Monday 17 November 2014

553 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on 17th November at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH the Earl of Wessex

Morning presentation

Throne Room – Central England
Presenter – Jon Culshaw, Comedian

“It’s a great honour to be here today and share in your celebrations. Congratulations to you all!”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – Central England
Presenter – Derek Redmond, Presenter

“Congratulations to you all for achieving your Gold Awards. You have now set the benchmark for which to pursue your future goals. I’m a big believer that if you start something, you should finish it to the best of your ability. It’s not what you do; it’s how you go about doing it. Through sheer tenacity and perseverance you all have been able to achieve something great. All the months of hard work have paid off and now it is your turn to inspire others. You are examples to the next generation of DofE participants; those who are thinking of starting their programme, those who have achieved their Silver and are thinking of progressing on to Gold.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – South East
Presenter – Ray Mears, Outdoor Instructor

“Your Gold Award is a personal journey, you’ve learnt so much about yourselves. Today, you’ve all succeeded and created the most amazing foundations for your future lives. A Gold DofE Award is a tick in the box for your career – what you do with it is your challenge now. We need you, you will shape our futures as well as your own.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – South East
Presenter – Tony Willis, Ex Paralympian/Associate Head Teacher – The Windsor Boys’ School

“The values and characteristics that the DofE allows young people to develop are of huge benefit, both whilst they are taking part and on into later life. The qualities of persistence, resilience, commitment, determination and the ability to rise to meet a challenge, amongst others the scheme promotes, resonate very loudly with both Admissions tutors at University and prospective employers as much as the standard educational qualifications, or perhaps even more so. But the longer term, life enhancement they also bring is immeasurable”.

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – The Army Cadet Force Association
Presenter – Colonel Paul Edwards, Assistant Chief of Staff ACF

“In order to be here today, you will have embarked on a journey of self-discovery, showing great determination and commitment to achieve your Gold DofE Awards. I am a firm believer that if we risk nothing, we achieve nothing. The skills you have learnt through your programme will shape your future. What you must decide now is which metaphorical mountain you climb – persevere – with determination, you will get there in the end.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – Girlguiding
Presenter – Baroness Grey Thompson DBE, Trustee of the DofE

“Today’s an amazing celebration and I feel really proud to be here. Enjoy the moment, enjoy the celebration and be very proud of what you’ve achieved”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – South West
Presenter – Richard Whincup, Lecturer, Hartpury College and Gold Award Holder

“Very many congratulations. I know exactly what you’ve been through, it’s a very proud achievement so well done. You’ve developed yourself, skills for your future. Going forward I’d say put in more than you take out. Good luck on your journey, whatever direction you take. As I know, you don’t have to play the cards you’re dealt with, you’re in control of your lives.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – North West
Presenter – Alexander Schey, CEO and Co-Founder, Vantage Power Ltd

“You have all achieved something special, and that is beyond doubt. But the much longer journey of life is still to come. Use the confidence and will-power you have demonstrated in achieving your DofE Award to propel yourselves to even greater heights. The future is yours – make it a spectacular one!”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Roll of Honour: 26 Nov 2014

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 26 November 2014 at St. James’s Palace:

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 17 November 2014 at St. James’s Palace:



