London 2 December 2015

542 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on Wednesday 2nd December at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

Morning presentation

Throne Room – London
Presenter – Tamzin Outhwaite, Actress

Tamzin told the Gold Award holders: “If I’d have known about the DofE when I was aged 14 I think it is definitely something that I would have loved to do. It’s great character building and gives you the opportunity to experience new things. You have all inspired me to try something new.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – National Organisations
Presenter – Arlene Phillips, Choreographer, Dancer and former Strictly Come Dancing Judge

Arlene told the Gold Award holders: “I’d like to say how massively impressed I am at all of you for achieving your Gold Award. The DofE makes young people realise how much you can achieve in life which is something you don’t always get in school. The DofE helps you discover who you are, what you want to do and ultimately what you can achieve. Congratulations to you all!”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – North of England
Presenter – Mike Bannister, Former Concorde Pilot

Mike told the Gold Award holders: “A lifetime achievement. Something you should be exceedingly proud of. You really have done something special. Every single one of you might have thought I can’t do this anymore. Today is all about you. About your ability to be professional, to commit and to serve – you have achieved a fantastic thing!”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – Central England
Presenter – Denise Lewis OBE, Olympic Heptathlete

Denise told the Gold Award holders: “I’m excited to see where the next stage of your life takes you. You’ve achieved something very special. Don’t let anything hold you back, believe that you can and anything can happen. Set yourself a goal and keep focused. Congratulations to everyone today, you should be very proud.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – North of England
Presenter – Ms Rebecca Birkbeck, CEO of Join In – The Olympic Legacy Foundation

Rebecca told the Gold Award holders: “I recently heard the Duke speaking about the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and he referred to it as a ‘Do it Yourself Growing up Kit’. That is exactly what the DofE can do for you. It equips you with skills and experiences that will stay with you for the rest of your life.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – National Organisations
Presenter – Sarah Willingham, Entrepreneur and Dragon’s Den Panellist

Sarah told the Gold Award holders: “Firstly, a huge congratulations to you all. We live in a fast paced world and in order to stand out and be brilliant you’ve got to do something exceptional, which you have all done in achieving your Gold Award. My advice going forward is to stay true to yourself. Never underestimate the power of ‘no’ in order to keep focused on your pat. Remember that life is a journey and you should never stop learning along the way. You have already shown through your DofE that you can apply yourself and achieve and I wish you all the success for the future.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – North of England

Presenter – Phil Brown, Olympic Silver Medallist and Central Regional Director

Phil told the Gold Award holders:

“The DofE is a great way to showcase your talents and stand out from the crowd. The Award is for everyone from all walks of life, no matter what your circumstances are. The DofE is not only recognised by Universities and employers but it makes you challenge yourself. You have to adapt and change but the experience will stay with you and I hope you will use it is a force to take you forward onto bigger and better things in the future.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – South West
Presenter – Antony Jinman, Polar Explorer

Antony told the Gold Award holders: “I wish you all the best for the future, wherever life takes you. Learn from this experience and embrace it. The experience you have is what employers look for and what makes you the person you are going to be tomorrow.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

London 2 December 2015

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 2 December 2015 at St. James’s Palace:




