London 20 September 2016

551 young people collected their Gold Award Certificates on Tuesday 20th September at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Earl of Wessex.

Morning presentation

Throne Room – Central England

Presenter – Amy Hughes, Runner

“Hearing some of your stories today, I am in awe of what you’ve achieved through DofE. My biggest mantra in life is if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough! What you’ve developed will definitely pave the way for your future. Keep pushing on and enjoy every minute.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Entrée Room – Central England
Presenter – Mr Nigel Vardy, English Mountaineer, Motivational and Leadership Speaker

“Fear keeps us alive. You don’t learn anything without nerves. You’re here, you’ve done it, the pressure is off. You have experience behind you. Use your Gold Award and you will grow like you won’t believe it.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Queen Anne Room – Air Training Corps
Presenter – Mr Mike Bannister, Former Chief Concorde Pilot, British Airways

“A lifetime achievement. Something you should be exceedingly proud of. You really have done something special. Every single one of you might have thought I can’t do this anymore. Today is all about you. About your ability to be professional, to commit and to serve – you have achieved a fantastic thing!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Picture Gallery – South East
Presenter – Mr Simon Wickes, Managing Director, Cynapse

“The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award remains as relevant now as when it was created. The calibre of young people that emerge, with new skills and growth mind-sets is a credit to their community and the nation”.

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – Air Training Corps
Presenter – Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty, Commandant of the Air Cadets

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Entrée Room – Wales
Presenter – Mr Timothy Rhys-Evans MBE, Conductor, Only Men Aloud

“I feel very honoured to be asked here this afternoon to present these Gold Awards to you. What you have all achieved to get here is quite extraordinary, and I hope that you are all extremely proud of yourselves.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Queen Anne Room – South West
Presenter – Mr Inge Solheim, Polar Explorer, Adventurer

“Every time I come to present DofE Gold Awards, there is such a pure and positive energy in the room. I feel that each and every one of you is burning with a brighter light. To achieve anything extraordinary, you have to do more and do better than the ordinary; I think that you are all a great representation of that. Congratulations!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Picture Gallery – North of England
Presenter – Mr Kristian Thomas, Olympic Gymnast

“I’ve not had much involvement with the DofE before but some of the skills you’ve acquired are things I can relate to with gymnastics. Perseverance, dedication and resilience are skills which you’ve developed along the way and you should be extremely proud of your achievements. Congratulations!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

London 20 September 2016

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 20 September 2016 at St. James’s Palace:




Jemima  Adam

Joseph  Adams

Helen Ayotunde Adeyemi

Anish  Aggarwal

Jessica  Aitken

Liale  Al-Hamed

Gemma  Allard

Thomas  Allenby

Amber Rae Allford

Yelena  Allton

Sian  Ambler

Laura  Angus

Alisa  Anwar

Luke Archer

Georgia  Argent

Olivia  Armitage

Joe  Arrowsmith

Jeffery  Asquith

Alexander  Atherton

Harrison  Avery

George Thomas Avery

Mohammad  Awais

David  Baggs

Benjamin James Bailey

Amrik  Bains

Alice  Baldock

Kate  Balgarnie

Tom  Banks

Edward  Banyard

Elisa-Jayne  Barber

Christopher Robert Barlow

Stephanie  Barnes

Sally Elizabeth  Barrett

Nada  Bassiony

Peter  Batt

Shane Joseph Baybutt

Sophie  Beart

Edward  Beaty

Angus  Bedford

Michael  Beech

James  Belchamber

Timothy Belchamber

Emily  Bell

Jack  Bernard

Hannah  Best

Hannah  Beverton

Nikhil  Bhakta

Poulami  Bhattacharya

Hannah  Bird

Lewis  Birkett

Bethan Blaxall

Jack  Blount

Ashley  Bond

Chloe  Boobier

Hannah  Booth

Laura Katie Botsford

Matthew  Botting

Lara  Botting

Jonathan Maxwell Bowes

Matthew  Boyle

Jemma  Brabrook

Christopher  Bradley

Richard  Braines

Jack  Bramwell

Skye  Brook

Ruth Aoife Broomhead

Alison Elizabeth Russell Brown

Rupert  Brown

Caitlin  Brown

Holly  Brown

Jennifer Daisy Brown

Daniel Thomas Brownbill

Grace Elizabeth Browne

Calum  Brownlie-Wood

Jack  Bryant

Andrew  Bryer

Wenonah  Bubb

Tirion  Budd

Laura  Burrows

Haider Ali Butt

Milly Butters

Lewis  Byrne

Daniel  Cahill

Marcus  Caldwell

Stephanie  Camborne-Paynter

Thomas  Cann

Beatrix  Cardus

Charlotte Sophia Wanxiu Cardus

Jane Rose Carey

Jack  Carey

Kate  Carter

Lucy  Carter

Frasier  Casson-Rennie

Samuel William Cave

Alexander Charles Caves

Megan Chainey

Yuen Tung Carol  Cheung

Hannah  Churchill

Charles  Clayton

Aaron  Cleeve

Amy  Clegg

Luke John  Coakham

Lauren  Coker

Iona  Coleman

Rebecca  Collier

Jack  Colvin

Harry  Connock

Harry  Cordey

Charlotte  Cordon

Thomas William Cotterill

Alice  Cowan

Megan Elizabeth Cowell

Emily  Cowling

Joseph  Creamer

Alfie  Crust

Jennifer  Cufaude

Thom  Cuffin-Munday

Emily  Cuffin-Munday

Thomas  Cunliffe

Bobby  Cutts

Owain  Davies

Matthew  Davies

Owen  Davies

Nina  Dawe

Danielle  Dawson

Adrienne Claire Day

Aleks  Deaves

Daniel  Dedman

Rachael  Degnan

Lloyd  Delahunty

Hannah  Delmas

Patrick  Dempsey

Keaton  Dhanjal

Thomas  Dickerson

Jay  Didcott

Deborah  Dilworth

Siana  Douglas-Hamilton

Sophie  Drew

Órlaith Duddy

Elizabeth Duncan

James  Dunn

Joshua  East

Emilia  East-Nuttall

Bethany-Loren  Edmonds

Ellie Edwards

Alexander  Edwards

Mae  Emery

Ben  English

Lauren  Evans

Jack  Evans

Harry W. Everett

Olivia  Exon-Trickett

Jack  Fearn

Edward James Cecil Firbank

Gemma  Flaxman

Lucy Elizabeth Fletcher

Dylan  Flood

Joseph  Fone

Zac  Foster

Jake  Foster

Abigail  France

Daniel  France

Katy  Frith

Jennifer  Galbraith

Emma  Galley

Charles  Galligan

Elizabeth  Garden

Katherine  Garrett

Rebecca  Gascoyne

Adam  Gibson

Niamh  Gibson

Joseph  Gilbert

Daniel  Gold

Elisa E T Goldman

Kate  Goldup

Joe  Goodman

India  Goodwin

Matthew Charles Bernard Gough

Phoebe  Gould

Sam Gould

Oliver  Graham

George Graham

Nina  Grattan