Olivia Abbott
Emily Abell
Charlotte Ackroyd
Robert Allison
Holly Alsop
Silas Anderson
Lucy Elizabeth Anderson
Timothy George Apel
Laura Archer
Christopher Arms
Elizabeth Arthan
Luke Ashdown
Joy Ashford
Louise Ashford
Bethany Ashley
George Asplin
Grace Attrell
Alex J Austin
Michael Awang
Henry Ayres
Laraib Azam
Laura Bacon
Dominic Baker
Helen Baldwin
Connor Bamford
Charles Barclay-Hudson
Jonathan Barlow
Laura Barlow
Holly Barrett
Isobel Barrott
Timothy Philip Barsellotti
Joanne Bartels
Shaun Robert Bartram
Rebecca Barwick
Andrew Bassett
Laura Bates
William Batt
Jack Baverstock
Robert Bayliss
William Bayliss
Catherine Bazley-Harrison
Samantha Beattie
Dominic Beer
Matthew Bees
Shannon Sarah Bell
Deryn Bendall
Nicholas Bennett
Thomas Beresford-Peirse
Jessica Best
Harry Betts
Suraj Bhattacharjee
Lauren Anne Birch
John Birchall
Luca Birch-von Richter
Rosemary Bird
Hayla-Charlotte Blacknell
Isobel Blower
Connor Bolton
Katie Boon
Hannah Booth
Zachary Boughton
Alice Beth Bowen
Lucy Bown
Kristan Boyett
Caitlin Bradley
Lauren Bradley
Alison Brake
Stuart Brammer
Chloe Braybrook
Kate Brennan
Francesca Briggs Reeve
Helen Bristow
Amy Britton
Francesca Claire Helene Brook
Daniel Brown
Michael Brown
Kathryn Brown
Sinead Buckenham
Hannah Buckley
Paavan Buddhdev
Alice Bugeja
Andrew Burdett
Jessica Burns
Rhiannon Abigail Burrell
David Burton
Laura Burton
Elinor Bushell
Aishlyn Callaghan
Annabel Callan
Alice Calvert
Rhona Campbell
Cassia Carmo
Nicola Carter
Olivia Carter
Amy Carter
Luke Case
Charlotte Louise Cassidy
Amy Catling
Paddy Cavanagh
Simon Cereda
Celia Anne Chambers
Isobel Chitty
Stephanie Clark
Andrew Clarke
Philip Clarke
Samuel Clayton
Liam Cobb
Aimée Coghill
Alex Coldstream
Charlotte Coleman
Emily Coleridge
Anna Collier
Natalie Collins
Codrin Condurache
Matthew Connolly
Alexandra Conway
Patrick Conway
Rowena Alexandra May Conway
Christian Cook
Jacob Cooke
Thomas Cooney
Joshua Cooper
Kate Corfield
Phoebe Cournane
Victoria Court
Edward Cousins
Hannah Creamer
Catherine Cremmen
Alexa Cuthbertson
Ian Daly
Jonathan Davidson
Chelsea Davis
Patrick Edmund Drake Davis
Charles Davison
Sophie DeMaine
Thomas Dempster
Josephine Dent
Rob Dewar
Isabelle Di Pierro
Alex Dickens
Emilia Dienn
Jules Christopher Dinwoodie
Charlotte Elizabeth Ditchburn
Sophie Diver
George William Dixon
Michael Dolton
Bethany Donaghy
Liam Donaldson
Fraser Dove
John Dowling
Lucy Dowling
Sam Doyle
Tony Doyle
Deborah Joy Drapper
Laura Duncan
Hannah Dunlop
Megan Dykes-Swindell
Imogen Eales
Abigail East
James Edwards
Gemma Edwards
Harriet Ellis
Tara Elsen
Fraser Ewart Davidson
Matthew Eyres
Beatrice Farmelo
Rowenna Charlotte Rose Farrant
Sara Faulks
William Fisher
Katharine Flach
Charlotte Flanagan
Jessica Rose Fleming
Ross Fletcher
Benjamin Fletcher
Jamie Fox
Colin Fox
Elliot Fox
Thomas Foxton
Timothy Furlong
Steph Furmston
Hannah Galbraith-Olive
Bethan Gamlin
Tristan Gatward
