558 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on Wednesday 18 November at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

Morning presentation

Throne Room – London

Presenter – Miss Bonita Norris, Mountaineer

Bonita told the Gold Award holders: “A huge congratulations to you all. I didn’t get the chance to do my own DofE and I didn’t really understand the significance until presenting these awards. Through your Gold DofE you will have had moments where you it’s all gone completely wrong but you’ve gritted your teeth and done it and got here today. Those experiences make you realise you are capable of far more than you imagined.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – Central England
Presenter – Mr Jon Allan Butterworth, Paralympic Cyclist

Jon told the Gold Award holders: “I take my hat off to you. All these skills I learnt through the military and that you learn through your DofE are life skills. You don’t think about them but they become part of you and you use them for the rest of your life. I really congratulate you all for everything you have achieved at such a young age.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – Central England
Presenter – Mr Adrian Chiles, Presenter

Adrian told the Gold Award holders: “When I was at school I didn’t have the get up and go that you have shown. I am genuinely impressed. A Gold DofE Award means something, you don’t just get given it, you’ve worked hard for years. You should be very proud. Doing your DofE I’m sure you learnt more about life and what it takes to succeed, way more than through your academic studies. Congratulations on achieving your Gold Awards, it’s an absolute pleasure to be here today.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – South East
Presenter – Mr John Sullivan, Expedition Leader and Survival Instructor

John told the Gold Award holders: “This is your day but it’s not your last day. The DofE opens up so many doors for you. The skills you have gained are immense and will make future employers stand up and take note.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – The Army Cadet Force
Presenter – Major General Ivan Hooper, Major General Ministry of Defence

Ivan told the Gold Award holders: “It is a privilege and a pleasure to be here today. These young people have demonstrated all the qualities to succeed in any walk of life.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – North of England
Presenter – Mr David Seaman, Former England Goalkeeper and Frankie Poultney, Professional Ice Skater

David and Frankie told the Gold Award holders: “Never give up. Always believe in yourself.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – North of England
Presenter – Ross Kemp, Journalist and Presenter

Ross told the Gold Award holders: “It’s an absolute honour to be here today. Congratulations to you all. It’s a fantastic achievement! You set out to do something and you attained it. It’s a rare thing and you should be proud.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – South West
Presenter – Kirsten O’Brien, TV and Radio Presenter and Bronze Award Holder

Kirsten told the Gold Award holders: “Huge congratulations to you all. For you to get to Gold is a huge, huge achievement. You’ve all shown determination and focus to get this far which will serve you brilliantly going forward. I wish you all the luck in the world.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

London 18 November 2015

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 18 November 2015 at St. James’s Palace:




Lucy  Acheson-Gray
James Ade
Ben  Allen
Brad  Allen
Emily  Allen
Briony  Allen
Ellis  Allison
Emily  Amyotte
William  Anderson
Leanne Andrews
Francesca  Arcari
Harry Archer
Callum  Armitage
Koen  Arroo
Liam  Atkins
Luke Atkinson
Aman Aujla
Angharad  Ball
Will  Bambra
Ella  Bannenberg
Paul Robert  Barker
Oliver  Barker
Alice  Barr
Richard  Barratt
Megan  Barton
Oliver  Bassett
Rachael Basson
Eliot  Bates
Lucy Elizabeth Bates
Katherine  Bateson
Lily Anne  Baxter
Alice Baxter
Elizabeth Georgina Beale
Alice Bearpark
Tom  Beckingham
Alexander DJ Bedford
Edward  Beedham
Caitlin  Belisle
Alice  Bell
Shianne  Bell
Thomas Benson
Elliott George Benson
Jessica  Best
James  Bevan
Jessica  Bevington
Hannah  Billingham
Laura Bisson
Charlie  Blackmore
Stuart Blair
Antonia  Blanchard
Agata  Bojanowska
Anne  Bolle-Jones
David  Bolle-Jones
Patrick  Bolton
Matthew Scott Bond
Evangeline  Booth
Sarah  Bothamley
Stewart  Bottomley
Charlotte  Bowyer
Katharine  Bowyer
Matthew Boyce
Claire  Bradshaw
Charles  Brash
Daniel  Bridgwood
William Broadbent
Rachel  Brockbank
Hannah  Brooke
Maxime  Brooks
Laura Jane Brooks
Bracken  Brown
Emily  Brown
Johnathan Brown
Bethany Brown
Tristan  Brownhill
Alicia  Bryan
Emma  Burgoyne
Joshua David Burl
Robert James Burns
Lucy  Burns
Max  Burns
Annabel  Burton
Florence Butler
Edward  Butler-Caddle
Jonathan  Butt
Victoria  Butterworth
Jack  Buttling
Toby  Buttress
Thomas  Byard
Edward Cairns
Katie Cammack
Jessica Campbell
Michael Cann
Freddie Carr
Emily Frances Cartwright
Chloe  Casey
Emily  Catling
Samuel  Catton
Holly  Cavanagh Maddock
Thomas  Cave
Martin Chak
Pierce  Chalmers
Eloise  Chambers
Laura Champ
Bronte  Chandrasekara
Emma  Chaplin
Laura  Chapman
Martina Cheadle
Lois Grace Cheatle
Luke Samuel  Cheetham
Ellie Cheney
Leon  Cheung
Hannah  Chirgwin
James  Clarke
Christopher  Clay
Ryan James Clifford
Hannah Clifton
Sophie Clowes
Yael Collins
Harry Coombe
Andrew  Coombs
Francesca Cooney
Aiden Cooper
Henry Court
Alexander  Coy
Sara  Craig
Ryan Daniel Craig
Robert Daniel  Craven
Thomas  Crowley
Richard  Cumberlidge
Charlotte  Cundell
Kurtis Nicholas Andrew Cunningham
Jo Louise Cutler
Nelly Dalton
Nikou Damestani
Georgina  D’Arcy
James  Davies
Joe  Davis
Luke  Deamer
Shaun  Dempsey
Benjamin Diamond
Lydia Jane Dobson
Harriet  Dodsworth
Jennifer  Doidge
Jake Dolan
Isabel  Domleo
Alexander  Donaldson
Sophie Donnelly
Rosie  Duckworth
Elizabeth Dugmore
Gurpreet  Duhra
Edward  Dukes
Sophie Dunningham
Fern  Durbridge
Georgia  Eaton
Rachel  Eatough
Courteney Edwards
Amelia Rose Ellard
Jacques  Elliott
Matthew  Elliott
Lucy  Elmer
Patrick  Envis
Isabella Esses
Ben  Farley
Tom  Farr
Kate  Fearnyough
Susannah Felstead
Thomas Finch
Calum  Finn
Tom  Firmin
Charlotte  Firmin
Richard Fisher
Natalie  Fisk
Annabel  Fleet
Clarissa  Folliss
Edward Ford
Flora  Foreman
David  Foster
Molly Foster
Helen Frank
Sian Franklin
Stuart  Franz
Megan  Fricker
Jennifer  Frost
Charlotte  Froud
Jonathan  Fry
Dean  Fuggle
Deborah  Fulton
Andrew  Gamman
Michael  Gardner
