sosinski
Rebecca Spear
Joshua Spear
Andrew Spreadborough
Emily Standen
Luke Stanley
Jack Stanyer
Susanna Stephenson
Sophie Steventon
Anthony Stewart
Claire Stiff
Colin Stimson
Emily Stokes
Ruth Stone
Elizabeth Stroud
George Stubbs
Alasdair Sturgeon
Thomas Sutcliffe
Oliver Sutcliffe
Kishaan Sutharsan
Jack Swann
Aimee Swann
Christine Sweetapple
Christopher Symes
Alexander David Symons
Emily Constance Taylor
Helen Taylor
Faye Telfer
Emily Thomas
Catrin Mari Thomas
Adam Thomas
Luke Williams
Alice Sophie Thomson
Kyle Thorne
Thomas Thorogood
Rebecca Tillman
Caroline Tranter
Louise Twigg
Katharine Twigger
James Twist
Abbie Vernon
Catherine Voysey
Holly Voysey
Daniel John Anselm Wait
Thomas Wakeham
Megan Walker
Jonathon Walker
Johanna Walukiewicz
Alexander Ward
Tabitha Warne
James Webb
Samuel Wheeler
Tamsin Rachel White
Adam White
Luke Whitehead
Alice Whitfield
Chantal Whitfield
Anna Whitford
Edward Peter Whittaker
Morgan J Whittaker
Sophie Whittingham
Benjamin Wilde
Ben Wilkinson
Emily Wilkinson
Chloe Louise Williams
Alexander David Williams
Harriet Williams
Calvin Wilson
Annick Wilson
Matthew Wimpenny
Hannah Wingrave
Belinda Winn
Alex Winstone
Millie Wood
George Woolley
Jamie Worsa
Thomas Worthington
Elinor Wynne-Thomas
Luke Yarnall
Kyran Yeatman
Yusuf Yunus









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