Elliot Gemmell
Charlotte Gill
Jessica Anne Glasgow
Sarah Godsell
Imogen Gore
Kathryn Goring
Emma Goring
Hamish Graham
William Grant
Naomi Grant
Lucy Graves
Callum Greaves
Eleanor Greenway
Pierce Gribben
Matthew Grieve
Louise Griffith
Gemma Grimmer
Ashley Hagan
Catherine Haigh
Alastair Richard Hale
Duncan Hampshire
Jaydn Harding
Benjamin Harries
Clare Harrington
Camilla Harriott
Fergus Harris
Frankie Harrison
Carly-Ann Harrison
Laura Harrison
Robert Hartley
Claire Harwell
Annabelle Hawes
Oliver Hawes
Sophie Hawkes
Alice Hawkins
Max Haycock
Alexander Hayes
Scott Hayes
Rebecca Hayward
Esther Hearn
Kieran Heathcote
Samson Hedley
Rachel Hendrickse
Jonathan Hickson
Katie Hill
Christopher Hill
Jonathan Hill
Daniel Hills
Patrick Hinchliffe
Rory Hitchen
Camilla Hoare
Alexander Hodges
Eleanor Grace Hodgson
Mike Hollingshead
Megan Holman
Elizabeth Holton
Emily Hooker
Eleanor Hooson
Emma Mary Hopkins
Suzannah Horton
Jemima Hosking
Louise House
Laura Howe
Ben Howland
Katie Hughes
Francesca Hughes
Erica Hughes
Rhys Hunt
Laura Hazel Hunt
Sam Hunter
Arron V A Hurn
Aminur Hussain
Codie Illidge
Abeera Imran
Hannan Naseer Imran
Alice Emma Ismail
Eleanor Izzard
Amanda Jackson
Hannah James
Ashley James
Oliver Jamieson
Sean Jamshidi
Rachel Jenkins
Jessica Laura Joel
Rhianna Jones
Tamsin Jones
Jennifer Jones
Alistair Jones
Adam Jones
Ella Jordan
Amy Keating
Benjamin Keeling
Rhona Kerr
Emma Kerridge
Adil Khokhar
Richard Thomas Kidd
Anthony Kildare
Nathan King
Mione Knight
Luke Knight
Michael Knott
Amber Krumins
Adam Lack
Orrin Lancaster
Jacob Larkin-Collins
Tom Larkins
Anna Law
Rosalind Emma Lawrence
Lois Lawrence
Hannah Lee
Adrian Leibovitch
Kayleigh Lensen
Beatrice Lewers
Megan Lewis-Williams
Hui Yi Lim
Benjamin Lintell
Daniel Lodge
Thomas Lord
Jamie Louise Lorimer
Catherine Lovett
Fiona Lyle
Katriona Lyons
Anastasia Mackaness
Helen Mackey
Hannah Maese
Shola Maher
Aoife Maher
Brodie Marriott
Hazel Marsh
Jacob Marshall-Grint
Emma Matchett
Holly Maunders
Dominic May
Felicity McCarthy
Lucy McCluskey
Connor McCoy
Kirsty Isobel Anne McDermott
Eleanor McEgan
Rebecca McKee
Joseph Leslie McLoughlin
Jamie McManamon
Olivia McShane
Alice McWilliam
Eleanor Meagher
Huw Mellish
William Mercer-Reeves
Alice Miao
Harriet Elizabeth Miles
Evie Miles
Olivia Miller
Esther Millington
Bethany Modsley
Tara Molloy
Nicola Mary Moloney
Charlotte Alice Mcdonald Mooney
Rebecca Moore
Jordan Moore
Regan Moore
Julia Morris
Freya Morton
Hannah Mulvihill
Charlotte Murphy
Bethanie Rose Murray
Zoë Mutty
Hugh James Myers
Gabriella Nagus
David Naworynsky
Abigail Neal
Beatrice Neden
Max Nicholas
Sophie Nicholson
Ayako Niina
Sophie Norman
Jessica Norris
Daniel James O’Brien
Rebecca Osmaston
Steven Owen
Olasunkanmi Raphael Oyelade
Stephanie Palmer
Lucy Rose Jane Palmer
Amelia Panayi
Connie Panayi
Georgina Parker
Laura Parnaby
Alice Paterson
Evie Pates
Olivia Patteson-Knight
James Pearce