Abdulrahman Abdusalam
Shelbey Adamson
Raleigh Richard Wilfrid Addington
Jordann Addis
Natasha Adkins
Rima Aggarwal
James Aglionby
Holly Ainsworth
Christopher Alden
Melissa Allan
Charlotte Allan
Rawan Alrawi
Grace Anderson
Charles Edward Anderson
Emma Andrews
Lucy Ansell
Cameron Arbuckle
Joshua Archer
Natasha Armstrong
Georgina Armstrong
Bethany Arnold
Robert Arnold
Megan Rose Arnold
Toby Ashfield
Peter Aston
Thomas Aston
Joseph Aston
Lillian Babayan
Daniel Bagnall
Alex Bailey
Adam Bainbridge
Yasmin Bakr
Lauren Baldwin
Shiama Indu Balendra
Gwen Ballard
Sharon Bamberg
Kirstin Barnard
Jessica Barnes
Jordan Barnes
Jemima Bartholomew
Joshua Bartram
Miah Elizabeth Bates
William Battersby
Charlie Beake
Ellamae Beake
Hollie Bean
Mary Beange
Hollie Beard
Harry Beckwith
Tara Bell
Elizabeth Bell
Alastair James Benham
Thomas Beresford-Smart
Daniel Best
Simon Bill
James Bilsbrough
Zoe Bird
Matthew Birmingham
Pippa Bishop
Cameron Blackburn
David Blackler
Philip Blenkinsop
Louise Blockwell
Hannah Borkett
Callum Boud
Audrey Bourdais Paull
Jack Bower
Kay Bowes
George Bowring-Lossock
Oliver James Bradley
Campbell Maud Somerset Bradly
Rebecca Breen
Thomas Brockbank
Charlie Brown
Alexandra Seabrook Brown
Alyson Laura Brown
Laura Brown
Holly Brownlee
Emma Bryan
Lauren Busby
Flavia Natalia Bush
Ciaran Cahill
Charlotte Breeshey Cain
Charlotte Callaway
Serena Capocci
Oliver Carey
Danielle Carre
Thomas Cashmore
Lydia Cassidy
Rebecca Cervenak
Thomas Chappell
Andrew Charlton
Nicola Cherry
Rory Chisholm
Yanni Chow
Alexandra Chrysanthou
Gabriella Francesca Clack
William Clare
Richard Claridge
Alexandra Katherine Clarke
Elena Close
Jonathan Clough
George Coe
Lauren Cokayne
Joley Coles
Christian Collins
Abbie Collins
Hannah Conrathe
Helena Cook
Joseph Cooke
Rory Cookman
Freddie Cooney
Henri Cooney
Mathew Cooper
Oliver Cose
Molly Cosgrove
William Cottrell
Laurence Couch
James Couling
Adam Crook
Henry Bruce Crosby
Felix Cross
Alexandra Cross
David Cullen
JoeHenry Cummings
Edward Curtis
Harun Da Silva-Raina
Lucy Davenport
Frederick Davies
Christopher Davies
Michael Davies
Mark Davison
Alexandra Dawson
Charlotte Day
Nathan Dean
Liam Deane
Nathan Defty
Amy Denby
Gursimran Deu
Hannah Dewey
Michael Dewing
Sophie Dicken
Jonny Ding
Michael Dodd
James Donohue
Heidi Douglas-Osborn
Louise Dowds
Louise Downton
Joshua Edge East
Thomas Elliott
Sarah El-Sheikh
Camilla Elvidge
Benjamin James Embling
Isabel England
Charlotte Euridge
Monty Evans
Rhian Evans
Merlin Evans
Patrick Eves
Kimberley Fallon
Bernadette Farnworth
Jamie Farrington
Thomas Fawcett
Laura Ferguson
Madeleine Ferns
Stefan Fideli
Chris Field
Max Filskow
Thomas Fleming
Tyrone Fletcher
Molly Flint
Heather Louise Flint
Joseph Flute
Fong Wing Lam Natalie
Kaizad Forouhar
Emily Fortune
Natasha Foster
Georgia Foulkes-Hartley
Caitlin Frampton
Meredith Freeman
Charlotte Furnell
Charlotte Garner