Katherine Helen Garnett
George  Garrett
Nikou  Genever
Samuel  Gibbs
Adam  Glew
Chloe Adele Godin
Jonathan Owen Godwin
Ben Goodair
Hannah  Gormley
Sam  Gough
Archie Graham
Meryam  Gray
Alastair  Green
Thomas  Greenwell
Billie Grisdale
Jordan  Grocott
Sophie  Groves
Melissa Rose Isobel Gunter
Tom Haigh
Harriet Hall
Elliot  Hall
Georgina  Hall
Lucy  Hall
Angharad Hall
Rheanna-Marie  Hall
Toby  Hallitt
Rachel  Hamilton
Melanie  Hamilton
Sam  Hancock
Robert  Hanson
Anisah  Haque
Grace  Haracz
Scott Harley
Rachel  Harries
Kitty Harris
Jack   Harrison
Benjamin  Harrison
Elizabeth  Hart
Rebecca Hart
Adam  Hartley
Joanna  Hawkins
James  Hawley
Phoebe Rebekah Hawthorn
Fenella  Hayes
Eleanor  Hayter
Kieran  Heeley
Sophie  Hepburn
David  Heslop
Max  Higgins
Sophie  Higham
Marcus  Hill
Katherine  Hillan
Matthew  Hills
Benjamin  Hinchliffe
Jessica  Hoar
Holly  Hobbs-Simpson
Justin Hoggard
Rebecca  Hoke
Lucy  Holvey
Thomas  Home
Charles Horner
Thomas  Horvath
Alice  Howe
Jake Edward Howells
Eleanor  Hudson
Shannon Emily Hannah  Hurdman
Paul Hurst
Akila  Hussain
Emma Hutchinson
Amelia  Hutchinson
Victoria  Huth
Ryan  Hyland
Sophie Illingworth
Alex Illingworth
Mohammed Ahsam Iqbal
Louise  Isaac
Sarah  Ives
Claudia  Jackaman-White
Emily Jane Jacklin
Laura Amy Jacklin
Iain  Jackson
Matthew Jarocki
Alex  Jeffery
Harsimar  Singh Jhittay
Belinda  Johnson
Adam  Johnson-Zammit
William Jones
Hannah  Jones
Amy  Jones
Peter  Kaela
Samuel  Kagwi
Katerina  Karamani
Isabella  Kay
Rachel Louise Kay
Robert  Kean
Sophie  Kelly
Amber Jade  Kemp
Joanne  Kempley
James  Kerr
Sophie  Keywood
Shira  Kilgallon
Michael  King
Thomas  King
David  Kirk
Isaac  Kitchen-Smith
Hiba  Kokan
Róisín Lacey
May Ching  Lai
Amelia  Lancaster
Richard  Lane
Serena Langham
Ian Per-Erik Larsson
Eleanor  Latham
Charlotte  Latteman
Robert  Lavelle
Phillip James Layton
Ryan  Leadbeater
George  Lees
Mark Arthur Lennarddo
Iain Edwin Leslie
Barney  Lester
Jessica  Lewin
Catherine  Lewin
Jack Lidgley
Emily  Llewellyn
Megan  Lloyd
Imogen Lloyd
Kaidan  Lomas
Georgia  Long
Katie Hannah Longmore
Izaac  Lovatt
Jack  Lowe
Kim Lundgren
Keziah  Luxmoore
Kimberley Lydon
Elizabeth  Lyon
Hannah Claire Lyons
Annabel  Macklin
Scott  Madden
Jack  Maddicks
Tooba  Malik
Jessica Emily Mallinson
Menisha  Manhota
Paul  Manzie
Abigail  Markwick
Sophie  Marquand
Yvonne  Marsh
Alina Marshall
Lydia  Martin
Jacob  Martin
Zach Marzouk
Tom Masters
Charlotte  McAloon
Jack  McBride
Edward  McCartney-Moore
Billie  McGowan
Benjamin  McGregor
Michaela  McGregor
Sara  McKay
Tom  McQueen
Nathan  Mead
Keval  Mehta
Katie Mellor
Sophie Louise Jayne Midgley
Suzanne Laura Jayne Dempsey
Edmund  Miles
Daniel  Millbanks
Richard  Mills
Joseph  Milne
Vivien Robina Minett
Natalie  Minter
Charlotte Molloy
Emily Rose Monaghan
Amy  Moore
Christopher  Moore
Hayley  Morgan
Matthew Moriarty
Edward Morley
Georgia  Morrell
David  Moss
Ella  Mountbatten
Samuel  Murphy
Hannah Joelle Myers
Mitchell Myers
Douglas  Naismith
Charlotte  Nesbitt
Chloe Newsom
Matthew Thomas Newton