Christopher Pelmore
Olivia Perez
Kostya Petrov
Janina Pfleiderer-Stellbogen
George Phillips
Oliver Philpott
Helen Elizabeth Pickavance
Amber Harriet Pierce
Elisa Pike
Edward James Pike
David Arthur Ike Pilsworth
Jasmin Pink
Emily Pippard
Daisy Pope
Marcus Popowicz
Narissa Postawa
Lucy Price
Abi Price
Mark Purkis
Shaira Qureshi
Leonora Rae
Emily Rainbow
Elizabeth Randall
Chloe Frances Rattray
Benjamin Ray
Henrietta Reed
Eilidh Reid
Ashley Retchless
Harry Reynolds
Edward Richardson
Jessica Richardson
Charlotte Ridsdale
Jack Rigby
Andrew Rigg
Christopher David Riley
Nicola Roberts
Daniel Robinson
Eden Jane Robinson
Elaina Roilo
Sophie Rolland
Sophie Rooney
Beth Alexandra Rosier
Matthew Rowe
Oliver Rowlatt
Sam Rozewicz
Nicholas Rupp
Liam Russell
George Rutledge
Safya Saleem
Laura Salmon
James Sargisson
Ali Sarraf
Ian Saunders
Mark Saville
Beth Scotney
Samantha Scott
Robert Seddon-Greve
Joseph Selby
Tori Alice Shane
Abdulhafid Sharif
Luke Shaw
Daniel Shepherd
William Sherwood
Mark Douglas Heming Shipway
Matthew Sim
James Simon-Lewis
Aaron Simons
Emily Simons
Hollie Simpson
Sarah Simpson
Holly Simpson
Alice Sirrelle
Jack Slaymaker
Emma Smith
Bethany Smith
Jessica Smith
Rebekah Ann Smith
Luke Smith
Nikki Smith
Fiona Smith
Philippa Smith
Samuel Smith
Tom Smithson
Daniel Snape
Savva Spanos
Sam Spencer
Jonathan Sprod
Elizabeth Jane Sreeves
Ellie Stammers
Amy-Hope Steele
Tamsin Stevens
Charlotte Steward
Hannah Rose Stewart
Holly Stocker
Jonty Strachan
Alasdair Straker
Lucy Stronach
Oliver Stubbs
Lauren Jayne Summers
Kirsty Sutherland
Emma Swain
Eleanor Swinnerton
Amy Symonds
James Tait
James Edward Tarlton
Rosie Tasker
Samuel Taylor
Megan Taylor
Calvin Taylor
Harvey Taylor
James Taylor
Jonathan Terry
Justin Tetlow
Rebecca Thomas
Jack Edmund Bowen Thomas
Sally Thomas
Beth Thompson
Sarah Louise Joy Thornhill
Frances Timberlake
Jack Tivey
Andrew Tomlinson
Katherine Joy Townsend
Rhianna Trower
Nicole Tuffin
Cameron Turner
Stephanie Jane Twibill
Ashley James Tyne
Ashley Tyrer
Nicola Tyrer
Robyn Underhill
David Unwin
Callum Varrall
Hannah Vasey
Sam Venn
Georgia Verdon
Sadie Vick
Kirsty Walker
Nathan James Walsh
Eleanor Walter
Rachael Ward
Robert Wareing
Simon Wathen
Francesca Watkins
Eleanor Watson
Lewis Webber
Jack Neil Webster
Anthony Weedon
Ainsley Weston
Rachel Westwood
Flora Eleanor Theodora Wharton
Rebecca Rose Wharton
Matthew Wheeler
Laura Whitaker
Michael White
Adam Whitehead
Lydia Whitehouse
Luke Wiles
Sebastian Wilkins
Harry Wilkinson
Jade Wilkinson
Jo Williams
John Williams
Rachel Williams
Sarah Jane Williams
Rachael Wills
Franklin Wilson
Charlotte Wilson
Hannah Wilson
Ellena Wilson
Henry Robert Wisdom
Elizabeth Wollaston
Amy Wombwell
Erica Wood
Sarah Woolham-Jaffier
Katie Woolnough
Amy Yallop
Robert Yates
Lauren Yates
Thom Yehuda
Holly Young
Jessica Young
Youren Yu









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