Jennifer Garratt
Thomas Gibbons
Jennifer Gill
Emily Glazebrook
Roshni Goodka
Tess Goulding
Jessica Graham
Elinor Grant
Campbell Gray
Emma Rose Gray
Annabel Green
Rhiannon Green
Edward Oliver Greer
Jack Greetham
Elizabeth Grieve
Michael Griffin
Sian Griffiths
Jordan Hackles
Aleksija Haderaj
Edward Haines
Ryan Hall
Matthew Hall
Richard Hall
William James Hamill
Shannon Hamilton
Peter Hammond
Sophie Jean Hammond
Edward Harrington
Bethany Harris
Sophie Harris
Katharine Harris
Marie Harrison
Catriona Ellen Hawkes
James Robert Hawkes
Megan Hawkins
Samantha Elizabeth Pichaya Hawkins
Joseph Edward Hayton
Jack Head
Benjamin Heels
Charles Heels
Benjamin Heenan
Philippa Hewitson
Jonathan Hicks
Emily Jane Hill
Jessica Hill
Katie Hill
Jonathan Hill
Hannah Hine
Samuel Hinmers
Abygail Hobday
Theodore Hodge
Freya Hodgkin
Christopher Hodgson
Max Holland
Rebecca Hopkinson
Gemma Horrocks
Kieran Hosking
Sara Howells
Danny Howes
Alexa Hughes-Alderson
Eleanor Humphrey
Timothy Hunter
Amy Hunter
Barnaby Huthwaite
Scott Inglis
Katherine Ingram
India Innes
Rebecca Ive
Natalie Jackson
Guy James
Hanah James
Harriet James-Weed
Jasmin Jarman
Senthury Jegatheeswaranathan
Oliver Jenkins
Ryan Jessop
Demitria Joannides
Laura Johnson
Madeleine Johnson
Christopher Jones
Charlotte Jones
Robert Alexander Kealey
Connor Kearsley-Cree
Alexander Keenan
Stephanie Keep
Zeena Kerai
Rory Kerr
Nusheen Saveira Khan
Harriet Kinahan
Jessica King
Craig Kirton
Haruka Kobayashi
Joseph Krogulec
Hannah Lafferty
Ieuan Lamb
Katy Langley
Andrew Larmar
Alice Lattey
Trevor Lau
Thomas Law
Elizabeth Mary Margaret Lawson
Amy Lawton
Jessica Lawton
Charli Leckenby-Rye
Holly Leckenby-Rye
Zoe Lemarechal
Daniel Leng
Kal Leung
Alexandria Levey
Kate Levinson
Sophia Lewyckyj
Benjamin Lindley-Start
Annabel Louise Locke
Grace Lockwood
Andrew Longden
Megan Loveridge
Sophie Elizabeth Lowe
Frances Lowry
Matthew Luke
Nancy Lunnon
Dominic Luxton
Ben MacKellar
John Macleod
Francesca Macvean
Henry Makings
Jose Malaspina
Piers Mallitte
Fiona Mansfield
Rachel Manson
Vasil Markov
Bethan Grace Marshall
Lukas Marshall
James Marshall
Joshua Martin-Winter
Anna Mason
Charles Mathews
Hannah Matthews
George Matthews
Katherine Maule
Timothy Mawby
Matthew McAuley
Megan Mcbride
Laurence McCron
Mariam McCullagh
Benedict McDiarmid
Michael McGuinness
Marissa McKee
Katie McLaren
Tara McMillan-Walsh
Heather McSkimming
Frazer Meakin
Juliet Melia
Jack Mellor
James Mensforth
Samuel Francis Menzies
Elizabeth Merson
Georgia Meyer
Alex Michaels
Alex Mitchell
Alice Mitchell
Alexander Mitchener
Bernice Mitchener
James Mockeridge
Nathan Moore
Gemma Morgan
Caitlin Morris
Gemma Muller
Joseph Murrell
Lydia Grace Neave
Genie Ng
Charles Niekirk
Molly Nugent
Alexander O’Brien
Millie O’Dair
Aidan O’Doherty
Victoria Oliver
Samuel Osborne
Jayne Oswald
Rachael Bacon, Hannah Oswald
Amy Owen
Nathan Owen
Alec Owens