Adaobi Nezianya
Eleanor Niblett
Georgia Nicklin
Catherine  Noone
Ruth  Norgate
Lucy  Nuttall
Edward  O’Brien
Will  O’Connell
Sean  Odell
James  Odunsi
Caroline  Offiler
Mark  Offiler
Jennifer Jane Offiler
Eguono  Ogueh
Fatima Omar
Michael Osborne
May  Ouma
Megan Owen
Robyn  Page
Adam  Palmier
Sweta  Panchagnula
Raymond Ka-Kay Pang
Elsa  Papa
Thomas  Parrin
Louis André William Parsons
Kishan-Kieran  Patel
Mary  Pattinson
David  Pearson
Carly  Peat
Laura Roney Cutforth Pegg
Camilla Emily Penney
Joseph  Perry
Daniel  Phair
Gabrielle  Picker
Emma  Plant
Dafydd Owen Plant
Ffion  Plant
James  Pointon
Alicia  Polley
Harriet  Posner
Alexander  Powell
Kate Annie Powell
Timothy Price
Matthew Price
Ella  Price
Duncan Putt
Jessica  Pyne
Simran  Rai
Aarati  Rai
Nitika  Raja
Abbigail  Ramadhar
Finn  Ramirez
Varkha  Rattu
Antonia Redpath
Sophie Eva Grace Reed
Lileth  Rees
Joe  Regan
Simon James Renwick
Matthew  Reynolds
Caleb  Rich
Jake Joseph Richardson
Tim  Ricketts
Max  Ring
Lucinda  Rix
Jonny Roberts
Bethan Fiona Roberts
Matthew Robinson
Charlotte  Robson
Chris  Rockingham
Isabel  Rogers
Simon Rostron
Craig Rowland
Amy  Russell
Abdul-Wahaab  Saddiq
Jason  Sadler
Frances  Sampson
Leigh  Sanches
Harry  Sanders
Joanna  Sanders
Matthew  Sandison
Christopher  Savage
Clare  Schofield
Emily  Schofield
James  Scott
Daniel  Scutt
Rachel  Selwood
Keyan Shah
Alexander  Shaw
James  Shepherdson
Shivani Shingadia
Robert  Shipley
Hannah  Sim
Thomas  Simnett
George  Smailes
Samuel Small
Gemma  Smith
Rosalind  Smith
Florence  Smith
Liam James Smith
Emma  Somers
Katherine  Sopwith
Charlie Southwood
Kelly Louise Spry
William  Storey
Emily Straw
Austin John  Sullivan
William  Sutcliffe
Melanie  Sutherland
Victoria  Svennevik
Matthew Swift
Harvey  Sykes
Anna  Symington
Natasha  Szawatkowski
Jason  Taft
Andrew Taylor
Charlotte  Taylor
Thurshana  Tharmakulasingam
Sarmila  Tharmakulasingam
Claire  Thomas
Isobel  Thomas
Luke  Thompson
Jack Myles Thomas Thornborrow
Grace  Thornett
Lydia  Toland
Clare  Tomkins
Samuel  Tomlinson
Robert  Treasure
Emily  Trim
Harriet Trollope-Bellew
Stephanie Wing Chi Tsang
Emily  Tulett
Corie Stephen Turner
Alexander Turner
Emily  Turtle
Rachel  Tutty
Sreya  Vadlamani
Daniel  Verma
Jacob  Vick
Abbie Waine
Oliver  Waldron
Elizabeth  Walker
Leanne Jane Walker
Jack  Walker
Phoebe Walsh
Josephine  Walshaw
Hannah  Walters
Thomas Edmund  Ward
Benjamin Ward
Will  Waters
Mairi Watt-Cooper
Nicholas  Watton
Elizabeth  Watton
Ann  Webb
Sarah Katrine Mairi Weir
Victoria Welborn
Thomas Westcott
Alexander  Westin-Hardy
Eleanor  Weston-Collison
Ryan Wheeler
Aldert  White
Hadley  Whitehead
Ellie May Willetts
Richard Williams
Montgomery  Williams
Victoria  Williams
Tariq Willis
Matthew Willis
Melanie  Willson
Sam  Wilson
Charlotte  Wilson
Adam Wilson
Jack  Wilson
Anghard  Wilson Dyer Gough
Jason  Wood
Robert  Woolley
Martin Wright
Stefan  Wright
Michael  Wright
William  Wright
Grey  Wu
Alexander James Young











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