Ellie  Green

Saffron  Green

William  Green

Elysia  Greenway

Rebecca  Grice

Samuel Griffin

Carly  Griffith

Rachael  Griffiths

Ben  Grist

Markus  Grun

Alexander  Guess

Lucy  Hack

Oliver  Hackney

Georgia  Haddon

Daniel Hadfield

Hélène   Hadley

James  Hainsworth

Nicholas  Hall

Rachel  Hamlett

Jack Pelham Hammersley

Paul  Hancock

Chloe Elizabeth Hand

Kate  Hanley

Jack  Harding

Chaz Hardingham

Danielle  Harries

Jimmy Morgan Harris

Harriet  Hart

Amy  Hart

Alasdair  Hart

Laura Anne Harvey

William  Harwood

Matthew  Harwood

William  Hassall

Millie  Hawes

Harry Hayward

Zoe  Head

Jonathan David Christopher Heal

Kelly  Healy

Toby  Helder

Roy  Hepper

Sarah  Herring

Alyssia  Hesp

Benjamin  Hext

Thomas Rhydian  Hill

Charlotte  Hills

Sam  Hoblyn

Joseph Hodgson

Rebecca  Holland

Ella  Holness

Katharine  Hook

Zoe Ann Hooper

Christopher  Houghton

Charlotte  Howard

Oliver David Nicholas Howarth

Lloyd  Howell

Alexander  Howson

Katie  Hughes

Jade  Hughes

Charlie  Humphreys

Alice  Huntley

Noah  Hyde

Zafer  Iqbal

James  Ireland

Frederick  Ireland

Ashley  James

Ashleigh  James

Anjali  Janani

Shenuka  Jayatunga

Luke  Jeeves

Thomas Edward Jeffrey

Skye Jenkins

Ryan  Jenkinson

Thomas  Jenner

Abbie  Jobbling

Lewis  Jobbling

Nancy Barbara John

Joseph  Johnson

Luke  Johnson

Kyle  Jones

Lucy  Jones

Benjamin  Jones

Oliver  Jones

Matthew  Joy

Jagriti  Jyoti

Cynthia  Kakani

Anna  Kamdar

Rhian  Keating

Joanna  Kelly

Katherine  Kennedy

Hannah Kingston

Sarah  Kirkham

Charlotte  Kirk-Patrick

Lucy  Kirkwood

Rebekah Catharine Laura Knight

Olga  Kondrashova

Jessica  Kwan

Stephanie  Kwan

Ben  Lakeland

Suzannah  Lane

Isaac  Lapworth

Samuel  Lapworth

Thomas Alexander Larsen

Annie  Latham

Rebecca Brooke Leach

Caroline  Ledger

Vanessa  Leung

Merren  Lewendon

John  Lewis

Sarah Lewis

Mae-Sing  Lim-Cooke

Nicholas  Ling

Chen-Casiano  Liu

Ross  Locke

Henry  Lockyer

Sinéad Loftus

Gemma  Lumsdon

Robert William Lunn

Steven  Lycett

Thomas H.G. Lynch

James Macdonald

Anežka  Macey-Dare

Abigail  Magnall

Robert  Maher

Timothy James Maine

Ryan  Mamun

Daniel  Margetts

Emily  Marriott

Charles  Marsden

Elliot  Marsh

Henry  Martindale

Marcus  Mascarenhas

Charlotte Elizabeth May

Lewis Elliot Ellis Mayor

Nialh  McCallum

Jake  McCormick

Laura  McDaniel

Lewis Hugh McGeeney

Liam  McGivern

Dominic  McGough

Anna Elizabeth McGuire

Oliver  Mealin

Isabelle  Meek

Henry  Mellor

Rhiannon Rose Millar

Thomas  Miller

Dhirun  Mistry

Leigh Anne Mitchell

Leah Moore

Ashika  Morar

Celia  Morgan

Joshua  Morgan

Andrew  Morris

Matthew  Morris

Patrick  Morshead

Amie  Moses

Kathryn  Moss

Emily  Mound

Katie  Mowatt

Lucy  Muir

Beth  Mulhall

Lucinda Catherine Mulliss

Adam  Mumford

Samuel Mummery

Hannah  Muskett

Luis  Nastili

Christopher  Neil

Robert  Nowak

Erica  Nunney

Ellie  Nuttall

Luke Lewis O’Connor

Abigail  Ognjanovic

James  O’Leary

Thomas  Ollason

Jennifer  O’Reilly

Annie  Osborne

Chris  Overton

Sarah  Overy

Sophie Alice Owles

Avinash Singh  Panesar

Daisy Georgina Parry

Temur  Pasha

Laura  Paterson

Harvey  Patterson

Ash  Peacock