Stephanie Page
Szymon Palucha
Kayleigh Park
Priya Parmar
Benjamin Parsons
Helen Parsons
Monika Patel
Dhru Patel
George Pateman
Ben Patrickson
Andrew Peacey
Jessica Peach
Ben Peacock
Eleanor Pearson
Rebecca Claire Pease
Ben Peck
Annabel Balmforth-Peel
Thomas Penhall
Genevieve Perrins
Emily Perry
Johan Peshkepija
Dale Phillips
Joshua Phillips
Rose Pollard
Jack Poole
Alex Pratt
Jonathan Prescott
Joseph Price
Sam Prior
George Pritchard
Theodore Puddephatt
Gabriella Quiney
Christopher Rawlings
Jemma Reddaway
Toby Redford
Angharad Rees
Laura Reeves
George Retter
Amy Jane Richards
Katie Richards
Steven Richards
Matthew Colin Ripley
Hollie Ritson
Stephanie Robertson
Cerys Robertson-Gray
Laura Robinson
Zoe Robson
Nick Robson
Christopher Roland-Shrubb
Danny Rose
Jeremy Ross
Dora Roughan
Nathan Routledge
Eleanor Rowbottom
Adam J Shickle
Thomas Rudd
Joseph Russell
Nathan Rutherford
Andrea Sammut
Gregor Sandiford
Matthew Savage
Isabel Scarle
Ryan Scott
Amber Sefton
Robert Sellens
Eugenie Serkilar
Sheena Shah
Sophie Sheldon
James Shepherd
Katie Sherlock
Eve Siddall-Butchers
Jemima Simm
Krrishna Sivakumaran
Guy Skinner
Jamie Skinner
Callum Smale
Emma Smart
Suzannah Rose Smith
Matthew Alexander Smith
Stephanie Smith
Sam Smith
Stephanie Smith
Stephan Smith
Brad Smith
Lucy Smith
Christian Smith
Sebastian Souter
Rebecca Southwell
Isabelle Speight
Francesca Diane Speke
Sam Spencer
Pavethira Sritharan
Olivia Stalley
Jayne Stallion
Emma Stanley
Jennifer Lily Stapleton
Heather Steele
Joe Stewart Sendell
Josh Stickland
Isaac Stirling
William Rory Stone
Charlotte Sturges
Natalie Sudor
Liam Sunderland
Emma Swindell
Olivia Swinscoe
Aamir Tayeb
Jack Taylor
Abbigail Marie Taylor
Leigh Thomas
Natasha Mary Thomas
James Thompson
Savannah Thompson
Nathalie Caitlin Tsin-Yen Thong
Charlotte Thornber
James Thorns
Daniel Thorns
Christopher Thurgood
Katie Thurlow
Vivienne To
Mary Tobin
Josephine Malindi Tolley
Lucinda Traves
Robert Trickey
Stephen Truong
Carly Truong
Tsang Stephanie Yuen Ting
Rebecca Tupholme
Francesca Turner
Megan Turner
Georgia Turner
Daniel Turner
Ella Fern Tuxford
Emily Tweddle
Rebecca Vickery
Jessica Vincent
Abigail Wales
Kieran Walker
Glenn Waller
Harvey Walsh
Matthew Walter
Meghan Walton
Charlotte Wastell
Rachael Watchorn
Emily Watson
Hannah Clare Watts
Elizabeth Webb
Edward Welch
James Weller
Samuel D.F. Wells
Jessica Welsby
Lucy White
Sophie Louise Whitfield
Helena Whitfield
Katy Wild
Heather Williams
Tom Williams
Anna Williams
Katherine Williams
Annabel Williams
Charlotte Williams
Laura Wilson
Hannah Bethany Wilson
Joseph Wilson
Emily Wilson
Jemima Kate Wilson
Hannah Florence Wilson
Charlie WinnDavison
Jared Wiseman
Lydia Woellwarth
Caroline Wood
James Wood
Elinor Wood
Christopher Wood
Ravi Brendan Woods
Christopher James Worssam
Calum Wrench
Alex Zimmerman











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