Callum  Penrose

Tom Perring

Joshua Richard Phillips

Matthew  Pike

George  Pinnell

Adam  Pinnock

Rhiannon  Plimmer-Craig

Hannah  Plush

Laura  Polack

Claire  Polly

Emma  Potter

Gabriella  Potts

Lauren  Powell

Andrea Mary Powell

Jane  Powell

Mitchell  Powell

Avital  Prais

Harry  Price

Grace  Prior

Matthew  Prior

Miss Rachel Prosser

Emma  Purchas

Megan  Purchas

Felicity  Putman

David  Quilliam

Saamed  Rahman

Nicholas  Rainey

Sushmita  Ramanujam

Joy  Randerson

Bethany  Ratcliffe

Chloe  Reeder

Lucy  Reffell

Hugh  Reilly

Elsie  Rennie

Rachel  Richards

Megan  Richards

Camellia  Richards

Harry  Richards

Amy Richards

James  Richardson

James  Richardson

James  Richardson

Adam Riches

Joel K Rillie

Naomi  Ritchie

Reno  Roberts

Luke  Robertson

Anna  Robinson

Patrick  Roddy

Marcus  Rodin

Matthew  Roe

Kathryn  Rogers

Emily  Ronson

Jed  Roughley

Victoria  Ruffles

Alice  Russell-Stretch

Chloe Mary Sallis

Bethan  Sampson

Sani  Sani-Mohammed

Matthew  Sargeant

Megan  Saunders

Brandon Scaife

Hannah  Schirrmacher

Ellie Anne Schofield

Gabriella Jayne Scopes

Lucy  Scott

Emogene  Shaw

Samuel  Shaw

Tommy  Shaw

Kyle McLean

James  Shell

Ruaridh  Sheppard

Jack  Sherman

Norlina  Short

Rebecca  Sillett

Charlie  Silver

Jake  Simm

Rachel  Sirett

Corey  Slater

Isabel  Slattery

Matthew  Smedley

Callum Alexander Smith

Iona Jane Cameron Smith

James  Smith

Peter  Smith

Sam Smith

Madeline  Smith

Jessica  Smith

Rebecca  Smith

Alastair  Smith

Richard  Smith

Kirsty  Smith

Daniel  Solomon

Jack  Soulsby

Hannah  Speight

Amy  Stamford

Oliver  Stanford

Harry  Stanford

Tom Stanley

Luke  Stanmore

Kate  Stephenson

Viviane  Stephenson

Gareth  Stewart

Jonathan  Stimmler

Jack Benjamin Stonham

Lily  Stratford

Michael Joseph Sullivan

Emma  Sutch

Millicent Mae Sutton

Matthew  Sutton

Megan  Swan

Ruby  Sweetland

Gemma Rachel Sykes

Stephen  Szczepanek

Jayni  Tank

Megan  Taylor

Cameron  Taylor

Ayngaran  Thavanesan

Rhys  Thomas

Emily  Thomas

Elliot  Thomas

Elizabeth  Thomas

Anthony  Thomas

Suzanne  Thorndyke

David  Timson

Eleanor  Tivey

Matthew Richard Topley

Ciaran  Tranter

Emily  Tring

Ella  Tucker

Harriet  Tully

Matthew  Turner

Benjamin  Twells

Toby  Twigger

Swetha  Umashankar

Kathryn Vause

Priya Durga Vengadesh

Joshua  Wainwright

Eleanor  Wainwright

Daniel  Waite

Will  Waldock

Thomas  Walker

Theo  Walkley-Bartlett

Alex Wallace

Rebecca  Ward

Alexander  Ward

Emma  Watts

Rory  Watts

Ffion  Weaver

Jordan  Weddell-Johns

Amy  Weldon

Beth  Wells

Matthew  Wheeler

Hollie  White

Samuel  White

Justine  Whitfield

James  Whiting

Lynsey  Whittaker

Edward  Whittaker

Maya  Whittaker

Nathan  Whitworth

Laura  Wildgoose

Kiera  Wilkins

Alanah  Wilkins

Emily Charlotte Williams

Scott  Williams

Connor  Williams

Ionawr  Williams

Rhys Robert Williams

Molly  Williams

Elin  Williams

Ray Williams

Oliver  Williams

Callum  Willox

Philip  Wilson

Ross  Windell

Ed Winter

Emily  Wolstenholme Rimmer

Christopher  Wood

Harry  Woodage

Sam  Woodman

Bee  Wylie

Christopher  Yale











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